Behrouz Yaser Darzi (Tomorrow We Die)

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Darzi, Behrouz Yaser
Behrouz Darzi
Rank/title ForceCommander
Unit Sunderwolves Regiment
Position tba
Nationality Sultanate of Penegyar
Date of Birth 28.03.2978
Allegiance The Rebellion
Callsign Preacher
Assigned vehicle WHM-6L Warhammer
Quote “A foolish man may be known by six things: Anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, inquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, and mistaking foes for friends.”

Appearance and personality

5'10 tall and scrawny with dark brown eyes and graying brown hair. Lebanese and Iranian heritage.Serious, reserved and even somewhat stiff in demeanor, Behrouz is rarely seen with a smile (or a scowl) on his face.

Stoic and calm in nature, with doggedness bordering on stubbornness,Behrouz has proven that while rarely the smartest or most charismatic of officers, he is a capable leader, never demanding or asking anything he is not willing to do himself from anyone.

Avid reader and somewhat religious, Behrouz has endless supply parables, quotes and other words of wisdom ready for every occasion.


Early life and education

Born as the third child out of seven to a poor family of scrap merchants and street peddlers in the slums of Baliir Kota, Behrouz spent his childhood and teenage years collecting scrap and selling it to pay for school fees and tuition. His lucky break came when he received stipend to study engineering. Prequisite for receiving stipend was Service in armed forces of the sultanate.

Behrouz soon found out that military life was made for him, and he decided to pursue a full-time military career. He qualified, and was sent to for officer training, and assigned to the radiant rifles regiment, 2nd battallion, 1st company . During the Glorious Duty of Yellow Devil IV, Behrouz proved himself capable of going above and beyond the call of duty, receiving his mechwarrior training stipend in the process.

During his time he met his future wife Soraya. Short courtship was followed by quick marriage and three children and souring of the relationship. Although technically married, Behrouz and Soraya have not lived together for fifteen years.



Personnel file

Name : Darzi, Behrouz Yaser
Known aliases : callsign Preacher
Rank : Force Commander
Position : tba , Sunderwolves Regiment
Nationality : Sultanate of Penegyar, Dalcour, Free Worlds League
Place of Birth : Baliir Kota
Date of Birth : 28.03.2978
Parents : Roshen Jamshid Darzi (f) , Leila Zahra Darzi (m)
Marital Status : Married
Next of kin : Soraya Parvin Sari ( wife)
Languages : Indonesia, English, Farsi
Religion : Muslim
Distinguishing features : tba

Service Record

Awards and decorations

  • Silver Cross 3001
  • Tamarind Service Medal III 3007
  • Faithful Service Medal 3013
  • Tamarind Service Medal II 3015
  • Order of the Valiant Sabre 3016
  • Tamarind Service Medal I 3019
  • Order of the Undying 3021