Shining Sabres of Penegyar (Dalcour Military)

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Shining Sabres of Penegyar
Active March 20, 2843 - present
Country Sultanate of Penegyar (2843 - present)
Part of

The military of Penegyar has an estimated total of xxx,000 persons, including an approximately xxx,000 conscripts. This personnel strength be treated with caution, however, due to the difficulty for those outside the Penegyar General Staff to make accurate assessments. One of the reasons for the uncertainty is the fact that the Shining Sabres train a different number of conscripts each year, and the length of service varies from one to three years.

The Shining Sabres has seven active combat regiments, each with a main force of one armoured battalion and three mechanized infantry battalions. The two marine "regiments" have a total of six littoral combat ships, two helicopter carrier ships, four landing assault hovercrafts, two amphibious armoured battalions and six marine battalions.

In addition to the active combat regiments, the Penegyar military has four reserve training centers, each of which can mobilize from one to two infantry regiments. These regiments have both mechanized and motorized infantry battalions.



As of 3025, the Shining Sabres of Penegyar consisted of the following units:

Komando Tertinggi (Supreme Headquarters of the Shining Sabres)
Directorate of Defence Operations (Surakarta, Baliir Kota)
Directorate of Naval Operations
Directorate of Aviation Operations
Directorate of Liaison Operations
Office of Logistics and Transports
Office of Information and Communications
Office of Intelligence
the Gentle Octopus Regiment (Surakarta, Baliir Kota)
1st Army
1st Army Headquarters (Fenoang, Baliir Kota)
the Radiant Rifles Regiment (Fenoang, Baliir Kota)
the Victorious Rifles Regiment (Surakarta, Baliir Kota)
the Luminous Rifles Regiment (Garut, Baliir Kota)
the Fenoang Quartermaster Battalion (Fenoang, Baliir Kota)
2nd Army
2nd Army Headquarters (Mataram, Jawaruang)
the Noble Shield of Jawaruang Regiment (Mataram, Jawaruang)
the Adamand Defenders Reserve Training Center (Mataram, Jawaruang)
the Jawaruang Quartermaster Battalion (Mataram, Jawaruang)
3rd Army
3rd Army Headquarters (Samarind, Kalimantan)
the Impenetrable Shield of Kalimantan Regiment (Samarind, Kalimantan)
the Resolute Defenders Reserve Training Center (Pontiak, Kalimantan)
the Kalimantan Quartermaster Battalion (Samarind, Kalimantan)
4th Army
4th Army Headquarters (Domburg, Madura)
the Magnificent Shield of Madura Regiment (Hulst, Madura)
the Unyielding Defenders Reserve Training Center (Kapelle, Madura)
the Madura Quartermaster Battalion (Domburg, Madura)
5th Army
5th Army Headquarters (Yellowbeach, Serang)
the True Sons of Serang Regiment (Dovertown, Serang)
the Unwavering Defenders Reserve Training Center (Dovertown, Serang)
the Serang Quartermaster Battalion (Yellowbeach, Serang)
6th Army
6th Army Headquarters (Pasuruan, Riaubaru)
the Windmasters of Riaubaru Marine Regiment (Pasuruan, Riaubaru)
the Waveriders of Pacitan Marine Regiment (Surabaya, Pacitan)
the Bichauang Quartermaster Battalion (Pasuruan, Riaubaru)
7th Army
7th Army Headquarters (Garut, Baliir Kota)
the Austere Hawks of Garut Squadron (Garut, Baliir Kota)
the Fierce Eagles of Balir Squadron (Fenoang, Baliir Kota)
the Stalwart Ospreys of Samarind Squadron (Samarind, Kalimantan)
11th Army
11th Army Headquarters (Fenoang, Baliir Kota)
the Army Ordnance Center (Mataram, Jawaruang)
the Army Supply Control Center (Surakarta, Baliir Kota)
the Army Center of Higher Learning and Leadership (Fenoang, Baliir Kota)
the Army Center of Knowledge and Enlightment (Garut, Baliir Kota)
the Army Command and Control Support Center (Surakarta, Baliir Kota)