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* Mulk, stone folk slaver
* Mulk, stone folk slaver
* Ghuntomas of Thorn, a former Fraternity of Order scholar that has fallen on some hard times.
* Ghuntomas of Thorn, a former Fraternity of Order scholar that has fallen on some hard times.
* Terrmanath, [[Rilmani]] Argenach alchemist, Sum of All
= Magic on the Planes =
= Magic on the Planes =

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Map of the Outlands and the Outer Planes


Adventure log

  1. To baator and back; Or how to lose a small child in hell
  2. The March begins; Or how to return a talking book to Automate because a cat asked nicely
  3. Planewalkers; Or never skip leg day
  4. Hard Time; Or when a dead dwarf ends up in the wrong place
  5. Silver War; Or Dreaming your way home
  6. Unswerving Path; Or causing panic and setting a city on fire to save it
  7. Ambushed; Or Modronpunk 2020
  8. In Disarray; Or there's too little chaos in Limbo
  9. Reflections; Or smoke and mirros

Factions in detail

Known portals

From To Bidirectional? Key
Avernus Sigil Yes Brick from the road to Hell
Sigil Automata Yes Page torn in half with letter E written on each part
Sigil Gates of the Moon Yes Ounce of silver
Gates of the Moon Infinite Staircase Yes Full moon
Infinite Staircase Sigil (Civic festhall) Yes None
Sigil (Lower ward) Dwarven mountain Yes Dwarf forged hammer
Sigil (Park) Arcadia Yes Flower wreath

Disturbances in The Infinite Staircase

After dealing with the demon infestation in the blue mushroom area of The Infinite Staircase the Lillendi informed that something was affecting the creativity of the natives in some realms touched by the staircase:

  • Queen's Domain - Arcadia
  • Swirling Realm - Limbo, The Temple of Change and Slaadi spawning stone. Visited
  • Place of Wind - Elemental plane of Air, Artisan city of Blurophil. Visited
  • Silver War - Astral plane, a destoryed githyanki outpost with a well filled by dreams. Visited
  • Unclimbable Mountain - Outlands, The Rilmani city of Sum of All and the Mirrored Library
  • Jingling City - Baator

Oracle of Forgotten Night

In a vast, open plain near a very tall and narrow mountain, there is a library filled with mirrors. Within the library is a book which tells of a cure for the disease that you´ve seen threaten so much.

Beyond the swirling mists of matter and energy lies a temple with only one priest. The priest holds the secret to curing the ills of not only his own plane, but that which threathens them all, eventually.

In a jingling, rainswept city, a ruler, not a ruler, broods in his citadel of chain. He rejoices in the death of invention, and strives to find the library and the temple to seize the knowledge you seek.

Ever-Changing Order

It is a obtusely written text on the nature of law and chaos and how the two can paradoxically work together. Written by Ghuntomas of Thorn, a Fraternity of Order sage about a century ago. It is a complicated tome for even the best scholars to understand without extensive experience of the metaphysics of the planes. Manuscript of the tome is stored at the archives at the City Court in Sigil.


  • Oriam Trascalia, human wizard, Planewalkers guild, The Infinite Staircase
  • Heiron Lifegiver, half-elf wizard, Automata(?)
  • Carissa, human child, Avernus?
  • Halitsu, spinagon, Avernus
  • Zeracuk, former dwarven sage, Dwarven Mountain
  • Sir Vaimish, Paladin lord of a picket keep in Excelsior
  • Crius, Titan of weight and density
  • X, a githzerai trader, Great Bazaar of Sigil
  • Torpelin, Githzerai researcher
  • Sunferrin, Githzerai hermit priest
  • Mulk, stone folk slaver
  • Ghuntomas of Thorn, a former Fraternity of Order scholar that has fallen on some hard times.
  • Terrmanath, Rilmani Argenach alchemist, Sum of All

Magic on the Planes

"Only a clueless prime or a leatherheaded wizard would ever believe his magic is always going to work the same on every plane. It just ain't so, berk — not when the multiverse has got planes whose very essences are living fire, absolute perfection, howling despair, complete decay, or things even worse. Some of it should be obvious — using a holy word against a pit fiend on its home plane just won't work, as many a sodding basher has learned too late. Some of it ain't so clear, either, like can a cutter summon a djinni to Ysgard?"

Most abjurations protect against creatures from another plane, and a few (like holy word) can drive a creature back to its home plane. In either case, an abjuration can't affect a creature on its home plane. For example, some primes might try to use protection from evil to protect themselves from efreet while they're in the City of Brass. They figure the spell works at home, so it should work on the plane of Fire, too, but it doesn't. The City of Brass is on the efreet's home plane, so the genies aren't an extraplanar there and the protection spell won't work. If anybody was summoned, it was the fool prime .

The home plane has the reverse effect on summoning spells. Specifically, unless it's a spell that summons creatures from another plane (such as conjure elemental or gate), a summoning's got to draw on something close at hand. A monster summoning I can only summon up monsters from the same plane. For instance, casting a monster summoning won't cause a succubus to appear on Ysgard; it's not the fiend's home plane, and not even a plane where it can normally be found.

Spell keys

With all these alterations and restrictions, a spellcaster's life on the planes could be nigh impossible. Imagine some poor sod of an elementalist wizard out there on Gehenna, cut off from the Ethereal and unable to cast the most powerful of his spells. Kind of makes a wizard just want to stay home, eh?

Good thing, then, that there's a way around it: For each plane, there are secret spell keys that attune a wizard to the magical vibrations of that plane. Once the spellcaster's in harmony with the plane's essence, some or all of his spells may behave normally again. It's really not much of a dark, since most planar mages know the keys exist, even if they don't know the keys for every plane. It's the spellcasters from the Prime Material who tend to be most clueless about such things, much to the general amusement of their planar counterparts.