Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation See No Evil

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Spoiler Warning: Contains spoilers for the official DG adventure "See No Evil aka. The Review"

Date: 3.1.1999-10.1.1999

Agents and Friedlies:

  • Anthony Norland
  • Edgar Smith
  • Theodore Weeden

Case Details



  • Peter Heims
  • Michael Drinkwater
  • Allen Bhrunt alias Aleksis Bellman
  • Steven Kolm
  • Walther Stroms


  • Eric Taylor, FBI surveillance expert


  • Surveillance of the leading members of the Review




New York City


Operation Log

  • Bruhnt meets with an Irish gang
    • Drug trade?
  • Kolm meets with Walther Stroms in a remote office building
    • Stroms shows "the might of the Third Reich" by summoning some creature
      • The voice asks in German: "Who called me?"
    • Kolms loses his nerve and runs away
    • Sthroms takes a taxi
    • Two sets of footprints
    • Some spots that are visible in UV light
  • Norland shadows Strohms, but loses him at his hotel
  • Kolm goes home and takes some papers and his gun
    • Soon after someone (Strohms' taxi driver) enters, takes some papers, degausses the computer hard drive and sets the place on fire
      • Some files were salvaged from a zip-drive
  • APB put on all suspects
    • Drinkwater, Heimss and Brhunt caught
      • They have no knowledge of Kolm's dealings with the German
  • On Sunday Kolms reappears at the meeting and opens fire on the crowd
    • Shots fired by a revolver and a SMG
    • Weeden surprises the taxi driver
      • He is carrying a book and the SMG
      • Hit several times and wounds Weeden seriously on his head
      • When he escapes outside and is confronted by Norland his is hit by a car and commits suicide with an incendiary grenade
    • Kolm was found inside, shot by the SMG


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):


Report by Friendly Weeden