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The Command Crew is in charge of the daily operations and tactical decision making. The members of the Command Crew are ForceCommanders Sastro, Ghatak, Van Der Visser and Darzi.
The Command Crew is in charge of the daily operations and tactical decision making. The members of the Command Crew are ForceCommanders Sastro, Ghatak, Van Der Visser and Darzi.
[[File:11th Sköll COY.png|thumb|150x150px|11th Sköll COY]]
[[File:12th Hati COY.png|thumb|150x150px|12th Hati COY]]
[[File:13th Lobo COY.png|thumb|150x150px|13th Lobo COY]]
[[File:14th Garmr COY.png|thumb|150x150px|14th Garmr COY]]
The unit is composed of:
The unit is composed of:

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Sunderwolves Regiment
Sunderwolves insignia
Active May 3025 -
Country n/a
Branch Army
Type Combined Arms Regiment
Part of n/a
Garrison/HQ n/a
Nickname -
Motto Strong alone, stronger together


Sunderwolves Regiment War Diary


The Sunderwolves Regiment is controlled by the Central Committee of the Regiment. The Central Committee consists of the Command Crew (the senior MechOfficers), the regimental staff officers and the battalion/detachment/wing commanders and executive officers. The chairman of the Committee is the commander of the regiment.

The Command Crew is in charge of the daily operations and tactical decision making. The members of the Command Crew are ForceCommanders Sastro, Ghatak, Van Der Visser and Darzi.

11th Sköll COY
12th Hati COY
13th Lobo COY
14th Garmr COY

The unit is composed of:

SW-101 Regimental HQ HQ CO FCMDR Ravenna Sastro
XO FCMDR Alexander Ghatak
SW-201 BN HQ HQ CO FCMDR Maximiliaan Van Der Visser
XO CAPT Sullivan Beyer
(BattleMech units as in pilot roster table)
SW-301 BN HQ HQ BNCO MAJ Michael Holm 2
BNXO MAJ Lonnie Martinez
SW-301 Command PLT BN HQ MAJ Annemette Christensen (1 32
SW-310 11th Sköll COY Heavy Infantry MAJ Josefine Jakobsen 152
SW-320 12th Hati COY Heavy Infantry / Training CAPT Ethan Abdi 136
SW-330 13th Lobo COY Special Forces CAPT Maurice Sessoms 72
SW-340 14th Unnamed COY Security Forces LTN Joshua Winther 104
SW-401 Det Command HQ CO MAJ Franz Feliz 2
XO CAPT Eileen O'Brian
SW-411 Blue Moon Flight Attack VTOL CWO3 Sarwono Buwar 8
SW-412 Red Star Flight Transport VTOL CWO3 Lance Ridderbos 26
SW-901 Wing Command HQ WINGCOM CAPT (COL) Olivia Noriega 12
WINGXO MAJ Arnie van Berden
OPS FCMDR Jahangir Ardehi (1
SW-910 DNS Sterrenhoop Tramp-class jumpship WINGCOM CAPT (COL) Olivia Noriega 36
SW-950 DLS Maanhond Overlord-class dropship CO MAJ Nahuel Riviera 48
SW-960 DLS Baanrijder Triumph-class dropship CO CAPT Alexander Uthren 24
SW-970 DLS Donkerzwaar Triumph-class dropship CO MAJ Myron Palacios 24
SW-501 BN Command HQ BNCO MAJ Christi Bossenbroek (1 2
BNXO MAJ Timothy Alcala (1
SW-510 Headquarters COY (32) RGT HQ CAPT Christine Kruse 56
S1 personnel MAJ Burhan Toma
S2 intel CAPT Keith Seileman
S3 operations CAPT Iggy Wevers
S4 logistics MAJ Hermanus van den Braak (1
S5 legal MAJ Hamid O'Vroegindeweij
S6 cyber CAPT Ishraq Salib
S7 training MAJ Kajal Esser (1
S8 finance CAPT Victor Lee
S9 liaison CAPT Annabel Chang
SW-511 Resource Command Section S1, S5, S7, S8 7
SW-512 Staff Services Section 8
SW-513 Operations Command Section S2, S3 16
SW-514 Support Command Section S4, S6 9
SW-520 Security Support Section SSS 8
SW-521 Regimental Information Cell RIC 8
SW-530 Heavy Support COY (336) CAPT Richard Eskelein 336
SW-531 Command Platoon COY HQ 36
SW-532 Heavy Workshop Platoon Heavy vehicle maintenance 112
SW-533 Light Workshop Platoon Other Maintenance 52
SW-534 Transportation Platoon Transportation 42
SW-535 Service Platoon Service and catering 26
SW-537 Depot Platoon Supply Depot 32
SW-539 Medical Aid Station Surgical Aid Station 36
SW-550 Mobile Support COY (205) MAJ Abdul Morcos 205
SW-551 Command Platoon COY HQ 14
SW-552 Maintenance M Platoon Mech maintenance MAJ Simon Simmond 69
SW-553 Maintenance G Platoon Maintenance 42
SW-554 Supply A Platoon Ammo Supply 38
SW-555 Supply S Platoon Supply 24
SW-559 Medical Platoon Forward Aid Team 18
SW-570 Aviation Support COY (42) CAPT Patrick Larsen 42
SW-571 Command Platoon COY HQ 8
SW-572 Airfield Support Platoon Support Platoon 26
SW-573 Technical Platoon Maintenance Platoon 8

Notes: 1) Former MechWarrior

Resources available

11th Sköll COY & 12th Hati COY


  • DNS Sterrenhoop, a Tramp-class jumpship (AFD, 10th Space Wing)



All operational BattleMechs are listed in the Pilot Roster

Salvaged, non-operational BattleMechs :

  • JR7-F Jenner, salvaged from Battle of Monteharm Garrison
13th Lobo COY & 14th Unnamed COY

Ground Combat Vehicles

Air Combat Vehicles

Other Vehicles

Pilot Roster

Unit Mech Callsign Rank Name Class / Role Rating Notes
BLIZZARD LANCE (Command lance)
B1 WHM-6L Warhammer (Brawler) PREACHER FCMDR Darzi, Behrouz H+ / Brawler IV / Elite COY CO
B2 JM6-S Jagermech (Sniper) STRANGLER CMO4 Dumont, Bernhard H+ / Sniper V / Elite M4
B3 PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk (Skirmisher) WILDWOOD MO2 Russel, Denise M+ / Skirmisher III / Veteran
B99 - ODYSSEY SMO1 Overgaard, Emil H / Sniper II / Regular 2Pilot
B99 - CYBORG SMO1 Clyde, Jason E. M / Skirmisher II / Green 2Pilot
C1 JR7-D Jenner (Striker) DOUBLEWIDE LT Trisdale, Jennifer L+ / Striker III / Regular M8
C2 SDR-5V Spider (Scout) BLOODHOUND MO2 van Hall, Rafael L+ / Scout III / Veteran M5
C3 JVN-10N Javelin (Striker) VALKYRIE MO1 Knudsen, Ida L / Striker III / Regular
C99 - HURRICANE SMO1 Gringhuis, Arnolda L / Striker III / Regular 2Pilot
C99 - SUITCASE SMO1 Prado, Virgilio L+ / Striker III / Veteran 2Pilot
D1 DRG-1N Dragon (Skirmisher) tba -
D2 HBK-4G Hunchback (Juggernaut) tba -
D3 DV6-M Dervish (Missile boat) tba -
FIRST FURY LANCE (Command lance)
F1 ON1-L Orion (Brawler) NUTMEG FCMDR Sastro, Ravenna H+ / Brawler III / Veteran COY CO, CovPos
F2 CN-9A Centurion (Brawler) MISFIT LTJG Deijkers, Megan M / Brawler I / Green CovPos
F3 TDR-5S Thunderbolt (Brawler) DIVER CMO4 Alanis, Sira H+ / Brawler V / Elite School Instructor
F99 - CHECKMATE SMO1 Jessen, Magnus M / Skirmisher I / Green 2Pilot
GAUNTLET LANCE (Pursuit lance)
G1 QKD-4G Quickdraw (Skirmisher) HAZARD LT Valenzuela, Gastón H / Skirmisher II / Regular
G2 CRB-20 Crab (Skirmisher) PYRAMID LTJG Hoefsloot, Karl M / Skirmisher I / Green M3
G3 GLT-4L Guillotine (Skirmisher) PELICAN MO2 Ridderbos, Altan H / Juggernaut V / Elite
G99 - EAGLE SMO1 van de Vossenberg, Reinhard M / Brawler II / Green 2Pilot
G99 - SCARFACE SMO1 Johansen, Mohamed L / Striker I / Green 2Pilot
G99 - BROADSWORD SMO1 Shamoon, Ali L+ / Striker I / Green 2Pilot
H1 GRF-1N Griffin (Sniper) PAGAN CAPT Kristoffersen, Philip M+ / Sniper Veteran COY 2IC
H2 RFL-3N Rifleman (Sniper) NOODLES CAPT Beyer, Sullivan H+ / Sniper III / Veteran M2
H3 BJ-1 Blackjack (Sniper) CORONA CMO4 Saliba, Yusef M+ / Sniper V / Elite School Instructor
H99 - GREYHOUND SMO1 Burwell, Miranda M / Sniper II / Regular 2Pilot
H99 - AMBER SMO1 Ravn, William M / Missile Boat II / Regular 2Pilot
H99 - SANDHOG SMO1 Emery, Frank M / Scout II / Regular 2Pilot
IMPACT LANCE (Command lance)
I1 QKD-4G Quickdraw (Skirmisher) SCANDAL FCMDR Van Der Visser, Maximiliaan H+ / Skirmisher III / Veteran
I2 CN-9A Centurion (Brawler) POLECAT CAPT Wauben, Cees M+ / Brawler II / Veteran COY 2IC
I3 HBK-4G Hunchback (Juggernaut) SABER CMO5 Nazari, Ezio M+ / Juggernaut IV / Elite School Master
I99 - RACER SMO1 van Iwaarden, Jordy H / Skirmisher I / Green 2Pilot
I99 - COUGAR SMO1 Valencia, Karla M / Skirmisher II / Green 2Pilot
SORCERER LANCE (Command lance)
S1 MAD-3R-C Marauder (Sniper) SOUTHPAW FCMDR Ghatak, Alexander H+ / Sniper III / Veteran
S2 JM6-S Jagermech (Sniper) PINBALL MO2 Nader, Yahya H+ / Brawler III / Veteran
S3 VND-1R Vindicator (Brawler) AIRGUN MO1 Nazari, Mishal M / Sniper III / Regular
S99 - BRUTAL SMO1 van Erven, Brand M / Skirmisher I / Green 2Pilot
S99 - SNAPSHOT SMO1 White, Mary M / Skirmisher II / Green 2Pilot
TORNADO LANCE (Fire lance)
T1 ARC-2R Archer (Missile Boat) RAPID LT Armendáriz, Emeterio H / Missile Boat II / Regular
T2 ARC-2R Archer (Missile Boat) BRAWLER CMO3 Hofer, Tobias H / Missile Boat V / Veteran M6
T3 DV6-M Dervish (Missile Boat) PARADISE MO2 Johansen, Mette M+ / Missile Boat III / Veteran
T99 - SLINGSHOT SMO1 van Gastel, Taran H / Missile Boat I / Green 2Pilot
T99 - BROADWAY SMO1 Clyde, Jason K. H / Missile Boat II / Regular 2Pilot
T99 - CASINO SMO1 Winther, Emily M+ / Missile Boat II / Regular 2Pilot

Class = Preferred 'Mech Weight Class

Role = Preferred 'Mech Role

Level = MechWarrior skill level average as per AFD Proficiency Standard 3017

Rating = MechWarrior combat experience rating

CovPos = Covenant of Possession

As part of AFD (before APR 3025)

As of 3025, the 3rd Assault Element consisted of the following units:

3rd Assault Element
3AE insignia
Active January 15, 2897 - present
Country Republic of Dalcour (2897 - present)
Branch Army
Type BattleMech Forces
Part of Armed Forces of Dalcour
Garrison/HQ Sandwall Base, Lowbreak
Nickname the Sunderwolves
Motto Strong alone, stronger together
1st Strike Mech COY
109th Support COY
2nd Storm Mech COY
110th Support COY
3rd Thunder Aerospace COY
131st Support COY
4th Fury Mech Training COY
104th Support COY
14th Armoured COY
41st Infantry COY
    • Strike Element
      • 1st Strike COY
      • 109th Support COY
    • Storm Element
      • 2nd Storm COY
      • 110th Support COY
    • Thunder Element
      • 3rd Thunder COY
      • 131st Support COY
    • Fury Element
      • 4th Fury COY
      • 14th Armour COY
      • 41st Infantry COY
      • 104th Support COY
      • 135rd Support COY
      • 113rd Signal COY
      • 102th Technical Center

BattleMechs and Pilots

Strike Element
Sorcerer LC MAD-3R-C Marauder SOUTHPAW FCMDR Alexander Ghatak LCL
BUZZSAW LTCOL Jon van Gelder BN CO in Command Console
RFL-3N Rifleman NOODLES CAPT Sullivan Beyer M2
CRB-20 Crab PYRAMID LTJG Karl Hoefsloot M3
BRUTAL SMO1 Brand van Erven Secondary Pilot
CRB-20 Crab GUNSMOKE LTJG Chris Dukes (MIA) M8
SNAPSHOT SMO1 Mary White Secondary Pilot
1st Strike COY
Impact LC QKD-4G Quickdraw SCANDAL FCMDR Maximiliaan Van Der Visser COY CO
QKD-4G Quickdraw HAZARD LT Gastón Valenzuela
RACER SMO1 Jordy van Iwaarden Secondary Pilot
GHR-5H Grasshopper PINBALL MO2 Yahya Nader
BREEZE SMO1 Rafa Valladares (dismissed) Secondary Pilot
GLT-4L Guillotine PELICAN MO2 Altan Ridderbos
COUGAR SMO1 Karla Valencia Secondary Pilot
Gauntlet LC CN-9A Centurion POLECAT CAPT Cees Wauben COY 2IC
CN-9A Centurion MISFIT LTJG Megan Deijkers
EAGLE SMO1 Reinhard van de Vossenberg Secondary Pilot
MON-67 Mongoose POKER CMO3 Joseph Young (KIA)
SCARFACE SMO1 Mohamed Johansen Secondary Pilot
MON-67 Mongoose VALKYRIE MO1 Ida Knudsen
BROADSWORD SMO1 Ali Shamoon Secondary Pilot
Fireball LC CPLT-C1 Catapult CUTLASS CMO4 Jacob Dahl (KIA) LCL
SLINGSHOT SMO1 Taran van Gastel Secondary Pilot
CPLT-C1 Catapult SINNER MO2 Mads Sorensen (MIA)
BROADWAY SMO1 Jason K. Clyde Secondary Pilot
DV6-M Dervish PARADISE MO2 Mette Johansen
CASINO SMO1 Emily Winther Secondary Pilot
DV6-M Dervish LETHAL MO2 Marius Nygaard (KIA)
GREYHOUND SMO1 Miranda Burwell Secondary Pilot
Storm Element
Cloudburst LC DRG-1N-C Dragon BILLFISH FCMDR Aureo Corral (KIA) LCL
SKYLINE LTCOL Hussein Buurman BN CO in Command Console
ASN-21 Assassin SUNFLOWER LT Chloe Hoogervorst (KIA) M2
SANDHOG SMO1 Frank Emery Secondary Pilot
JR7-D Jenner GONZO LT Lucas Pedersen (MIA) M3
HURRICANE SMO1 Arnolda Gringhuis Secondary Pilot
JR7-D Jenner DOUBLEWIDE LT Jennifer Trisdale M8
SUITCASE SMO1 Virgilio Prado Secondary Pilot
2nd Storm COY
Blizzard LC WHM-6L Warhammer PREACHER FCMDR Behrouz Yaser Darzi COY CO
JM6-S Jagermech STRANGLER CMO4 Bernhard Dumont M4
ODYSSEY SMO1 Emil Overgaard Secondary Pilot
PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk WILDWOOD MO2 Denise Russel
CYBORG SMO1 Jason E. Clyde Secondary Pilot
PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk BRICK MO1 Mudduah Said (KIA)
CHECKMATE SMO1 Magnus Jessen Secondary Pilot
Hurricane LC GRF-1N Griffin PAGAN CAPT Philip Kristoffersen COY 2IC
RIDDLER LTJG Simone Holst (dismissed)
GRF-1N Griffin BOBCAT SMO1 Louise Day (KIA) Secondary Pilot
SDR-5V Spider BLOODHOUND MO2 Rafael van Hall M5
JAWS SMO1 Bobby Hart (dismissed) Secondary Pilot
METEOR MO1 Rudolfus Schrivers (dismissed)
SDR-5V Spider HOTROD SMO1 Alisha Worthington (MIA) Secondary Pilot
Tornado LC ARC-2R Archer RAPID LT Emeterio Armendáriz LCL
ARC-2R Archer BRAWLER CMO3 Tobias Hofer M6
BRASS SMO1 Godofredo Tirado (dismissed) Secondary Pilot
TBT-5N Trebuchet JESTER MO2 Ariana Valverde (MIA) M9
AMBER SMO1 William Ravn Secondary Pilot
TBT-5N Trebuchet BOXER MO1 Benno Winkels (MIA)
AIRGUN SMO1 Mishal Nazari Secondary Pilot
Fury Element
4th Fury COY
ON1-L Orion NUTMEG FCMDR Ravenna Sastro COY CO
JM6-S Jagermech CATFISH CAPT Fakhral Mustafa (dismissed) COY 2IC
HBK-4G Hunchback SABER CMO5 Ezio Nazari School Master
TDR-5S Thunderbolt DIVER CMO4 Sira Alanis MechWarrior School Instructor
BJ-1 Blackjack CORONA CMO4 Yusef Saliba MechWarrior School Instructor
JVN-10N Javelin BASTARD CMO4 Kaz van de Werken (dismissed) MechWarrior School Instructor