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Wolof OPFOR Organizations

The True Faith

The True Faith (Neokaans: d'Ware Geloofs Genootskap, dWGG) is a belief system and doomsday cult founded by Sarie Daalman in 2959. The core of the True Faith is in Astro-Vedanta, with strong influence from the teachings of Nazih Nazari (2781-2872), a militant azami cultist from Draconis Combine, and the revolutionary texts attributed to Jeanette Marik (2766 - 2837).

Eks gemanifesteerde goddelikheid, ongemanifiseerde goddelikheid, and Transendente goddelikheid. Eks d'Leegte en eks d'Sterre en eks d'Planete. Eks almal gelowe en eks almal samelewings en eks almal waarhede. Eks bo d'staal en bo d'plastiek en bo d'vonk. Eks niks en eks alles en eks Shiva.

I am Manifest Divinity, Unmanifest Divinity, and Transcendent Divinity. I am the Void and I am the Stars and I am the Planets. I am all Beliefs and I am all Societies and I am all Truths. I am above the Steel and above the Plastic and above the Spark. I am nothing and and I am everything and I am Shiva.

- The Creed of Sarie-Guru

Sarie Daalman claimed that she sought to restore the soul of humanity which has been trapped by technology and machines. The unity of all men is supposed to emerge in two steps; first all men will be united under one leadership, and then the united mankind will destroy all technology and ascend to a higher level of existence.

The dWGG has made several bombing and firebombing/arson campaigns against technology- and space-related facilities, both corporate and government-owned. Along with the complex and tightly coordinated short campaigns the dWGG is connected to a countless number of singular events, with the rate of attacks growing steadily since the beginning of the current crisis. Majority of all dWGG connected attacks have been against infrastructure and high tech equipment, but high profile persons have also been targets. The government has been unable to connect any of the high-level dWGG leaders to the attacks since the arrest and execution of Danka Daalman, a granddaughter of Sarie Daalman, in 3017.

A known dWGG "preacher" Keith Witbehn was shot and killed aboard the FWLM dropship Lowhawk in 3024. Lowhawk was transporting civilian evacuees from Wolof III, and was docking into a jumpship when the FWLM ship security was alerted by other travelers. Witbehn was arming a homemade explosive device attached to the hull of the dropship when security troopers found him. Media sources found a recorded statement which indicates the the IED was supposed to explode at the time of the jump, with possibly catastrophic consequences for the jumpship and all dropships attached to it.

Modus operandi

Singular terrorist attack (IED, arson), Multiple attack terrorist campaigns (IED, arson) against high profile technology/space-related organizations and facilities.


Risk for personnel: Possible, minor. Possible attack could cause the death of several members of the regiment. Managed with usual personnel movement restrictions and with controlled security zones in the base. Risk for high profile personnel is íncreased.

Risk for equipment: Unlikely, moderate. Possible attack could cause severe damage or even destroy a single BattleMech. Managed with controlled security zones in the base.

Risk for operations: Rare, insignificant. Even while the dWGG has shown capability for complex operations, no evidence is shown for the dWGG to be capable of conducting military operations against mechanized force. Also the risk for dWGG to be able to disturb regimental operations is deemed to be low.

The Goodwill League

The Goodwill League is an organized crime syndicate active in Wolof III. There is at least 30 different major criminal groups associated to the League, with 3 of them having interstellar connections. Criminals of the various "member groups" are either members of "mafia-like" groups, former prison members, corrupt officials and business leaders or gang members.

While the Goodwill League has no clear structure or unambiguous leadership, the general understanding is that the two rival crime groups, the Velika Obitelj and the d'Familiestam Otterlo have indirect control in the affairs of the League. The largest rival for the Goodwill League is the San wang-triad.

Velika Obitelj

The "big family" started in 2719 when thousands of immigrants were brought from the neighboring planet of Valil'yevskiy to work in the mining industry. The poor and abused "yevskians" searched protection from the exploiting corporations and formed "labour unions". These groups resorted to crime to gain resources and reputation, and in time - after countless decades of infighting - started to cooperate and finally unite. The yevskian ethnic background is still dominating the members of the Velika Obitelj. The Velika Obitelj is commoncly associated with all kinds of "gang crimes".

d'Familiestam Otterlo

The "Otterlo tribe" is a tight association of smaller criminal groups (the tribes) that share a common organisational structure and code of conduct. Each tribe is in charge of a territory, usually a district of a city. Its members call themselves jagters, or "hunters". The Otterlo tribe is known for its activities in protection racketeering, corporate espionage, loansharking and money laundering. The Otterlo tribe is known to have deep and diverse connections to various branches of government and corporations.

Modus operandi

Syndicate is known to practice: theft, extortion, contract killing, corporate espionage, smuggling, manufacturing controlled substances, loansharking, blackmailing, illegal gambling, prostitution, arms trafficking, money laundering, bribery, military equipment smuggling, providing illegal immigration and cheap labor and trafficking in human beings.


Risk for personnel: Likely, minor. Threats against personnel are mostly due to the wide array of criminal activities, which may involve members of the regiment as victims or as participants (f.e. as customers for illegal services).

Risk for equipment: Possible, moderate. Theft and sabotage form the most probable risks for equipment.

Risk for operations: Rare, minor.

The White Brigade

The White Brigade is a separatist militant group that is deeply connected to the more political White Future. The name "White Movement" usually includes both the political and militant wings. The White Movement has been the de facto governing authority of the Drakensberg since 2972, and a large number of personnel is involved both in the White Brigade and the Drakensberg Security Force, the semi-official law enforcement agency of the "independent" Drakensberg. The White Brigade was founded in 2956 together with the White Movement, when disillusioned Wolofian soldiers returned from the lackluster FWLM operation KILLING STROKE.

The White Bridage has launched countless attacks against federal law enforcement and military units, often describing them as retaliatory, in particular for assassinations of the upper echelon of their leadership. Tactics have included bombings, commando strikes and artillery rocket attacks. Small number of attacks made by highly coordinated mechanized forces have also been credited to the White Brigade. The attacks have resulted in a number of civilian casualties, and they have been condemned as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The White Brigade aims to liberate first Drakensberg and then Wolof from the "occupation by the criminal federalites" by attacking the structure and officials of the federation. The Brigade has declared a war against all enemy personnel, with the goal of destroying hostile military forces, making the enemy's financial interests in the country unprofitable, and create a situation ungovernable by external rule.

Modus operandi

Revolutionary military operations ranging from terrorist bombings and assassinations to direct military operations.


Risk for personnel: Possible, moderate. Possible attack could cause the death of several members of the regiment. Managed with usual personnel movement restrictions and with controlled security zones in the base. Risk for attacks targeting high profile personnel is íncreased.

Risk for equipment: Possible, moderate. Theft and sabotage form the most probable risks for equipment.

Risk for operations: Likely, major. The White Brigade is the most plausible force capable of military operations against the Regiment.

The Alexandrist Separatist Movement

The Alexandrist Separatist Movement (ASM) is a political coalition aiming for independence or at least right for self-governing for the Alexandria regions. During the last five years the ASM has been more active and vocal, mustering more support in day-to-day politics than ever before. Some representatives have faced allegations for cooperating with the White Movement, but so far no tangible evidence has been presented.

Modus operandi

Political and financial influence.


As of this moment the ASM poses no direct risk for the Regiment.

Corporate Actors

The various corporate entities on Wolof III are entangled in all aspects of politics and day-to-day life. While the public image of the corporations steer clear of involvement in criminal activities, a known fact is that corporations are both victims and participants in organized criminal activities. Several judicial proceedings during the past decades have shown deep and intimate contact between the high ranking corporate officials and the members of the criminal society. In the past both the d'Familiestam Otterlo and the San wang-triad have tried to take direct control of larger corporations, apparently with no major success.

Modus operandi

Political and financial influence. Possible use of criminal agents for various objectives.


The risks posed by the corporate actions are related to the use of military/criminal agents.

The Anderson Crew (Pirate/Unregistered mercenary unit)

The Anderson Crew is a pirate/non-registered mercenary unit with more than two lances of BattleMechs.

The Anderson Crew originates from a 9th Lyran Regulars 'mech unit that went rogue and then deserted in 3014 during the chaotic aftermath of the Battle of Uhuru. The rogue unit was a mixed arms unit with a size comparable to a battalion, but after several encounters with Marik Militia units and the 9th Lyran Regulars, only the BattleMech element of the unit survived and was able to leave the planet. The commander of the 'Mech element was Kommandant Scott Anderson, a graduate from the prestigious Nagelring academy.

The unit decided to go mercenary, and moved deeper into the Free Worlds League, away from the proximity of the Lyran border. The unit was never registered to the ComStar's Mercenary Review Board for reasons unknown.

The unit suffered several casualties during the next years, and lost several of the original 'mechs. To replace the lost 'mechs the unit recruited several bandit mechwarriors. The ratio of original members versus the new recruits is unknown at this time.

The unit has used several names, the current name in use is "the Anderson Crew". The unit has a reputation of fickle loyalties and abandoned missions, and is mostly considered as a pirate/bandit group.

Due to the lack of intel, no assesment can be made of the unit's standard operating procedures, real capabilities or threat presented.

Modus operandi





The Anderson Crew has at least 7 BattleMechs and a dropship. The following units can be identified from various public sources:

  • CDA-2A Cicada (40)
  • 2x DRG-1? Dragon (60)
  • FLE-15 Flea (20)
  • PXH-1K Phoenix Hawk (45)
  • RFL-3N Rifleman (60)
  • STK-3H Stalker (85)

Ricardo's Riflemen (Mercenary unit)


The unit was first registered in the ComStar MRB in 2960, place of origin Bondurant, FWL. The unit was registered by 2 founding members (owners), brothers Richard Ricardo and Royce Ricardo, with Richard Ricardo as commanding officer.

After the first decade of operations the unit consisted of three BattleMech companies and several auxiliary units. In the 2980s the unit faced a series of failed contracts, with casualties increasing with each following mission. The CO, Richard Ricardo, was killed in combat in 2989. The unit had been accused of fallacious declaration of the number of operational BattleMechs in the unit, and in 2991 the unit was declared nonoperational by the Comstar MRB due to unpaid debts and several contractual infractions.

The subcontractor lances were dismissed, and Royce Ricardo sold most of the unit assets to cover the debts. Royce was left with the ownership of four BattleMechs, and he leased them to the security department of Garret Manufacturing Company in Bondurant, FWL. According to a local news company interview in 3006, Royce was "happily retired, tending a vineyard and running a small winery".

In 3008 the unit was reactivated with Royce Ricardo as sole owner and commanding officer. The unit has had a steady success with it's contracts, and the current MRB rating for the unit is "C+/II" and the registered strength is two BattleMech companies, the Atlanta and the Chattanooga.

The Atlanta Company is a heavy company with 12 BattleMechs, with a total weight of 790 tons, and with the average unit weight of 66 tons.

Chattanooga Company is a light company with 12 BattleMechs, with a total weight of 445 tons, and with the average unit weight of 37 tons.

Timeline (MRB database)

  • 2960 - Activated as Ricardo's Riflemen in 01JUN2960
  • 2960 - The Unit strength was registered as 4 BattleMechs
  • 2960 - MRB rating was changed to "F/III" in 01JUN2960
  • 2961 - The Unit strength was changed to 12 BattleMechs
  • 2968 - The Unit strength was changed to 24 BattleMechs
  • 2969 - MRB rating was changed to "E+/IV" in 01JUN2969
  • 2972 - The Unit strength was changed to 32 BattleMechs
  • 2972 - MRB rating was changed to "D/IV" in 17OCT2972
  • 2983 - The Unit status was changed to "Ongoing inquest" in 23OCT2983
  • 2984 - MRB rating was changed to "E-/IV" in 14JAN2984
  • 2984 - The Unit status was changed to "Active" in 14JAN2984
  • 2984 - The Unit strength was changed to 26 BattleMechs
  • 2986 - The Unit status was changed to "Ongoing inquest" in 03FEB2986
  • 2986 - The Unit status was changed to "Active" in 19APR2986
  • 2989 - The Unit strength was changed to 21 BattleMechs
  • 2989 - The Unit status was changed to "Ongoing inquest" in 03FEB2989
  • 2989 - The Unit status was changed to "Active" in 29MAY2989
  • 2989 - MRB rating was changed to "F/IV" in 29MAY2989
  • 2991 - The Unit strength was changed to 11 BattleMechs
  • 2991 - The Unit status was changed to "Ongoing inquest" in 11AUG2991
  • 2991 - The Unit status was changed to "Nonoperational/Announced" in 28SEP2991 by the ComStar Service Office in Elektrougli, FWL
  • 2992 - Owner registry was changed to a single owner status (Royce Ricardo)
  • 3008 - The Unit status was changed to "Active" in 01JAN3008
  • 3008 - The Unit strength was registered as 4 BattleMechs
  • 3008 - MRB rating was changed to "F/II" in 01JAN3008
  • 3010 - MRB rating was changed to "E+/II" in 17JUL3010
  • 3014 - The Unit strength was registered as 12 BattleMechs
  • 3016 - MRB rating was changed to "D/II" in 07FEB3016
  • 3019 - The Unit strength was registered as 22 BattleMechs
  • 3021 - MRB rating was changed to "C+/II" in 19DEC3021


Ricardo's Riflemen has two BattleMech companies, Atlanta Company and Chattanooga Company.

  • Atlanta Company
    • COY stats: 12 units, total 790 tons, average unit weight 66 t
      • ASN-101 Assassin (40)
      • AS7-D Atlas (100)
      • 2x AWS-8? Awesome (80)
      • BNC-3M Banshee (95)
      • 2x CPLT-K2 Catapult (65)
      • COM-2D Commando (25)
      • 2x ENF-4R Enforcer (50)
      • SHG-? Shogun (85)
      • WVR-6R Wolverine (55)
  • Chattanooga Company
    • COY stats: 12 units, total 445 tons, average unit weight 37 t
      • FS9-H Firestarter (35)
      • 2x GHR-5H Grasshopper (70)
      • 2x STG-3R Stinger (20)
      • 2x VLK-? Valkyrie (30)
      • 2x VND-? Vindicator (45)
      • VL-2T Vulcan (40)
      • 2x WSP-1L Wasp (20)


The heavy A-COY with its three assault mechs is a force to reckon with, but it is a typical, straightforward heavy company.

The light C-COY offers speed and mobility, and there seems to be a 'mech-pair concept made of two 'mechs of the same model. All 'mechs in the C-COY are jump capable, and there are several indicators that the C-COY has more talented and experienced mechwarriors than the A-COY.

If any information comes available on the tactics used by the unit, especially by the C-COY, it must be examined with a close scrutiny, and handed over to PREACHER for tactical studies.

Force Valiant (Wolof Protector Branch)


The WOLOF PROTECTOR BRANCH has one BattleMech company, the FORCE VALIANT, and several conventional brigades. The Protector Branch is the federal “rapid response military force”, and has only limited support on its own. The combat units of the Protector Corps rely on the sustainment and support provided by the military forces of the regional governments.

The members of the Force Valiant are celebrities in Wolof. They have a high profile, and stories and gossip of their life is frequently seen in the "pop media". They are a common sight in all sort of public events that the military (or the federal government) wants to support. Two of the members of the command lance have published books about the Battle of Callison of 3020, which they took part in defence against Lyran armed forces invasion.

The Force Valiant COY has 12 BattleMechs, with total weight of 680 tons, and an average unit weight of 57 tons.


  • The Force Valiant BattleMech Company:
    • COY stats: 12 units, total 680 tons, average unit weight 57 t
      • ASN-101 Assassin (40)
      • BLR-1S Battlemaster (85)
      • CGR-1L Charger (80)
      • CP-10-Q Cyclops (90)
      • 2x PNT-9R Panther (35)
      • SHD-2K Shadow Hawk (55)
      • 2x TBT-5? Trebuchet (50)
      • 2x WTH-? Whitworth (40)
      • ZEU-6S Zeus (80)


The Force Valiant is medium-heavy company with notable fire support asset in its Fire lance. The Force Valiant has no capabilities for prolonged operations, as it is mostly dependable of the support given by other federal or regional military units.

Most of the combat experience is in the command lance, and the command lance is the only lance with combat experience against other BattleMech units. Strike lance and Fire lance can be graded only as green, and the command lance is graded veteran. Also note that the unit has no real combat experience as a company, as it has mostly been used as lance elements to support other arms of the federal armed forces.