Psychopharmacopeia (The Reach Campaign)

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These drugs are available for the troops. The medical drugs by requisition (and sufficient Heal skill level), psychotherapeutic drugs after being diagnosed with combat fatigue effects and recreational drugs by buying.

Medical drugs procured through official channels will be in boxes of 10. If gained via unofficial ways, roll 1d10 for number of doses obtained. Psychotherapeutic drugs will be prescribed in boxes of 10.

Medical Drugs

  • Brain-Clean (Heal-1) 10 Cr.
    • Removes the effects of one night's lost sleep, 2 System Strain
  • Boost (Heal-1) 30 Cr.
    • Adds 5 temporary HP for 1d6*10 min, 2 System Strain
  • Lift (Heal-0) 50 Cr.
    • Cures 1d8+Heal skill HP, 1 System Strain
    • Increase Heal skill minimum by one for each dose within a day
  • Medical Slow Drug (Heal-1) 100 Cr.
    • Coma for 20+1d6 h, heals all HP damage, stabilizes for duration, 1d6 System Strain
    • Second dose within a week can be lethal, Physical save or suffer 3d6 damage
  • Quick-Clot (Heal-1) 75 Cr.
    • Cures 1 Con damage, 1 System Shock
    • Multiple doses within a day not effective, and may be dangerous

Psychotherapeutic Drugs

  • Comfort (Heal-0) 10 Cr.
    • Reduces the amount of combat fatigue gained after combat by one for 24 h, 1 System Strain
  • Slumber (Heal-0) 5 Cr.
    • Helps to gain a full night's sleep, if woken within 8 h of administering -1 to skill & to-hit rolls, 1 System Strain
  • Suppress (Heal-0) 25 Cr.
    • Suppresses one combat fatigue effect for 24 h, 2 System Strain

Recreational Drugs

NB! Using any of the recreational drugs will suppress one effect of combat fatigue per drug.

  • Ivalo Light-Speed (no Heal min.) 6 Cr.
    • +2 to Initiative & Evasion save for 1d10*10 min, -1 to Physical skill checks for 1 h afterwards, addictive, 1 System Strain
  • Kuhmo Reverie (no Heal min.) 2 Cr.
    • +1 to Cha skill checks and ignore effects of combat fatigue for 1d4 h, lethargic with -2 to Initiative and Lead during that time, 1 System Strain
  • Pokka Bezel Nuts (no Heal min.) 1 Cr. for a pack of 12
    • +2 to save against Combat Fatigue for 1 h, -1 to Mental skill checks during that time, addictive, no System Strain
  • Ranua Rumble (no Heal min.) 5 Cr.
    • 1d6 temporary HP and +1 to melee to-hit & damage for 1d6*10 min, -2 to Cha skill checks for 2 h afterwards due to irritability, 2 System Shock
  • Turku Daze (no Heal min.) 1 Cr.
    • +1 to Mental saves for a day, -1 to Notice and Talk for duration, enhances religious experiences, addictive, no System Strain


When a character takes an addictive drug during play, it is assumed that they use it outside of play too. Roll a Mental save to resist being addicted. Once addicted, the character needs a daily dose (and 30 doses during down-time). If they miss their dose, -1 to all checks until they get one.