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Every player of the Reach War campaign should have three characters: 1 military command character and 2 trooper characters.

Military Command Characters

Each player needs to create one military command character. These are high echelon characters, so they are unlikely to die during the campaign.

Brass Positions

These are the positions of the military command characters. (d6)

  1. The General (or Second in Command)
  2. The Quartermaster (or Logistician)
  3. The Intelligence Officer (or Orbital Commander)
  4. The Senior NCO (or Aerospace Commander)
  5. The Politician (or Chaplain)
  6. The Bureaucrat (or Company Rep)

Brass Origins and Motivation

The home world and religion of the brass characters determine their motivations.

Home world (d6)

  1. Turku: "We should respect the traditions"
  2. Kuhmo: "We should avoid taking risks"
  3. Ivalo: "We should preserve the lives of our troops"
  4. Pokka: "We should protect the civilians"
  5. Ranua: "We should put the PCs unit into the middle of action"
  6. Beyond the Reach: "We should target enemy materiel instead of troops"

Religion (d6, -2 for Turku, -1 for Kuhmo & Pokka, +1 for Ranua, +2 for Beyond)

  • -1 to 1 Li-Renism: "Heroic sacrifice is better than cowardice"
  • 2 to 4 Ahmanites: "Planning is better than recklessness"
  • 5 Materialist: "Better save resources than manpower"
  • 6 to 8 Musaraist: "Careful action beats overconfident pride"

Trooper Characters

Every player should generate two trooper characters to have a spare character in case the other one is killed or incapacitated.

Rolling Attributes

Roll all attributes with 3d6 in order. Then you can replace one with a 14.

Choosing a Home World and Background Skills

Choose a home world from one of the five planets of the Reach. Then choose either two skills from the Learning table or roll three times in either Learning or Growth tables. All skills start at level-0. If a skill is rolled twice, it raised to level-1. If it rolled a third time, choose any other skill at level-0. If you want, you can roll yor homeworld (2d6)

  • 2. Ivalo
  • 3-5. Pokka
  • 6. Kuhmo
  • 7. Turku
  • 8. Kuhmo
  • 9-12. Ranua


Your home world is Turku. You were conscripted to the army by the inscrutable bureaucracy. You're not sure why you were chosen to the RCDC.

Your homeworld is low gravity with a tainted thin atmosphere. You're used to wearing a breathing mask. There is free water on Turku and it's climate is cool. Turku has moderate population, moderate law and high tech.

Growth (d6)

  1. Any stat +1
  2. Mental +2
  3. Dexterity +3
  4. Wisdom +3
  5. Connect
  6. Any Skill

Learning (d8)

  1. Administer
  2. Pilot
  3. Program
  4. Fix
  5. Survive
  6. Punch
  7. Talk
  8. Heal


Your home world is Kuhmo. You volunteered for armed service as a way to give back to your society. You're happy to serve the Reach in the RCDC.

Kuhmo has normal gravity and thick insidious atmosphere. You're used to wearing a sealed environmental suit. Most of the surface is covered by non-water fluids and the climate is cool. Kuhmo has moderate population, low law and moderate tech.

Growth (d6)

  1. Any stat +1
  2. Mental +2
  3. Physical +2
  4. Charisma +3
  5. Talk
  6. Any Skill

Learning (d8)

  1. Fix
  2. Survive
  3. Notice
  4. Shoot
  5. Heal
  6. Talk
  7. Stab
  8. Know


Your home world is Ivalo. You joined the corporate security forces and were transferred to the RCDC. Now your salary comes from the Conclave, and you get paid more than before.

Ivalo has low gravity, a very thin atmosphere requiring a compression respirator. You're used to wearing a breathing mask. There is open water and the climate is cold. Ivalo has low population, very low law and low tech.

Growth (d6)

  1. Any stat +1
  2. Mental +2
  3. Physical +2
  4. Constitution +3
  5. Work
  6. Any Skill

Learning (d8)

  1. Work
  2. Shoot
  3. Survive
  4. Exert
  5. Connect
  6. Fix
  7. Notice
  8. Pilot


Your home world is Pokka. You volunteered to military service from a sense of civic duty. The transfer to the RCDC was a pleasant surprise.

Pokka has low gravity and a dense, breathable atmosphere. There is open water and the climate is cool. Pokka has moderate population, low law and low tech.

Growth (d6)

  1. Any stat +1
  2. Mental +2
  3. Physical +2
  4. Dexterity +3
  5. Exert
  6. Any Skill

Learning (d8)

  1. Exert
  2. Survive
  3. Pilot
  4. Stab
  5. Heal
  6. Talk
  7. Administer
  8. Work


Your home world is Ranua. You joined the military either from pride in your home world or to have chance to shoot guns. Being transferred to the RCDC is a challenge, but you're sure you'll fare better than the people from the lesser Reach worlds.

Ranua has high gravity and a standard atmosphere. Most of the planetary surface is covered by oceans. It has a normal climate. It has moderate population, moderate law and high tech.

Growth (d6)

  1. Any stat +1
  2. Mental +2
  3. Physical +2
  4. Strength +3
  5. Trade
  6. Any Skill

Learning (d8)

  1. Trade
  2. Pilot
  3. Program
  4. Punch
  5. Fix
  6. Work
  7. Know
  8. Lead

Other Skills

In addition to the background skills, each character gains Shoot-0 and one other skill at level-0.


Choose: Warrior, Expert or Adventurer. At most one character in the group can be a Psychic (partial or full).


Everyone gets one Focus. Experts, and Partial Experts get an extra non-combat, non-psychic Focus. Warriors and Partial Warriors get an extra combat Focus.

Combat Foci

  • Alert
  • Armsman (melee/thrown weapon expert)
  • Assassin (melee assassin)
  • Close Combatant (pistol/melee expert)
  • Gunslinger (ranged weapon expert)
  • Savage Fray (melee expert)
  • Shocking Assault (melee expert)
  • Sniper (ranged assassin)
  • Unarmed Combat (unarmed expert)

Non-combat Foci

  • Authority (natural leader)
  • Connected (make contacts)
  • Diplomat (expert negotiatior)
  • Hacker
  • Healer
  • Specialist (non-combat, non-psychic skill expert)
  • Tinker (equipment modification expert)
  • Unique Gift (catch-all special ability)
  • Wild Psychic Talent

Psychic Foci

  • Psychic Training (psychic discipline expert)

Banned Foci

The following Foci are banned and cannot be chosen in this campaign.

  • Die Hard
  • Henchkeeper
  • Ironhide
  • Star Captain
  • Starfarer
  • Wanderer

Hit Points

Hit Points are 1d6+Con bonus (+2 if your class is Warrior or Partial Warrior).

Attack Bonus

Attack Bonus is +1 if your class is Warrior or Partial Warrior, otherwise it is +0. Total Hit Bonus is Attack Bonus plus relevant skill plus relevant attribute bonus. If you don't have a skill, the skill bonus is -2.

Damage Bonus

All attacks have Damage Bonus from relevant attribute bonus. In addition Punch attacks add the skill level to damage.

Saving Throws

Saving Throws are 15 minus best of relevant attribute.

Carrying Capacity

A character can have half of Strength (rounded down) Ready Encumbrance. In addition they can have Strength Stowed Encumbrance. With this load they can move 10 m per round.

Carrying another ½ Str Ready and Str Stowed encumbrance slows the character to 7 m/r. Another extra load of same size drops the speed to 5 m/s.


Decide on the basic personality of each trooper character. After advancing a level, add another personality trait to them.


The trooper characters gain one experience point for each of the following (max. once/mission):

  • Survive a mission
  • Achieve primary objective
  • Achieve secondary objective
  • Heroic actions and self-sacrifice