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The formation of the AFD

The Letters of Government specify that the federal government has the responsibility for planetary defence, but a federal military was not created when the Federal Republic of Dalcour was found in 2864. The Assembly of Provinces debated on several proposals on federal military during the first years of the Republic, but no consensus was found until in 2873.

In 2873 the Sultan of Penegyar proposed the formation of a BattleMech unit for the Republic. The Sultan promised to contribute all Penegyar 'Mech forces to this new army if other provinces agreed and followed the example. After two years of negotiations, the other provinces agreed on contributing an equal number of BattleMechs for the federal military. In 2875 the Armed Forces of Dalcour was founded, with the planned strength of five BattleMech battalions and two aerospace fighter wings.

In 2878 the unrest in Rosselo had turned into an uprising, which was supported and supplied by traders and pirates from the Circinus Federation. The Republic of Cayerlon made a formal request of military assistance to stop the uprising, and the Armed Forces of Dalcour - still in the early stages of building its capabilities - began the first military campaign of the Federal Republic of Dalcour.

Even with only two operational BattleMech battalions the uprising was crushed in five months. The AFD 'Mech units were supported by regular Cayerlon military units and local law enforcement troops, and the lessons learned from this campaign were crucial in the following years when the operating principles of the AFD were written.

The success of using AFD 'Mech forces in several minor incidents helped to create the Gallimonte Treaty - in 2896 the provincial governments signed a treaty which denied the use of 'Mech and aerospace forces from the provincial governments, and transferred all remaining provincial BattleMech troops to the Armed Forces of Dalcour.

The Tamarind-Trent Agreement

- 2902 The Tamarind-Trent Agreement - Duchy of Tamarind demands that the Republic of Dalcour contributes troops for the defence of the Duchy. When the Republic refuses to comply, Duchy of Tamarind states that Dalcour forces will fight; either on Dalcour against Tamarind troops, or besides the Tamarind troops against the invading Lyran forces. After months of negotiations, the Republic agrees, and the Tamarind-Trent agreement is signed. The Agreement obliges the Republic to participate in the defence of the Duchy with two mech companies.

The Solaris Raid

In 2928 a 'Mech company (10th Protector COY) from the 4th Protector Regiment is deployed on Millungera as per the Tamarind-Trent Agreement. When the Marshall of the Duchy of Tamarind is lacking some forces to participate in a daring raid, the Marshall entices the commander and the MechWarriors of the 10th Protector with promises of glory and fame. The 10th Protector joins forces with the FWLM regular units to raid Solaris VII in Lyran Commonwealth. The raid is successful, but the 10th Protector suffers heavy losses (4 BattleMechs, 2 MechWarriors including the company commander CAPT Sean Portillo) in the operation.

When the 10th Protector company returns home, they are investigated on multiple charges (including mutiny), as their participation in a FWLM operation was not sanctioned by the AFD command. Due to the public praise given for the company by the Duke of Tamarind, and due to the fact that the commanding officer of the company was among the casualties of the raid, the more serious charges are dropped. The remaining MechWarriors of the 10th Protector are stripped of their primary pilot status and transferred to other AFD units as secondary pilots.

Due to the constant shortage of fully functional BattleMechs the AFD command decided to disband the 10th Protector, and the company assets are distributed to other 'Mech companies in Dalcour.

Operation Killing Stroke

The Operation Killing Stroke was a FWLM operation against the Lyran Commonwealth in 2952-2953. The AFD units that participated in the operation were the 2nd and 3rd 'Mech companies from the 1st Guards RGT and the 2nd Mech company from the 3rd Assault Element.

The 2nd Guards 'Mech company suffered heavy losses during the initial phase of the invasion on Cavanaugh II (2 BattleMechs destroyed and 3 MechWarriors killed in action). The 1st Guards 'Mech company lost one lance later in the operation when 4 'Mechs with pilots were captured by LCAF troops. Three of the 'Mechs were regained after three weeks, but one (a BLR-1G BattleMaster) had already been transferred off-planet by the withdrawing LCAF troops. The captured pilots were released when the last LCAF troops left Cavanaugh II in late 2953.

The Great Islands campaign

2986 The Great Island Campaign

Raid on Dalcour

3007 Operation Shieldman - LCAF raid on Lattimer

Operation Riverflow (the Pharron Rebellion)

In 3011 rebel factions started an uprising in the northern parts of Penegyar. An AFD task force was assigned to suppress the uprising in 3012. The use of the 'mech battalions quickly broke up the rebellion, but the war of the 3012 did not stop the rebels, it only drove them underground. The rebellion gained a lot of support from all over Penegyar, because the troops used to suppress the uprising was mainly from Cayerlon.

The Emerald Spider campaign

The 3013 Gaendana Barracks bombing against the 13th Protector Company base killed 61 AFD soldiers, 12 Shining Sabres of Penegyar soldiers and an estimate of 200 local workers and civilians. The bombing was done by smuggling a large amount of explosives to the AFD base over a long period of time by members of the Dhabihu Dhabu militia who had infiltrated the local population working in the base.

The main goal of the terrorists were to kill the AFD MechWarriors and to destroy the BattleMechs stationed in the base. The main barracks was completely reduced to ruins by the bombing, and the only reason the number of AFD casualties were so "low" was the fact that the garrison commander had issued excess leaves for all personnel not in high readiness. The excess leaves were granted earlier in the day so that the AFD personnel could see the Dalcour Cup final of 3013 (The Eindhoven team is the representative team of the Armed Forces of Dalcour - Eindhoven lost 1-2 to Brejkmoort).

After the bombs exploded the Dhabihu Dhabu militia launched attack against the base with heavy tanks stolen from the Penegyar military and a pair of jury-rigged assault helicopters. The militia attack destroyed the first two BattleMechs that were able to deploy from the destroyed mech bay, but caused no casualties to AFD personnel. At least 7 Shining Sabres soldiers were killed, and an estimate of 150 Dhabihu Dhabu militia troops.

The bombing had destroyed three BattleMechs, and five more had been inflicted with serious damage. Two BattleMechs were seriously damaged during the folowing battle. Due to these damages, AFD Headquarters decided to disband the 13th Protector Company, and the surviving members and BattleMechs were reassigned to other units.

Anton's Revolt

A number of parliament members had been funding the rebellion of Anton Marik against his brother Janos, and were caught by the SAFE. In 3015 several core members of the Parlament were arrested by SAFE operatives for treason against the Free Worlds League. The Parliament was disbanded, and new elections were set to be in January 3016. The political chaos was unheard of.

Operation Terracotta

The Grey Lancers-mercenary battalion was found to be involved in several raids against FWL industrial centers near Lyran border in early 3010s. After one destructive raid the SAFE found out that the Grey Lancers had a base in Clayborne, Circinus Federation. The Circinus representative denied all knowledge of such unit at first, but later relayed a message from the Circinus government stating that they had no available resources to confirm the status or whereabouts of the unit. When pressed on the matter, the Circinus representative stated that the Grey Lancers had not broken any Circinus laws, and the government was unable to do anything about the unit.

SAFE declared the Grey Lancers are a pirate unit without the status of a registered mercenary unit. The government of the Circinus Federation gave the FWLM a permission to perform "limited action" against the pirate unit inside Circinus Federation borders.

In 3016, after months of negotiation and promises of significant compensation, The Federal Republic of Dalcour agreed to task it's Armed Forces to deal with the Gray Lancers as the FWLM had it's hands full on the Capellan front.

AFD created 'Task Force Tellerberoving', joining lances from the 2nd and 3rd companies(1st Guards RGT), 1st and 2nd companies (3rd Assault Element) and 12th Protector company (8th Protector RGT). Task Force was commanded by the commander of the Neuhauser Heavy Battalion(1st Guards RGT), recently promoted Colonel Zarina Cardona.

Task Force Tellerberoving made landfall to Clayborne in September, 3016, and began a series of hit-and-run-style attacks against the Grey Lancers. Colonel Cardona's plan was to cripple the enemy battalion by destroying it's logistics capabilities, while avoiding direct conflict with enemy 'Mechs. For the first few weeks the Task Force executed several missions following its commanders plan, but in mid-October a group of MechWarriors diverted from the plan. Eager to earn confirmed 'Mech-kills, six MechWarriors, led by Captain Morten Palladino, attacked directly against Grey Lancers' 'Mechs.

Palladino, skilled MechWarrior and natural tactical leader, enabled the "rogue-team" to take out two enemy 'Mech Lances without any losses of their own. When the rogue team returned to the task force base, COL Cardona had them all taken in by the military police, and assigned reserve pilots to operate the 'Mechs.

The 'Mech losses of the Grey Lancers urged the unit to withdraw from Clayborne. The Task Force Tellerberoving collected the little salvage available, and then returned home.

The rogue team faced minor reprimands from the Court of Military Justice, mostly due to personal connections of the rogue MechWarriors. COL Cardona objected the results of the court martial and demanded harder penalties, but the decision was unchanged. COL Cardona was given the command of the 1st Guards Regiment in 3017 - some say that the assignment was to satisfy her demands for more severe convictions of the rogue team.

LT Morten Palladino was promoted to ForceCommander in the spring of 3017, and he was assigned as the company commander of the 2nd Guards 'Mech company (1st Guards RGT).

Operation Dust Raven

A pirate force was detected landing in Lattimer near Sheldon Dome. The AFD Immediate Response Force (a lance from 12th Protector COY with some auxiliaries) was deployed to counter the pirate force. The pirate force was quickly located and the IRF attacked the pirate forces, who suffered some casualties and started evasive maneuvers. While the remaining pirate forces scattered and tried to escape, the 1st Strike COY was deployed to Lattimer. The IRF returned to Dalcour while the 1st Strike COY remained to hunt the remaining pirates.

After few weeks, the 1st Strike COY destroys the remaining pirate mechs and tanks, but the pirate dropship escapes the system.

Operation Solid Response and Martial Law

In 3019, two months before the set parliamentary elections, a terrorist group called "the Solid Movement" hit the Centre for the Parliament with two bombs, with casualties over two hundred. The Solid Movement had been active for the last ten years, but it has mostly operated in Penegyar. The attack against the Parliament was the first major terrorist attack of the movement.

Operation Solid Response is an ongoing military operation conducted by Armed Forces of Dalcour with the primary mission of capturing the leaders of the Solid Movement terrorist organization. The operation was intense for the summer months on 3019, but has since slowed down. No 'mech forces has been used on the operation since 3020.

After months of investigations the Federal Marshal Service still had no progress in finding or detaining the suspects. The marshal in charge of the investigation criticized the lack of cooperation and assistance from the Penegyar's law enforcement agencies. In the late 3019 anonymous source from the Dalcour Directorate of Intelligence confirmed that the Solid Movement had deep connections to the Kedghistan Resistance Movement - a penegyarian terrorist organization gone "political" after a cease fire in the 2950s. The KRM was investigated for connections to the 3012 Pharron attacks and the 3013 Gaendana Barracks bombing, but no real evidence was found.

A public outcry forced the Department of Internal Security to set a multi-agency task force to investigate the bombing. The investigation was troubled because of the lack of political support and the corruption found in the penegyrian law enforcement agencies. In 3020 the commander of the multi-agency task force was killed in the Medkeamanan bombing in Baliir Kota, the capital of the Sultanate.

The Medkeamanan bombing was carried out by the Solid Movement on 11th of January, 3020. The terrorist group left three cars, each containing over 500 kg of explosives, in the Medkeamanan park where an annual military parade of the Shining Sabres was taking place. The officials estimated that the bombs killed at least 200 and wounded over 1000 people.

The Premier Assembly Member Melvin Dambrosio stated that the attack was against all of Dalcour, and on the 25th of January, 3020, the Parliament declared martial law. The Federal Republic of Dalcour has been under a martial law since then.

The Withdrawal of TDF presence

In late 3020 The Tamarind Defense Forces withdrew the 3rd Kilmoonie Aerospace Regiment from Dalcour. The Regiment was redeployed to Tamarind to boost up the defences of the Tamarind Spaceyards.

Disappearance of the Arlione

In April 7th 3021 commercial jumpship Volnisainik misjumped and disappeared, along with it the AFD Dropship Arlione. Arlione was carrying some personnel from 11th Protector COY, and four BattleMechs. Also travelling with the Arlione was the commander of the 4th Fury Mech Training Company, ForceCommander Tamali Palathingal.

Operation Potterware

In 3021 SAFE liaison informed the AFD that the Grey Lancers were returning to Clayborne. AFD created 'Task Force Tegenanval', joining lances from the 2nd company of the 1st Guards RGT, 2nd and 3rd companies of the 3rd Assault Element and the 12th Protector company of the 8th Protector RGT. Task Force was commanded by the commander of the 1st Guards RGT Colonel Zarina Cardona.

The task force is deployed to Clayborne to wait for the Gray Lancers' arrival. The Gray Lancers land on 21st of August 3021 with nearly double the strength that was estimated. The Lancers were equipped with a large number of new heavy 'mechs, and they are accompanied by two pairs of heavy aerospace fighters.

Task force Tegenanval's primary objective was redefined as survival against enemy forces superior in numbers. COL Cardona was not taken aback by the new circumstances, instead she reorganized her troops and began a series of operations best described as "unconventional". The AFD troops with several minor battles against the Grey Lancers' forces, who were not used to such unconventional use of 'mech forces.

In late October the Grey Lancers withdrew from Clayborne not wanting to risk any more losses on something that was not their primary objective. The Task Force Tegenanval gathered the salvage and returned to Dalcour in November.

3021 The Federal Command Authority Act

The FCA Act was signed by the Premier of the Great Assembly in December 5th, 3021. The FCA Act requires the Armed Forces Command to request permission from the Department of Defence for any "significant troop deployment". The Act also gives the Department of Defence the power over all officer and warrant officer assignments.

The Act faced severe criticism from the high ranking AFD officers, who traditionally have avoided commenting on politics. The commander of the 1st Guards Regiment, Colonel Zarina Cardona, had her speech cut short in a Senate hearing when she claimed that the FCA Act is against the The Letters of Government (the Dalcour constitution).

Colonel Cardona held her own press conference after the Senate hearing, summarizing her speech in the Senate. The press conference gained enormous publicity, but lead to criminal charges against Colonel Cardona. The investigation dismissed the criminal charges, but Colonel Cardona was reprimanded by the Court of Military Justice and she was reassigned as the Director of the AFD Defence Academy.

BattleMech Companies of the Armed Forces of Dalcour

The Government of Dalcour is obliged to contribute troops to the Tamarind Defense Forces. Two 'mech companies with a forward support battalion are rotated each year to serve in a location assigned by the Tamarind Defense Forces Command. Usually the Dalcour Task Force is assigned a garrison duty on a planet that has a low threat level (the Tamarind Defense Forces assign their regular troops to all hot spots).

The forward support battalion has a technical company (a mech maintenance staff assigned to the two 'mech companies), a support company and a combat support company to provide a recon element and base security.

The 'mech companies that are rotated in the Tamarind Defense Forces service are the 1st, 2nd and the 3rd 'Mech company from the 1st Guard Regiment, the 1st Strike company and the 2nd Storm company from the 3rd Assault Element, and the 11th Protector Company from the 4th Protector Regiment and the 12th Protector Company from the 8th Protector Regiment. The only 'mech company that is not rotated is the 4th Fury company of the 3rd Assault Element, as it is graded only as a training cadre.

One of the 1st Guard Regiment 'mech companies is rotated each year, and the other company rotates from the 3rd Assault Element or from either the 4th or 8th Protector Regiments.


    • Talorne Heavy Battalion
      • 20 mechs and a support company
    • Hainaut Heavy Battalion
      • 16 mechs and a support company
    • Neuhauser Heavy Battalion
      • 16 mechs and a support company
    • Solitude Infantry Battalion
      • 2 infantry companies, 1 aa company and several supporting companies
    • Brabant Squadron
      • 12 attack helicopters, 6 recon helicopters and 6 transport helicopters and a support/airbase unit
      • 3 Triumph-class dropships, 1 Overlord-class dropship and a support/spaceport unit
    • Waremme Squadron
      • 12 attack helicopters, 6 recon helicopters and 6 transport helicopters and a support/airbase unit
      • 3 Triumph-class dropships, 1 Overlord-class dropship and a support/spaceport unit
    • Sprimont Squadron
      • 4 support companies and 2 engineer companies
    • Strike Element
      • 16 mechs and a support company
    • Storm Element
      • 16 mechs and a support company
    • Thunder Element
      • 12 aerospace fighters and a support company
    • Fury Element
      • Training units for AFD Academy (mech, armour, infantry) and support units
      • 6 mechs and 24 training mechs
    • Baynard's Sons battalion
      • 16 mechs and a support company
    • Shelby's Guns battalion
      • 24 attack/multipurpose helicopters, infantry company and support/airbase units
    • 1st Battalion
      • 16 mechs and a support company
    • 2nd Battalion
      • 5 Infantry companies
    • 3rd Battalion
      • 3 Artillery companies
    • 4th Battalion
      • 4 Armour companies
    • 5th Battalion
      • 1 Infantry and 5 Support units and 1 field hospital unit
    • 6th Battalion
      • 3 engineer companies
    • 7th Battalion
      • 2 special forces companies
    • 1st Jump Group
      • 3 Tramp-class jumpShips
    • 1st Fighter Group
      • 2 infantry companies and supports/airbase units

Mechwarriors in AFD

 Main article: Mechwarriors in AFD

BattleMech Corps is a branch in the armed forces responsible for BattleMech warfare. MechWarriors pilot a variety of BattleMechs, including recon, fire support, assault and scout BattleMechs. Individuals become MechWarriors in the Armed Forces of Dalcour by extensive BattleMech training.