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Van Der Visser, Maximiliaan
Van Der Visser, Max
Rank/title ForceCommander
Unit Strike Element, 3AE
Position 1st Strike COY CO
Nationality Republic of Cayerlon
Date of Birth July 23, 2989
Allegiance The Rebellion
Callsign Scandal
Assigned vehicle xxx (primary pilot)
Quote "Here's what Scandal thinks. Recon shows the maneuver does not have sufficient support, so it's likely to be a feint. I used to play lacrosse with their CO in Harderwijk Academy, and I happen to know he doesn't have the political backing to commit to a full engagement. Scandal says bring it."

Appearance and personality

Max carries his masculine frame well, but with a careless ease that makes him appear less than the ideal soldier. Not one to stand on ceremony, Max comes across as easy to approach, charismatic and emphatic. There seems to be a touch of idealism on him and he doesn't seem one to hold a grudge, but these traits are sometimes overshadowed by his casual approach to everything. His appearance is cautiously bohemian and slightly disheveled, but he can brind the Dress Blues when he has to.

In the "Officer and Gentleman" circles, he has something of a reputation for his ballroom dancing. His callsign has been with him since prep school, and is rumored to have something to do with past indiscretions that should have left him in hot water, but somehow didn't.


Early life and education

The Van Der Vissers of Oldcastle have been very much a part of the wealthy power elite for Cayerlon since the founding of the Cayerlon-Rossello Union in 2376. Max was born the second son of the governor of Oldcastle (currently a minister for the provincial government of Cayerlon), which normally would have meant that he was not the heir to the governorship. However, his older brother suffered from a serious medical condition, and Max was groomed to be the heir in his stead. From the age of 7, Max spent his winters in boarding schools and his summers with the family in Oldcastle, being prepared for his future role, but in 3004 (Max being 15 years old), his older brother Fransiscus made a sudden recovery and emerged to the public spotlight as the heir apparent.

Max found himself shipped off to Harderwijk Academy preparatory military college, and in due course to AFD MechWarrior School. His time there seems to have been fraught with disciplinary actions and mediocre academic performance, but almost miraculously he managed to graduate with his class.


With his initial unit, the Neuhauser Heavy Battalion's 3rd Guards 'Mech COY in the White Hats, Max saw action against the hugely popular uprising of Penegyar. That action taught Max a lot about fighting against a popular revolt, and shaped his thinking in ways that are still apparent today. In 3016 Max was already a young lieutenant in the fire support 2nd Storm Coy, 3rd Assault Element during the Clayborne action against the Grey Lancers. Hitting against the 'Lancers support and logistics before their eventual retreat showed Max that sometimes the best way to fight a foe is not to just crush their 'Mechs. In 3021, five years after leaving Clayborne, Max was back again for a second round against the Grey Lancers, but this time as the BN M2 in the Sorcerer Lance of the 3rd Assault Element. The role of intelligence in what turned to a desperate battle for survival against superior numbers was the latest formative experience in Max's military career.

Personnel file

Name : Van Der Visser, Maximiliaan
Known aliases : Max, callsign Scandal
Rank : ForceCommander
Position : Company Commander, 1st Strike COY, 3rd Assault Element, AFD
Nationality : Republic of Cayerlon, Dalcour, Free Worlds League
Place of Birth : Neutexel, Oldcastle, Republic of Cayerlon
Date of Birth : July 23, 2989
Parents : Diederic Van Der Visser (f), Marie-Noëlle Van Der Visser née Bellamy
Marital Status : Single
Next of kin : Fransiscus Van Der Visser (brother)
Languages : English, Dutch
Religion : Tamarind Catholicism
Distinguishing features : None on record

Service Record

  • 3007 AFD MechWarrior School
  • 3008 Advanced BattleMech Training
  • 3009 Graduation from MechWarrior School and beginning of Officer Candidate Course
  • 3010 Graduation as LTJG, assigned to 3rd Guards 'Mech COY (1st Guards RGT), Arrow-lance
  • 3011 Operation Riverflow
  • 3014 Promotien to LT, transferred to Tornado-lance leader, 2nd Storm COY (3rd Assault Element)
  • 3016 Operation Terracotta
  • 3018 Transferred to Strike Element as BN M2:ksi (Sorcerer LC, Strike Element, 3rd Assault Element)
  • 3019 Promotion to CAPT
  • 3019 Operation Solid Response
  • 3021 Operation Potterware
  • 3024 Promotion to FCMDR. Transferred to 1st Strike COY CO.
  • 3025 Current year

Awards and decorations