Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Friend of the Poor

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Date: 6.8.1999

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Khamal Al'Mere
  • Leonard Baker
  • Laverne Lancaster
  • Will Noolun
  • Jonathan Riley

Case Details



  • Zach Koster
    • 48 years old ex marketing director
    • Bald
    • Colorfully and extravagantly dressed
    • Usually surrounded by a dozen of the faithful
  • Manfred Warren
    • 64 years old medical secretary
  • Tracey Bennett
    • 36 years old nurse
  • Leo Geddinge
    • 25 years old student
  • Chryssa Graham
    • 41 years old paramedic
    • Convictions related to possession of narcotics


The Church of Heavenly Liberation

  • A liberal christian pseudo-fundamentalist charismatic sect
  • More than 500 members
    • Poor, addicts, prostitutes, HIV positives, minorities, petty criminals
  • Belief in liberation through rebirth in Christ
  • Participates in plenty of charity
  • Against other christian denominations and sects, new age, Scientology and alternative medicine
  • Owns several hospices for the poor and homeless
    • Including some for the elderly, alcoholic, addicts and AIDS patients
    • All run on voluntary basis
  • They run their own local radio station
  • Faith healing and speaking in tongues
  • Recent signs of doomsday anticipation, paranoia and siege mentality






Operation Log

  • Investigation found a large arms cache
    • Firearms and miscellaneous melee weapons
  • Surveillance revealed a plot to attack and bomb a local federal building
    • It was thwarted by local law enforcement when they were informed of it
    • Two of the suspect group were killed and four arrested
    • Afterwards Koster was arrested by the local PD


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends: