Suolahti (The Reach Campaign)

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Suolahti/Reach (Crucis Margin 2230)

UWP: C544889-7 Pa Ph Pi

Suolahti is a pre-agricultural, pre-Industrial, moderate population world with over a hundred million, but not yet at a billion sophonts in population size.

There is a Routine quality starport, with unrefined fuel, and a maintenance capable yard. It is a Mid-Tech world.

Suolahti is around 8,000 kilometers diameter (0.53 G). A thin atmosphere (0.56 Atm) with a taint is present; a filter or PLSS is required. There is 40% open water or ice on the surface. The climate on the twilight zone is Earth-normal, with variation caused by the secondary star.

Total population is 100,000,000. The locals have a civil service bureaucracy for a government. Ith has Moderate Law world: No weapons may be possessed outside the home.

The world is tidally locked. It is 0.68 AU from it's primary. The primary's 100D limit is 0.71 AU. The primary is of K0V class and the secondary star is of M8V class.

The estimated GWP of Kouvola is 140 BCr and annual trade is 800 MCr/a.

Military Capabilities

According to most recent intelligence, Suolahti has 700 000 troops in active duty. A small part of that has been modernized to TL 9, but the rest are TL 7. There are no reserve or militias.

Suolahti navy is no match to the RCDC fleet.

Suolahti Military Gear

Suolahti Society

Under the current regime, Suolahti has made great progress and has recovered from it's long slump. It's population and technology level have increased within the last decades. The lack of of trade has been a limiting factor and it doesn't have starship building capacity.

The people of Suolahti are united under common goals and a common cause, to improve their position and to rise into a local hegemon status.

Over a century ago, Suolahti was dominating the local main. After a war with Nieuw, Suolahti infrastructure was damaged and it was pushed from the stage. Previously it had influence on Kouvola, but since that time any control has been lost.

Trade Codes

  • Pre-agricultural
  • Pre-high population
  • Pre-industrial

Society Traits

  • Monolithic
  • Xenophobic
  • Submissive
  • Empirical
  • Progressive

World Tags

  • Mandarinate
  • Rigid Culture
  • Revanchists


The people of Suolahti are practical and materialistic, and pay little attention to religion. Still, there are old religious institutions and traditions, and those are of the Musaraist faith.