Believers of the Source (Planescape)

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"We are all one--gods, mortals, even fiends come from the same source. Who knows? Maybe next time you'll be a larva."

--Factol Ambar of the Godsmen


To the Godsmen, all things can ascend to greater glory. The creatures of the planes just represent different steps on the path to true ascension. Patience and perseverance are all it takes to become a god according to them. Living out here on the planes is so hard because it is a test and all things, from planars to powers, are being tested. Succeed and you get closer to true greatness. Fail, and well, you can always be reincarnated and try again.

The Godsmen don't claim to understand which of life's events are true tests, and which of those is more important than the next. To them, all of life's events must be understood and learned from. Endure suffering because it brings out your best qualities and teaches you about yourself. Spread joy because that increases its value and allows it to reach its prime. These berks even believe that godhood is not the top of the ascension stairway. Something, they say, lies beyond that, something that even the powers are trying to reach.

To these Reincarnates, the whole meaning behind The Multiverse is that it is a big test, a forge in which we are tempered and strengthened. Eventually, all the beings in creation will ascend to the top, and The Multiverse will close up shop, having completed its task. Until then, the Believers wish to help each and every person temper themselves.


The histories of some factions are full of nothing but gory losses, blade-taken victories and cliffhanger escapes from danger. The Godsmen've got their share of these episodes, too, but they're thinkers just as much as they're doers.

Folks consider Perrine the first factol, at least he founded what would become the Believers of the Source back before the Great Upheaval. As a mangler-hurler, Perrine was not only an athlete but a philosopher as well; who else would care how far a man can toss a heavy iron ball trailing a 3-foot leather strap fringed with iron spikes? This blood knew he could win mangler tosses only after much prior preparation. No surprise, he figured victories in less athletic pursuits also stemmed directly from a body's previous decisions and actions.

Not content to ponder the matter alone, Perrine founded a society of equally curious bashers. Together, they developed the Godsmen's core belief; existence is a forge that shapes us, and an accompanying lifestyle called "sequel observance". See, a body pays strict attention to the consequences of every one of his actions, so he can figure the way to produce only good results in the future. Learning from experience, that's the idea, and ability to reason clearly, that's the tool.

During the Great Upheaval, a cutter named Augy of Faunel solidified the society as a faction and forever altered its philosophy. Seems Augy'd been reincarnated a thousand times and could remember her past lives. Each built on the last, she said, and she went up or down the ladder of existence in response to her choices. Augy even claimed to recall her first incarnation and the glory that came before it. "Light poured through my essence like water" she wrote in her journals.

She introduced Perrine's society to the merits of intuition, it's usually a past life trying to get something across, and to the benefits of peering back beyond a body's own memories. This philosophy lets a basher evolve without merely sticking to cold logic, in a process that reacher beyond death into one's next incarnation. Evolve enough, and a body becomes a god.

Augy gave the society the name it bears to this day; the Believers of the Source. As factol, she directed her followers into intense research. They collected biographies and interviewed anyone claiming to recall a past life. Perhaps this study would reveal the reason the multiverse inflicts lives of test on a body.

Factol Ambar Vergrove