4th Protector Regiment (Dalcour Military)

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4th Protector Regiment
Active July 1, 2904 - present
Country Republic of Dalcour (2904 - present)
Branch Army
Type BattleMech Forces
Part of Armed Forces of Dalcour
Garrison/HQ Trentyoung Base, Aldmeer
Nickname King Kong Kickers
Motto Keep on Fighting



As of DEC3025, the 4th Protector Regiment consisted of the following units:

    • Baynard's Sons battalion
      • 11th Protector COY (12 'mechs)
      • 106th Support COY
    • Shelby's Guns battalion
      • 28th Air Assault COY (16 attack/multipurpose helicopters)
      • 36th Infantry COY
      • 51st Infantry COY
      • 52nd Infantry COY
      • 53rd Infantry COY
      • 24th Armour COY
      • 25th Armour COY
      • 128th Support COY
      • 103th Technical Center
      • 111th Technical Center

BattleMechs and pilots

Baynard's Sons battalion
11th Protector COY
Nightbug lc LCT-1E Locust [20] GREMLIN LT Afifah Mustafa LCL
LCT-1V Locust [20] AXEMAN MO2 Adel Bitar
LCT-1V Locust [20] STONEWALL MO2 Landerico Negrón
LCT-1V Locust [20] BROCHURE MO1 Fakhiri Asker
Headhunter lc MAD-3R Marauder [75] VAGRANT FCMDR Nicklas Winther COY CO
MAD-3R Marauder [75] BULKHEAD LTJG Laura Madsen
PNT-9R Panther [35] ROULETTE MO2 Hermalindo Elizondo
PNT-9R Panther [35] CAPSTONE MO1 Edelmar Alfaro
Steelrain lc ARC-2R Archer [70] BASHER CAPT Balalk Handal COY 2IC
ARC-2R Archer [70] IVORY MO2 Prya Goddijn
TBT-5N Trebuchet [50] REPTILE CMO4 James Harris
TBT-5N Trebuchet [50] DECOY MO2 Phyllis Dawson