Republic of Cayerlon (Dalcour Province)

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Fact Sheet
Name The Republic of Cayerlon
Founding year 2376 (As the Cayerlon-Rosselo Union)
Capital city Versailles
National Symbol Red fleur-de-lis on black shield
Government Parliamentary Republic
Ruler President Silas Palladino
Population 600,000,000
Official Languages English, Dutch, French
Religion None official

Cayerlon has a strong Dutch identity that stems from the Kolby Corporation, that created the first settlements on the Cayerlon region. The Kolby Corporation stylized itself as the heir of the ancient "Dutch East India Company". The first settlers included people from UK, Belgium, France, Canada and South Africa - each of the countries have contributed to the cultural mixture that is the Cayerlon of today.

Work, trade and politics are the central concerns of most Cayerlonians, who have grown accustomed to high standards of living. Cayerlon has a huge influence on the matters of the Federal Republic of Dalcour, as Cayerlonians are often extroverts and have a talent in politics - and bureaucracy, unfortunately.



Parliament of the Republic of Cayerlon

The Parliament is the supreme legislative body of the Republic of Cayerlon. The parliament is bicameral, consisting of an upper chamber (the House of Wardens) and a lower chamber (the House of Representatives).

The members of the House of Wardens are the governor regents (current and former) and governors (current) of each Bestursgouw and Gemeente. The leaders of the 92 Gemeentes (communities) use the title of "Governor". They are elected every five years by the registered voters of the Gemeente. In most Gemeentes, the right to vote for the Governor is strictly restricted to the families of the original founding members of each Gemeente - the nobility of Cayerlon. The leaders of the Bestursgouw (Administrative districts) are elected by the governors of each Bestursgouw every ten years, and they use the title of Governor Regent.

The House of Representatives is an elected body consisting of 850 members known as Members of Parliament (MPs). For the five year election term the seats in the House of Representatives are apportioned among the Gemeentes by population, as determined by the census conducted every ten years. Each Gemeente is entitled to at least one Representative, however small its population.

By constitution of Cayerlon, half of the government ministers are members of the House of Wardens, and the other half are the members of the House of Representatives. Each of the minister positions are held over two consecutive election terms, and are then relinquished for the other House.

Administrative districts

  • Barneveld
  Population 31,000,000 in 8 gementees.
  • Bonaire
  Population 91,000,000 in 13 gementees.
  • Cote d'Etoile
  Population 27,000,000 in 6 gementees.
  • Eindhoven
  Population 78,000,000 in 9 gementees.
  • Haute Aquitane
  Population 34,000,000 in 7 gementees.
  • Landsmeer
  Population 105,000,000 in 10 gementees.
  • Lowbreak
  Population 10,000,000 in 4 gementees.
  • Lothringen
  Population 19,000,000 in 6 gementees.
  • Oldcastle
  Population 51,000,000 in 12 gementees.
  • Neopicardy
  Population 22,000,000 in 8 gementees.
  • Rossello
  Population 132,000,000 in 9 gementees.


 Main article: Cayerlon Defence Forces

Major players in Cayerlon

Powerful families

  • Dambrosio family
  • Palladino family
  • Reger family
  • Diepenbroek family
  • Roeder family
  • Carranca family
  • Winther family
  • Holst family

Corporate players

  • Curtiss Hydrosystems corporation
  • Graham-Davis-Dalcour corporation
  • Magna Metals Inc