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Whatever you own, can be taken from you. Whenever you control something, which another person thinks he owns, you control that person. Do not ever think you own anything, but know that you can control everything.

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Alexandra Christina Hadley (neé Sommerville, born October 19, 1970) is a Syndicate Technocrat and a member of Amalgam 127-21, Pan Pacific Construct, North American Symposium. She has joined the Syndicate in 2003 and is qualified field agent specializing in resource control and management. She earlier lived and worked in Miami but has recently moved to Los Angeles where Amalgam 127-21 is located.

Born in New Castle, Delaware, USA, Hadley is a graduate of Princeton University and holds a doctorate degree in both cybernetics and behavioral economics. She worked as a senior agent in Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), United States Department of the Treasury, from 1994 to 2004. From 2005 onward she has owned a consulting agency, Hadley Risk Management, nominally specializing in financial risk management in NAFTA countries. In reality she seems to be involved in wide spectrum of illegal cross-border trade, money-loundering and organized crime ranging across the whole Middle America.

In 2005 Alexandra Hadley was married to Thomas Hadley who is a researcher in economics and financing and also a Syndicate member. Their relationship has remained distant and Thomas Hadley currently lives in Boston.

To a casual observer Alexandra Hadley seems to be quite wealthy and owns several small businesses, apartments, expensive cars and such. The truth is that after Enlightenment she hasn't owned anything anymore. To her everything that she seems to own, even her name, are simple assets she controls and which can be liquidated at any time if need be.

List of some of her resources can be found under West Coast Resources (Omega Point).


A system is a big black box

Of which we can't unlock the locks,

And all we can find out about

Is what goes in and what comes out.

Perceiving input-output pairs,

Related by parameters,

Permits us, sometimes, to relate

An input, output and a state.

If this relation's good and stable

Then to predict we may be able,

But if this fails us - heaven forbid!

We'll be compelled to force the lid!

- Kenneth Boulding

New Economy

Our economic system, as we know it now, was designed in time when there was no internet and the super-computers ran on punch-cards, having less calculating power than a modern cellular phone has. Its origins date back to a time when there was no computers and riding couriers were the fastest way to send a message. This is, in effect, the very essence of our problem.

We've held the economy firmly in our control for now, but how long will our monopoly last? Each year we are forced to develop ever more complex systems to manage the flow of resources, not because we want them, or because they make the machine run better, but to stay one step ahead of the common people. Yes, the common people. As Iteration X brings ever more computing power to the reach of the masses and New World Orders information networks bring down boundaries and reduce the friction in money transfers we are seeing the rise of stockbroker-lite. This new breed of flow-trackers are not mathematics and they are certainly not enlightened. They are the same blind, easily scared masses of humanity as before, except that now they have the money, the wideband, the programs and the computing power. And they are not afraid to use it. They have, in effect, a loaded gun and they are waving it around blindly, threatening to shoot holes into our carefully woven matrix.

Yes, we still hold the leash. The masses can be manipulated and thus even the stockbroker-lite can be controlled. The essence of the problem is that our current system, while good, is not built to withstand a millions of self-made investors who are so ignorant that the only way to manipulate them is by fear. Ten years ago we could manipulate the money by releasing a fake news alert on nuclear power plant accident. Today we can't. New World Order has made people too hungry for information and the new social media has made every man, woman and child a reporter. A fake nuclear accident won't have the same effect it would have had ten years ago. Today, we have to have the real thing and we are wasting a huge amount of precious resources just to keep this ”economy of fear” running to the direction we want it to run.

So what is the solution? New World Order has not yet managed to get the full information control and our brothers and sisters of Iteration X and Progenitors have not yet produced the perfect human who would not need to be controlled in such a brute way. Even the Void Engineers have yet to find us the common enemy that would allow us to take the control of the global economy forcefully and openly [laughter from audience]. So, we are left with the options we have. One of the most interesting ones was proposed at this very same yearly seminar exactly 10 years ago. Creative destruction. Order through chaos.

This plan would mean that we take the initiative while we are still one step ahead and bring down the current economic system ourselves. Bring it down in controlled way and build about the new systems all by ourselves, just like we built the last one. Except that when we build a new one, we can base it on mathematically tested sociological and psychological models we have been testing for years using calculating power far beyond of what we had when current system was conceived. Instead of being one step ahead, like we are now, and fighting for every inch, we would be three steps ahead right from the start.

- From speech of Doctor Hadley, held in annual seminar of North American Syndicate