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  • The Secret of the Highest North aka. Das Geheimnis des Höchsten Nord by Thomas Achen
    • Original pressing from 1926
      • In pristine condition
    • Cheap pulp copy of the English translation from 1962
      • Heavily annotated
    • Written as a scientific text, but highly incoherent
    • Combines the mythos of several cultures according to Achen's theory
    • Alludes to secret magics, but those can only be found from the sources
  • 1 week to study

Thomas Achen's Cosmological Theory

  • In the beginning there was Primal Chaos
  • From the Primal Chaos came the giants and the gods
    • The only god to emerge straight from the Primal Chaos was Odin "The Great Asa Helter Skelter"
    • Odin was the real god behind the watered down story of Jesus and the judeo-christian god
    • He hung himself from the Tree of Wisdom for magical power and sacrificed himself on it to create the rest of the gods
  • The giants were white and hairy
    • They were the "first race"
    • There are still some left in North America and the Himalayas
    • They are also known as the "yeti"
  • The giants and gods interbred, creating the first humans
    • These demi-gods were both the great heroes of the ancients and the "nephilim"
    • They were the "second race"
    • They ruled the world from Atlantis
  • The giants retreated from the world of men to the highest peaks:
    • Arctic and Antarctic mountains
    • The Himalayas
  • After the Atlantis sunk there was the Great Flood
    • Humans spread all around the world and settled in the mountains
  • When the waters receded the humans spread again everywhere
    • Around the world they interbred with giants and animals. These are the "third race"
    • Achen gets really racist at this part.
      • Asian race was formed by interbreeding further with giants. The gods cursed the children into dwarves.
        • They then spread into the Americas too
      • The peoples of Middle East interbred with reptiles. The gods sent a false god (Loki = Jahve) to mislead them
      • The Africans interbred with monkeys. The gods cursed them with laziness
      • Only the "hyperboreans" in the North stayed pure
        • The elves taught them the secrets of science and occult sciences
        • Later the elves hid beneath the ground in the "Realm of the Worms"
        • The hyperboreans spread into Europe and North America. Their descendants were the aryans, the vikings and the lost blonde tribe of North American indians
          • The blonde tribe later retreated underground
  • After the "impure" human races spread, the world became tainted and unholy
    • To cleanse the world and to create a new one Ragnarok is coming
    • The sign of Ragnarok is the coming of the "planet of ice", as predicted by Hörbiger in his "Glazial-Kosmogonie"
      • The ice will start a flood and an ice age like before in the age of Atlantis
    • In the final battle against the giants only the bravest will survive and will become gods
      • They will inherit the new world, Valhalla

Occult Content

The book contains pieces of mythology from several cultures from around the world. Achen claims that these are all fragments of the ur-culture of the "first race" and of the true gods. They are the secrets of giants and gods, passed down to the "second" race by the elves. There are magics from the vikings, teutons, from the Baltics, tibetan buddhists and North American native peoples.

Major magics described:

  • Major Glamour
    • A reconstruction of ancient warrior rites to incite rage and raise fury
  • Words of Ineffable Empowerment
    • Viking runic magic to empower a warrior with inhuman resilience
    • Requires the sacrifice of a "brave fighter"
    • Allows enduring fights with giants

Magics alluded to:

  • Hex of Greater Abnegation
    • Brings a doom upon the trespasser and the impure
  • Ruinous Chant of Cryptic Masters
    • Tibetan magic to call upon the "worms of the earth" to cause "great destruction"


  • Offenbarung von Argent Wissen by Janis Ozol
  • Codex mundi ruina by Cong van Hierden
  • Itaque gravissimorum verborum by Rene Eggers
  • Atlas invisibilem veritatem by Egisto Almonte Pedroza

Key Words

  • Aryans
  • Atlantis
  • Audumla "the great cow that walks in the air"
  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Flooding
  • Giants
  • Hyperboreans
  • Loki "Jahve"
  • Lost tribe
  • Nephilim
  • Nemesis?
  • Odin "Great Asa Helter Skelter"
  • Primal Chaos
  • Ragnarok
  • Valhalla
  • Wind horse
  • Woodpecker spirit "twisted woodpecker of the waters"
  • Worms of the earth
  • Yeti