Salvatore - pelastusoperaatio (18.1.2020)

From Karriviki

From: USCSS Salvatore

To: Seegson Corporation, Director of missions


* Salvatore commanding officer Cpt. Michael Roose
* XO: Lincon Stump
* Security officer: Otto Fuchs
* Navigator: Wilson K Cool
* Science officer: Aston Mcintyre
* Engineer: Jimmy Wilson 

Message received to investigate loss of communication with mining survey mission. Hypersleep aborted. Current mission suspended for duration of investigation.

Cannot establish communication with survey ship. Ship found landed on planet. USCSS Salvatore also lands to investigate.

No sign of life. Working Joe androids damaged, beyond repair. Investigation of living pods reveals a frightening chain of events that left most of the survey team dead or missing.

Initial investigation reveals 2 dead in pods in violent ways. According to calculations of Science Officer Macintyre the force required to do observed damage is beyond human or android powers. Suspect some sort of machine.

Survey team member tries to kill Salvatore team by sniping. Team member killed as self defense. Signs of possible mental illness.

Science module found overturned and damaged. All entries sealed from inside. Hole torn in wall. According to calculations by Science Officer Macintyre force required to overturn pod and tear hole in side is extreme. Survey team captain found inside, decapitated.

Survey team ship landing gear damaged. Damage would indicate it was sustained while ship was already landed. Force required to affict such damage: extreme.

Alien excavation site found on scene. No investigation performed beyond visual survey.

Entry gained to survey ship. Systems operational, ship cannot fly because of damaged landing gear. One survivor found in hypersleep and revived. Female. Hanna Ross.

According to witness report androids gone crazy, crew suffered mental illness and unknown alien entity attacked and killed survey team, damaged equipment. Described as partially transprent (invisible) tentacled and teethed alien entity with extreme strength and blood sucking ability.

Macintyre has surveyed damaged androids and exracted witness report. Reports similar to that of human survivor.

Cpt. Roose ordered immediate take off to orbit. Report sent. Will continue original mission.

Final status:

* Survey ship:
  * Ship operational, but in need of repairs (engineer Wilson estimated 2 days)
  *  Left on planet
  * Data tapes, data storage devices from survey ship: recovered
* Scientific pod: damaged, unrecoverable
* Crew pods: damaged, unrecoverable
* Crew: 4 confirmed dead, 1 missing, assume dead, 1 recovered (Hanna Ross)
* Reason for loss of communication: partially unknown, due to attack by alien entity
* Further investigation recommended, but cannot be provided by USCSS Salvatore 

End report.

. . .