Sunderwolves War Diary (Tomorrow We Die)

From Karriviki


07APR3025 Operation MORGENSTER

101 Tomorrow We Die

"Warriors! Tomorrow we may die, but today we fulfill our duty! Today we fight and win!"

16APR3025 Departure from Dalcour, FWL

06MAY3025 Arrival in Silver, FWL

23MAY3025 Departure from Silver.

07JUN3025 Trial and execution of CWO5 Herbert Davis

102 The Life We've Chosen

13JUN3025 Arrival in Kilarney, FWL

23OCT3025 Battle of Dolna Crvenakuca

  • OPFOR: the DARE Service mercenary unit
  • Gained salvage: DRG-1N Dragon, VND-1R Vindicator

30DEC3025 Departure from Kilarney.

103 Ancient Battlefields

16JAN3026 Arrival in Schiedam, FWL

19JAN3026 Battle of Monteharm Garrison

12FEB3026 Departure from Schiedam.

104 The Price of Freedom

04MAR3026 Arrival in Wolof III, FWL

08MAR3026 Remembrance Day with awards ceremony (Medal for the Battle of Monteharm Garrison)