Tyranny of Dragons (Dungeons & Dragons)

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The Undesirables aka Cast of Characters

The Undesirables is a ragtag bunch of adventurers located in the city of Phlan. The adventuring group is loose-knit, its members coming and going. Almost all the members belong to a Faction with their own agendas but ultimately their goal is to fight evil and to earn coins at the same time. But why is the group called the Undesirables? Just look at them!


Male half-orc warlock 5, not a known faction member (Atte)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 1: The Meeting at Deepnight
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 2: The Screams at Dawn
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 3: The Dead at Highsun
  • Chapter 4: Dues for the Dead
  • Chapter 9: Outlaws of the Iron Route
  • Chapter 11 Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle


Female deep gnome rogue 5, not a known faction member (Tanja)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 8: Tales Trees Tell
  • Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent


Male goliath fighter 5, Summerstrider (rank 2) of the Emerald Enclave (Kohfel)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 2: The Screams at Dawn
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 3: The Dead at Highsun
  • Chapter 6: The Scroll Thief
  • Chapter 9: Outlaws of the Iron Route
  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh

Briz of House Akorgauss

Female drow elf cleric 6 of Eilistraee/rogue 1, Stingblade (rank 3) of the Lords' Alliance (Mac)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 1: The Meeting at Deepnight
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 2: The Screams at Dawn
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 3: The Dead at Highsun
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep
  • Chapter 3: Shadows over the Moonsea
  • Chapter 4: Dues for the Dead
  • Chapter 6: The Scroll Thief
  • Chapter 7: Drums in the Marsh
  • Chapter 8: Tales Trees Tell
  • Chapter 9: Outlaws of the Iron Route
  • Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan
  • Chapter 11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle
  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh
  • Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent
  • Chapter 14: Escape from Phlan


Male half-orc barbarian 5, Summerstrider (rank 2) of the Emerald Enclave (Moff)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 1: The Meeting at Deepnight
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 2: The Screams at Dawn
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 3: The Dead at Highsun
  • Chapter 3: Shadows over the Moonsea
  • Chapter 4: Dues for the Dead
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire
  • Chapter 6: The Scroll Thief
  • Chapter 7: Drums in the Marsh
  • Chapter 9: Outlaws of the Iron Route
  • Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan

Heskan of Clan Turnuroth

Male bronze dragonborn monk 3, Harpshadow (rank 2) of the Harpers (Bonk)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 2: The Screams at Dawn
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 3: The Dead at Highsun
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 5: The Danger at Dusk
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire

Imerion Xiloscient

Male wood elf sorcerer 6, Harpshadow (rank 2) of the Harpers (Santeri)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 3: Shadows over the Moonsea
  • Chapter 4: Dues for the Dead
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire
  • Chapter 6: The Scroll Thief
  • Chapter 7: Drums in the Marsh
  • Chapter 8: Tales Trees Tell
  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh
  • Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent
  • Chapter 14: Escape from Phlan

Islev of Ghost Tree

Male protector aasimar druid 6, Autumnreaver (rank 3) of the Emerald Enclave (Kenkkis)

Diary of Islev

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 5: The Danger at Dusk
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep
  • Chapter 3: Shadows over the Moonsea
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire
  • Chapter 7: Drums in the Marsh
  • Chapter 8: Tales Trees Tell
  • Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan
  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marshe


Male aaracokra fighter, not a known faction member (Erik)

  • Chapter 14: Escape from Phlan


Male human rogue 6 from Sigil, not a known faction member (Vessu)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 5: The Danger at Dusk
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep
  • Chapter 4: Dues for the Dead
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire
  • Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan
  • Chapter 11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle
  • Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent


Male half-orc bard 5, Springwarden (rank 1) of the Emerald Enclave (Lohenoja)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh


Male half-orc fighter 2, Springwarden (rank 1) of the Emerald Enclave (Tuukka)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 5: The Danger at Dusk
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep


Female tiefling rogue 7, not a known faction member (Aino)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan
  • Chapter 11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle
  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh
  • Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent
  • Chapter 14: Escape from Phlan

Lysandros Snome

Male half-elf bard 5, Redknife (rank 2) of the Lords' Alliance (Luide)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 4: Dues for the Dead
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire
  • Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan
  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh

Milo Tealeaf

Male lightfoot halfling wizard 6, Harpshadow (rank 2) of the Harpers (ppp)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 5: The Danger at Dusk
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire
  • Chapter 7: Drums in the Marsh
  • Chapter 8: Tales Trees Tell
  • Chapter 11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle
  • Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent

Nour Edine

Female tabaxi wizard 5, Cloak (rank 1) of the Lords' Alliance (Tia)

  • Chapter 14: Escape from Phlan

Raelic Windearen

Female eladrin elf paladin 3 of Sehanine Moonbow, not a known faction member (Böke)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 1: The Meeting at Deepnight
  • Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire
  • Chapter 6: The Scroll Thief
  • Chapter 9: Outlaws of the Iron Route


Male half-orc ranger 5, Springwarden (rank 1) of the Emerald Enclave (Kauhanen)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh

Shamash of Clan Prexijandilin

Male green dragonborn monk 6, Marcheon (rank 2) of the Order of the Gauntlet (Nygren)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 1: The Meeting at Deepnight
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast
  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 5: The Danger at Dusk
  • Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep
  • Chapter 9: Outlaws of the Iron Route
  • Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan
  • Chapter 11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle
  • Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent


Male half-orc rogue 5, Watcher (rank 1) of the Harpers (Mika)

Completed Adventures

  • Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan Mission 1: The Meeting at Deepnight
  • Chapter 11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle

Phlan during the Tyranny of Dragons

Phlan map.jpg

State of Phlan

"To learn the state of Phlan is to understand her many trials and tragedies.” – Lord Sage of Phlan, 1489 DR

Founded in 367 DR, ten years after Northkeep, the town of Phlan has been leveled or razed repeatedly; new buildings sprouting from the ruins of previous incarnations. This has led to extensive tunnels, vaults, sewers and other hidden places under and throughout the city as the sounds of construction echo throughout. Though still the lawless, brutal town of the northern Moonsea, the town expands, trade continues slowly, and Phlan is more populated than it has been in many years; though stability is far from certain.

The Recent Past

In 1306 DR, a dragon invasion known as the Dragon Run swept out of the North and fell upon Phlan. Due in part to the Moonsea War with Mulmaster, none of the other cities in the Moonsea region came to Phlan’s aid and so Phlan was once again laid to waste. As Phlan was rebuilt, the entity known as Tyranthraxus corrupted and possessed a bronze dragon named Srossar in 1340 DR, after convincing the dragon to bathe in a Pool of Radiance that was buried beneath the ruins of Castle Valjevo. Tyranthraxus would later be discovered and subsequently defeated by a group of adventurers, but in his flight, he would turned the Pool of Radiance into a pool of non-magical water and would later be sealed off during the rebuilding of the castle and its location lost.

Phlan would know over ten years of peace before the Flight of Dragons in 1356 DR when it was again decimated and its ruins occupied by a great wyrm which itself was later slain and the city reclaimed by Zhentil Keep in 1375 DR. Within half a decade, the city’s previous Council of Ten system of rule was replaced by the tyranny of Zhentarim Hatemaster Cvaal Daoran. Daoran’s ascension as the Lord Protector of Phlan saved the city during the Shadowbane War of 1383 DR. Forging an alliance with the fey of the nearby Quivering Forest, Phlan was spared from the destruction that came to Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven at the hands of the Netherese. After Cvaal slays one of the shade princes, he declares the position of Lord Protector as hereditary. This marked the beginning of the eventual separation of Phlan from direct control by the Zhentarim.

Almost a century later, in 1480 DR, barbarian attacks in the north led to an influx of refugees into Phlan, drastically swelling its population. By then, Lord Protector Daoran’s grandson, Anivar Daoran, had inherited the Cinnabar Throne. Lord Protector Anivar Daoran was a cowardly and pampered noble, and a paranoid and ineffective ruler; his concern for the responsibilities of his rule was only slightly less than that for his subjects.

Phlan Today

In 1488 DR, Lord Protector Anivar Daoran died unexpectedly in what, for all intents and purposes seemed nothing more than a construction accident during renovations on Castle Valjevo. The Lord Protector left no heir, so the Knight Commander of the Black Fist, Ector Brahms, was declared the Lord Regent of the Cinnabar Throne. The Lord Regent’s grasp on the throne is tenuous. To maintain order, the Lord Regent has used his control of the Black Fist and the Cinnabar Throne to declared martial law; keeping the populace in line by fear. To run the city, the Lord Regent requires the aid of the noble families and the four trade guilds, both of which are hesitant to lend their full support until they know how it will benefit them.

The chaos has not been contained by martial law. Shortly after Daoran’s death, the Lyceum of the Black Lord was looted and burned. A blackened husk remains where once stood the great temple to Bane, and the ruins have since been repurposed by followers of the returned god of the dawn, Lathander. The Morninglord’s followers attempt to provide a place of solace and refuge from the tumultuous town and their small shrine joins active shrines to Umberlee and Auril. Despite the lack of a temple, the faith of Bane remains strong among the Black Fist.

One small point of light in Phlan is the Order of the Silent Shroud. In 1380 DR as a display of his new power, Hatemaster Cvaal Daoran bequeathed the overgrown and undead infested Vilhingen Graveyard to a small contingent of Kelemvor’s faithful. The Kelemvorites worked steadily and dutifully to end the undead threat and meticulously groom the wild graveyard with aid from druids of the Emerald Enclave until it is now a beautiful, somber resting place free of danger around the temple erected at its center. The Order, under Doomguide Yovir Glandon, struggles to remain independent of the Cinnabar Throne and aloof from city politics.

Following the declaration of martial law, trade barely trickles through Phlan. The Lord Regent has canceled many of the city construction projects as he tries to cope with a depleted treasury. The guilds vie with the noble families for control over the city’s remaining wealth and business; hoping to compensate for their lost incomes. Wages have plummeted and prices have skyrocketed. Work is scarce as building projects in the ruined parts of the city stand incomplete.

The Welcomers have shifted their goals from thieves’ guild to vigilante heroes of the people and now lash out at the guilds who the Welcomers claim, in their greed, have abandoned the citizenry. In turn, they are hunted by the Black Fist, and any person with a missing ear, a symbol of guild membership, is imprisoned, tried and hung. Each day, more bodies swing from the Stojanow Gate.

The Black Fist maintain order to a point, though that point is at the end of a sword. Justice is selectively meted out based on one’s ability to pay bribes to corrupt watchmen or navigate the massive bureaucracy of the few true-believers who strain to hold the government together. Given that members of the Black Fist have the ability to judge those they deem criminals and dispense harsh justice on the spot, the citizenry gives them fearful, wide berth.

Phlan is a lawless, shabby remnant of what it once was and what it was struggling to become again. For over a millennia it has endured decimation at the hands of its enemies and it is decidedly ironic that it now stands on the brink of ruin by its own hand. If Phlan is to be saved, heroes must rise.

Phlan in a Nutshell

Phlan has a thousand-year history of ascendance and collapse. Currently, it's experiencing tough times. Less than a year ago, the city's Lord Protector Anivar Daoran was killed in an apparent construction accident while inspecting renovations at Valjevo Castle. Daoran wasn't much of a Lord Protector and he isn't widely mourned. Because he left no heir, the Knight Commander of the Black Fist, Ector Brahms, was declared the Lord Regent. Brahms is an honorable but hidebound man, and Phlan has declined tragically under his guidance. Soldiers of the Black Fist rule the city by martial law. They swiftly dispense punishment but seldom justice. Their increasingly harsh methods are failing to preserve law or order.

Without the Black Fist to protect them, the people have turned to two other sources; the city's guilds (chiefly stonewrights, carpenters, ironhands, and merchants) and a criminal organization called the Welcomers. These six organizations are constantly at odds with one another over power in the city and, aside from limited exceptions among the guilds, are completely unable to cooperate for the betterment of Phlan. Lord Protector Daoran had begun many construction projects around the city, renovating ancient buildings and reconstructing those damaged in recent wars. All of that work is halted since the city has no money to pay the guilds for their labor; half-built structures are everywhere and heaps of unused construction material clog the streets.

Trade, too, has come to a standstill, leaving merchants with few legal ways to make a living. The Welcomers are openly criminal, and the once-honest guilds are only a few steps removed from being organized crime syndicates themselves. The Black Fist's methods have made it the people's enemy instead of their guardian, so most honest folk have retreated into the ranks of the Welcomers and the guilds for survival.

Phlan After the Attack of Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence

The old green dragon Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence, attacked the city of Phlan on 3rd Marpenoth 1489 DR. It killed all the guild leaders, heads of noble houses, and most of the clerics of Kelemvor. A big portion of the populace was taken captive, taken beneath the city. Life in Phlan has not been the same but the people of Phlan try to live their lives as normal as they can under the tyrannical rule of Vorgansharax with his Cult of the Dragon allies and hobgoblin and kobold minions.

The Maimed Virulence, a great green dragon known as Vorgansharax, brood of Claugiyliamatar, turned one Leafall day into a terrifying nightmare for the residents of the ever-troubled town of Phlan. Arriving without notice—except to those in the Cult of the Dragon who had brought him there—his noxious breath and terrible claws reigned death upon the town. Crushing most opposition within hours of his destructive arrival, he laid claim to the Cinnabar Throne, and with the help of the cult, subjugated those that remained, including a portion of the Black Fists, the enforcers and town guard.

The few that opposed him were either slain, went into hiding, or fled the town. A small band of adventurers helped the Lord Regent and a few dozen townfolk escape in the wake of the dragon’s destructive arrival. Knight Aleyd Burral, a Black Fist who sacrificed herself to allow the Lord Regent to be extricated, has been taken to be revived if possible. No word has been given on her or the Lord Regent’s status as of late.

Denlor’s Tower in Phlan, a base of operations for a resistance movement, fell to the Cult of the Dragon not long after the dragon’s attack. The already weakened resistance within the town crumbled, and most were forced out into the outlying hamlets, villages, and wilderness. Most of you have spent the last few weeks making your living in such places, as many of the secret passages in and out of the town have now been seized or sabotaged.

Having wiped out Phlan’s leadership and wrested control of the city from the Lord Regent, Vorgansharax had set about on a campaign of oppression previously unknown to its residents, as war-torn as they might be. Even under the control of the nefarious Zhentarim of old, the city has never been so bereft of hope. More commonly known as the "Maimed Virulence," Vorgansharax was a green dragon on the older end of adulthood whose massive size was overshadowed only by his even larger ego. Despite the grievous injury sustained at the claws of a bronze dragon as a wyrmling that left him with a tattered and maimed right wing, Vorgansharax cut quite the imposing figure. He was stout of build and terrifyingly strong; far more so than other dragons of his age.

Most recently, Vorgansharax had lent his considerable will toward turning Phlan into his lair. He had surrounded the city in an impenetrable magic thicket of brambles and briars that had grown to completely subsume the city walls as well as provide a dense canopy overhead. This left Phlan shrouded in dim shadow even on the brightest of days, and at night the only light available was that created by fire and magic. In addition to surrounding the city, Vorgansharax had also caused his thicket to envelop specific locations throughout the city that had either caused him trouble directly, or pose as threats to his despotic reign. Specifically, Mantor’s Library and the entire temple district were overgrown and inaccessible by conventional means.

People of Note in and around Phlan

Acolyte Elden Mymn

Young human male with a passive, patient demeanor. Acolyte of Kelemvor of the Order of the Silent Shroud.

Agin Lamarck

Human male. Has a small dusty shop in Podol's Plaza but lives in the noble's quarter of Phlan. He deals primarily in the history of Phlan itself as well as that of its noble houses. But for a small commission, he helps folk write letters and even draft occasional legal documents. He is handsome with long black hair framing a narrow face. Member of the Lords' Alliance but was found out to be a fraud. His grand-grand-fatehr took the Lamarck name as his own. Was caught by the Undesirables as a fake noble.

Allar "Blockjaw"

A human male with Turmish-style beard. A member of the Welcomers.


Half-elf female, mercenary spy, worked for Rorreth.

Aya Glenmiir

Half-elf female. A wizard of modest skill, she plies a minor trade in tutoring the spoiled offspring of nobles in the basics of arcane spellcasting. She's well aware of the allure and mystery that her racial heritage evokes, and has no reservations against capitalizing on it. She is quick with coy smile and a twist of the hair if it gets her what she wants. But despite this, she is quite brilliant, especially when the Weave is discussed.

Bhevek and Ukharim Grimshackle

Male halflings, jailers and owners of a prison tower.


One of Freona's daughters, young halfling female. Wears a blue kerchief.


Lizardfolk king who was killed by the Undesirables. Another lizardfolk bearing the same name was killed by a shambling mound.

Braden Yil

Human male, a merchan in service to House Cadona.

Brother Keefe

Human male, Keeper of the Dead, overseer of all permanent residents of the Valhingen Graveyard, priest of Kelemvor, member of the Lords' Alliance.


One of Freona's daughters, young halfling female with long black hair.

Buhrell Caah

Half-orc male, member of the Emerald Enclave.

Captain Reeve Saar Testain

Human male, captain of Audacity, a pirate ship that was condemned to the Nine Hells 60 years ago. Released from the Nine Hells by Undesirables breaking a devilish pact between the unnamed islanders and Tiamat. Killed by Islev in a giant goat form.

Captain Walharrow

Feared minotaur pirate that the Undesirables killed in a private prison.


Cleric of Kelemvor, acted as a guide to the Undesirables in the catacombs under Valhingen graveyard.


Human male, Zhentarim agent rescued by the Undesirables. Had been investigating Cult of the Dragon activities outside Phlan.

Dark Linsa

A female half-elf, member of the Welcomers.


Human male, middle-aged groundskeeper of Sokol Keep, in charge of upkeep of the structure and grounds. His wife is Shandra.

Delacrae Gentleblossom

Half-elf female, sage of the store All Questions Answered. A seer.

Doomguide Yovir Glandon

A learned and reserved human male in grey robes. High priest of Kelemvor. Has toiled in the gardens of Valhingen for nearly 40 years.

Dornal Whitebeard

Hill dwarf male, member of the Lords' Alliance.

Drolo and Fedya

Clerics of Kelemvor.

Durnam Goblinkicker

Dwarf male, owner of the Laughing Goblin inn after the death of Fat-Mar and the departure of Imizael.

Ector Brahms

The Lord Protector left no heir, so the Knight Commander of the Black Fist, Ector Brahms, was declared the Lord Regent of the Cinnabar Throne. The Lord Regent’s grasp on the throne is tenuous. To maintain order, the Lord Regent has used his control of the Black Fist and the Cinnabar Throne to declared martial law; keeping the populace in line by fear. To run the city, the Lord Regent requires the aid of the noble families and the four trade guilds, both of which are hesitant to lend their full support until they know how it will benefit them. Human male.


Young 12 year old orphan human girl from an unnamed island that had made a deal with Tiamat. Acted as a guide to the Undesirables and left with them from the island. Was in the care of the Order of the Silent Shroud in Phlan, now roams the streets of occupied Phlan with her goat.

Ellison Berenger

Human male, a Cult of the Dragon member. Stole three books and murdered a scribe. Was caught by the Undesirables and taken to the Black Fists. Wanted to leave the Cult.

Esma and Eve

Two older human females, widowers, regular patrons of Freona's Tea Kettle.

Euripanee Thundershield

A female dwarf from Citadel Adbar, a mercenary. Rescued by the Undesirables from the forces of the Maimed Virulence.

Exirsa, Lolmetta and Rentida

Human crones in the unnamed island. They had made a pact with Tiamat to protect their village from intruders. Capable of hurling hellfire.

Farvnik the Venomous

A half-elf cleric of Tiamat. Killed by the Undesirables.

Fat Mar (Markoth)

Human male, waiter at the Laughing Goblin. A rotund man who sweats profusely. Has a sharp mouth and a foul mouth but warms up instantly to anyone who asks what his actual name is (Markoth Hasselpond). Killed by an ettin in front of the Laughing Goblin.

Fillistrom Wunderkundoodle

A cranky gnome male with a penchant for taking his time. He is a trained healer who studies the mysteries of the body and is a competent mundane healer for those without the means to afford magical remedies or with a distrust of the magic.


Halfling family, Alphus and Etty and their three daughters Imogee, Oylen, and Ulvona. Bakers, rescued by the Undesirables from the forces of the Maimed Virulance.


Halfling female, a mercenary sergeant. Was hired to attack the Undesirables but escaped.

Garda Greenleaf

Human male, was a senior scribe in Mantor's Library. Murdered by Ellison.

Gilfron Milon and Gilmont

A human male, merchant who deals in lumber from the Quivering Forest and tools. He is pleasant but not a fool. His wife died of a fever three years ago. Travels in the company of his son Gilmont, who is 10 years old. Speaks with educated air.


A human Chondathan male with slicked-back black hair and a large nose. A mid-level member of the Welcomers.


A bugbear male killed by the Undesirables. Leader of a goblin gang.


A half-dragon troll the Undesirables killed.


Youngest of Freona's daughters, halfling girl with short hair tinted with an odd shade of coppery green.


Human male, Guard Sergeant Grim murdered Igan Sokol out of greed. The Undesirables took him to justice and he was hanged from the Stojanow Gate for his crime.

Grinna Brightblade

Halfling female, owner of the Leaky Bucket in Kabel's Hill. A spunky, opinionated woman.


Halfling male, member of the Emerald Enclave, a druid the Undesirables met on the edge of the Quivering Forest.

Halvin Graingle

Human male, was a member of the Cult of the Dragon trying to disrupt the pact between Phlan and the Quivering Forest. Killed by the green hag, Jenny Greenteeth.

Head Curator Opanrael

Human male. Head Curator of Mantor's Library. He is a tidy old man, almost obsessively such. He places order and structure in very high regard, and has no patience for those who do not display a similar appreciation. He is haughty, but easily excitable by topics that pique his interest.

Hupe Brightblade

Halfling male, owner of the Leaky Bucket in Kabel's Hill. A timid fellow.


Dwarf male, Guard Sergeant Hurn is old and just riding out the last few years he has left before he can retire. Stationed at a Black Fist Guardpost at the docks.

Igan Sokol

Human male, a young scion of House Sokol. Was murdered underneath Sokol Keep by Guard Sergeant Grim.


Human female, bartender and owner of the Laughing Goblin. A thin woman with long, black hair.

Iorg Brokenjaw

Dwarf male, a Grimshackle jailer that too Ukharim hostage.


Young human male, cleric in the Cult of the Dragon. Ixas had been chasing rumors and divinations that there was once Dragon Mask in this region and coastal town contained a tome told of its last resting place. Attacked coastal settlements with his ship. The Undesirables took him to justice as their prisoner.

Ixusaxa Terrorsong

An elf female riding a wyvern. A mage in the service of the Cult of the Dragon. Killed by the Undesirables.

Jeny Greenteeth

A green hag living in the Quivering Forest. One of the members who made the pact between Phlan and the Quivering Forest. The Undesirables negotiated successfully with her to uphold the pact despite incursion to the forest by Halvin Graingle and the villagers from Kabel's Hill.


Dragonborn female, a sorceress who claimed to be Tiamat's daughter. Killed by orcs in King's Pyre.

Jhessail Greycastle

A human female, previously a high-ranking Knight of the Black Fist before Vorgansharax's arrival. Captured by the green dragon, rescued by the Undesirables.

Kai Tyran Uviel

Moon elf male, part of Sahnd Krulek's Gray Patriots, killed by orcs in King's Pyre.

Karst, the Ferryman

Human male, a bitter, elderly fellow who has worked as a ferryman for nearly forty years.

Kerial and Aravele

Two female human mercenaries. Friends with Grim.

Knight Aleyd Burral

Human female, Knight of the Black Fists. In her late 40s with grey-streaked blonde hair, investigator investigating the strange attacks on Moonsea's shores. Killed while rescuing the Lord Regent from the forces of Maimed Virulence. Her body was taken by the Lord Regent to Mulmaster.

Knight Lieutenant Cron Bolver

Human male. A Black Fist who wields a lot of power in Phlan. He gets a lot of pleasure out of his job, and isn't afraid to take a bribe. He has a sharp wit and a sharper tongue.


Human male. Harper agent, works together with the Lord Sage, a bard.


An exiled stone giant possessed by the evil entity Tyranthraxus. Was freed from the possession by the Undesirables.


Human female, employee of House Sokol in her late thirties. Business to the core.

Little Erik

Human male, a seven-foot tall lieutenant to Sahnd Krulek. Killed by orcs in King's Pyre.

Lord Protector Anivar Daoran

Human male, he had inherited the Cinnabar Throne. Lord Protector Anivar Daoran was a cowardly and pampered noble, and a paranoid and ineffective ruler; his concern for the responsibilities of his rule was only slightly less than that for his subjects. In 1488 DR, Lord Protector Anivar Daoran died unexpectedly in what, for all intents and purposes seemed nothing more than a construction accident during renovations on Castle Valjevo.

Lord Regent Ector Brahms

A human male, a handsome man in his 60s with a meticulously groomed beard and long, grey hair pulled in a ponytail. Freed from the forces of the Maimed Virulence by the Undesirable and escorted out of the city under siege. The Lord Regent promised to return.

Lord Sage of Phlan

Half-elf male of surpassing age. A taciturn and reserved man; slow to display his emotions. Runs Mantor's Library. Leader of the resistance of Phlan.

Madame Freona

Halfling female. The owner of Madame Freona's Tea Kettle, an inn at the better part of Phlan. She runs the place with her five daughters.

Marten Foss

Dwarf male, middle-aged. A retired adventurer who lost his other hand to a owlbear. Owns and runs a small practice yard. For a gold piece, someone with a desire to learn how to swing a sword can come to bang away on chunks of wood for an hour or two under the watchful eye of someone who knows what they're doing. For two, he'll tell you what you're doing wrong. He is a man of means, but as a retired adventurer, understands what it's like to want something you cannot have.

Matt, Blurn, and Li'l Topp

Human males, longshoremen rescued by the Undesirables from the forces of the Maimed Virulence.

Millivent Moss

Human female, peat farmer ouside of Phlan. The Undesirables helped recover her husband Haldred, daughters Alleena and Kithian, and sons Quayle and Volland who were taken hostage by goblins.


White dragonborn female on her way to explore the mountains to the north.

Narle Shieldbiter

Orog male, leader of an orc band. Killed by the Undesirables at King's Pyre.

Olisara Lightsong

Female moon elf, Harper agent.

Ortal Gruk

Half-orc male. A regular at the Laughing Goblin.

Pipyak the Imp

An imp from the Nine Hells. Was the familiar of Halvin Graingle. Killed by the Undesirables.

Rathene Fel

Half-orc female, mercenary and footpad which the Undesirables freed from a private prison.


One of Freona's daughters, young halfling female, just shy of adulthood. Has curly red hair.


Human male, lives in Kabel's Hill. Jeny Greenteeth took his eyes and his tongue.

Rillo Leadstopper

Male gnome tinkerer whose daughter Villonah the Undesirables rescued from a secret Black Fist prison.

Rolk and Nik

Dwarf males, merchants belonging to the Merchant's Guild, rescued by the Undesirables from the clutches of the lizardfolk.

Romsan Kal

Human male, the owner of the Crossin Inn, a retired adventurer.


Human male, acts as an aide to his parents, Darvag and Shandra, as needed. Lives in Sokol Keep.


Human male, a Red Wizard of Thay. Killed by the Undesirables inside the pyramid on Sorcerer's Isle.


Human female, a berserker, lieutenant to Sahnd Krulek, killed by orcs in King's Pyre.


Male black dragon wyrmling. Worked for the Cult of the Dragon, was killed by the Undesirables in his lair in the Twilight Marsh.

Sahnd Krulek

Human male, a former Black Fist officer turned outlaw, leader of a bandit group the Gray Patriots. Killed by orcs in King's Pyre.

Scalebinder Scovac

Wight male. Was the leader of a dragon-worshipping druidic cult.


A lizardfolk shaman living in Twilight Marsh.


Half-elf male, a food critic with a magic pen.

Scribe Master Cassra Brandywine

Halfling female, the Scribe Master of Mantor's Library. She is surprisingly young given her occupation and status. She is, however, wickedly smart. Unfortunately, her work keeps her quite busy, so her social skills have atrophied She is clumsy and socially awkward, often stammering when speaking in the company of more than a couple people.

Seranolla the Whisperer

Forest gnome female, a reclusive who lives outside the city in the woods. A member of the Emerald Enclave.

Serelis Greenleaf

Half-elf male, ranger living just inside the Quivering Forest near Kabel's Hill. Acted as a guide for the Undesirables on their quest inside the Quivering Forest.


Human female, middle-aged, primarily responsible for ensuring the interior of Sokol Keep is clean and meals are prepared. Darvag is Shandra's husband.


A two-headed winged kobold. A spy for the Cult of the Dragon. Killed in King's Pyre.

Sirge Wintermelt

Half-elf male, Harper, the Undesirables freed him from a King's Pyre cave.

Sisters Deathwillow, Pusriver, and Rotface

Hags living in the Twilight Marsh. The Undesirables rescued sister Deathwillow from Velvet, a black dragon.


Human male thug. A member of the Cult of the Dragon. Attacked the Undesirables and was taken to the Black Fists.


Male human. Was a scribe at Mantor's Library. Murdered a Black Fist while escaping. A Cult of the Dragon member. The Undesirables tracked him down and took him to the Black Fists.


Wild elf female ranger from the Quivering Forest.

Tad Staslep

Human male, owner of Cockburn's Grocery. A portly man with a big appetite. He is usually seen chewing on something or at least on his way to get something to chew on. That aside, he's a pleasant man who knows he's got a good thing going on, so he seldom risks being discourteous or disrespectful.


Human male, a farmer employed by the Renons.

Tawn, Tane, and Tine

Male halfling acrobats on a traveling show now gone from Phlan.

Throstulgrael, Velvet

A young black dragon the Undesirables killed. Velvet transformed into a dracolich.


Male human. Was a scribe at Mantor's Library. Murdered a Black Fist while trying to escape, was later hung. A Cult of the Dragon member.


Human male, a merchant who bought a dangerous magical tooth from a traveling band.

Trunkey Lighttouch

Female halfling, a member of the Welcomers.


Large, bearded human man whose arms are not the same length. His right arm is much longer and stronger than his left, which is half the size of the other. A strong and stern man who speaks little. Default leader of the villagers in the unnamed island that made a deal with Tiamat. Loves violence and likes to kill.

Vera Foss

Dwarf female, young warrior woman, daughter and best student of Marten Foss.


Human male, an agent for the Cult of the Dragon. The Undesirables found him from the island that had made a deal with Tiamat. Pretended to be mad but the Undesirables found out who he really is. Taken prisoner by the Undesirables and taken to the authorities in Phlan.


Young gnome female who was rescued from a secret Black Fist prison by the Undesirables. Member of the Order of the Gauntlet.

Welby and Grent

Two male halfling merchants that deal primarily in ropes, wood and dried food from the Dalelands.

Yanna Hammerbound

Dwarf female, high-level representative of The Ironhanded; Phlan's Ironworkers' Guild. Tried to buy a dangerous magical item from Trett.

Yip, the Madman

Human male in the care of the the Order of the Silent Shroud (Kelemvorites). Has lost his mind after claiming to have seen a dracolich, barks like a dog.


Elf female, member of the Order of the Gauntlet the Undesirables met while rescuing Villonah from a secret Black Fist prison.

Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence

A really old green dragon that conquered Phlan and made it his lair.

Warsh the Boatman

A foul-tempered old human man with one squinting eye and the other unnaturally bulging. He clenches a battered pipe between his teeth at all times, making it even harder to understand his already angry, mumbled speech. Lives in an unnamed island on the shores of the Moonsea, an island whose inhabitans had made a deal with Tiamat. The Undesirables learned him to be a capable wizard.

Welsea Parenthe

Female vampire. Member of the Zhentarim, works for the resistance in Phlan.


One of Freona's daughters, halfling young woman with startingly white hair pulled back in a tight braid.

Zern Xerkstil

Half-orc male, the Hammer of Impiltur. Member of the Order of the Gauntlet.


Chapter 1: Defiance in Phlan

The Cult of the Dragon has come to Phlan, a lawless refuge on the Moonsea. Now, with no significant authority to stop the cult, other power groups in the Realms--the Harpers, Order of the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave, Lords' Alliance, and even the Zhentarim--must unite to stop the cult from fulfilling its dark purpose in the city....

Mission 1: The Meeting at Deepnight

11th Mirtul / The Melting, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Asagg, Briz, Gush, Raelic, Shamash, Vanduul

A Harper agent approached the Undesirables at Freona's Tea Kettle. The Harpers had captured a merchant who was going to illegally purchase a red dragon egg. The Undesirables were to pose as the merchant and any hirelings, go to the buy site, make the transaction, and place a magical device on one of the sellers so that Harpers could track them back to their place of residence. To buy the egg the Harper agent gave The Undesirables a small sack of fake "diamonds."

Off they went to complete the transaction 20-minute walk away at an abandoned barn outside the city. They met the buyer, a female elf, with three human guards. The transaction took place successfully and the tracking device was planted on the buyer. At the same time the Watchers decided to join the transaction by demanding the "diamonds" and the dragon egg for themselves. The elf fled the barn with her human guards and the Undesirables were forced to fight the thieves. In the ensuing battle, the thieves were killed and the barn was burnt down. The Undesirables returned to the city and presented the egg to the Harper agent claiming their reward. The agent claimed that the dragon egg was a fake and he gave them a warning: "We have seen an increased interest in all thing related to dragons. We have also heard of more dragon sightings in the Moonsea region--and elsewhere. Keep your eyes and ears open for further information on dragons. It might save your life."

Mission 2: The Screams at Dawn

17th Mirtul / The Melting, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Asagg, Bonesnapper, Briz, Gush, Heskan

The Undesirables were having their breakfast at Freona's Tea Kettle when they heard a woman screaming outside the inn. Going to investigate they found a middle-aged human woman, Millivent Moss, crying hysterically, clutching an infant boy, Bo, in her arms. Goblins had taken her husband, rest of her children and her hirelings as prisoners. Two Black Fist guards started to distakalisto the gathered crowd and ordered the Undesirables to go investigate.

One hour later, the Undesirables were at the peat farm outside of Phlan tracking the goblins and their prisoners. They found out that the goblins had gone to a cave in the side of a hill rising from the bog. They witnessed a goblin and a mysterious cloaked figure discussing in Common before the cloaked figure teleported away.

Going in to the lair the Undesirables eventually succeeded in killing several goblins, two wolves and a bugbear and were able to free the prisoners. One of the prisoners was a Zhentarim agent who had been on a recon mission. A black dragon had laired there until recently, and it had been parleying with humans for some reason. The dragon hadn’t been seen in a while, but the humans were still skulking in the area, so the agent came to investigate. He found that the dragon had been killed by adventurers, but the adventurers perished as well. Someone emptied the dragon’s hoard and started harvesting parts of the dead dragon. He was trying to escape the lair and report his findings when he was waylaid by dozens of goblins. Since then, the goblins have been in talks with the humans to secure the area. The agent, Chaab, said that there might be hundreds of goblins in the lair or raiding outside the cave.

Mission 3: The Dead at Highsun

23rd Mirtul / The Melting, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Asagg, Bonesnapper, Briz, Gush, Heskan

The Undesirables were having a highsun meal at Madame Freona's Tee Kettle when they were approached by a tall, dour-looking human with a balding pate under his tall black hat. He introduced himself as Brother Keefe, priest of Kelemvor and "Keeper of the Dead" of Valhingen Graveyard in Phlan. He needed the Undesirables to enter with him the crypt of Xandria Welltran, a long-standing resident of the cemetery, who was not in fact human, but a polymorphed dragon. Brother Keefe needed to inspect her body to confirm or disprove these claims.

The Undesirables entered the crypt with Brother Keefe and opened the sarcophagus to find out that the bones were not human--but many of them were draconic in nature. Also at least half of the bones were missing. Also in the sarcophagus was five gems that were the key what happened next. The door of the crypt closed and the Undesirables were trapped while some sort of poison gas started to enter the crypt. The Undesirables figured quickly that when the gems were inserted into the indentations on the walls covered with beautiful paintings, the gas dissipated, the door of the crypt opened and the sarcophagus slided away revealing a starway down into the darkness.

Going down the Undesirables came eventually to a alchemical laboratory. From there they went to the next room that was quite large and it had four sigils on the walls glowing faintly. Also, there were bodies constructed of different body parts to form medium-sized walking dragons. In the room there was a painting of a red dragon's hoard that was inaccessible due to a force field in place. A teleportation circle in the corner completed the interior of the room. As soon as the Undesirables started to investigate the sigils they flashed and the bodies animated. The zombies attacked accompanied by a pair of skeletons. After dealing with this undead threat, Brother Keefe was sent down and he disrupted the teleporation circle and after investigating the laboratory was quite sure that someone was trying to create a dracolich.

At that point, Brother Keefe reveals himself to be a member of the Lord's Alliance, a group looking to maintain stability in Phlan, but not at the cost of lawlessness. Receiving a reward the Undesirables retreated from the crypt.

Mission 4: A Shock at Evenfeast

29th Mirtul / The Melting, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Briz, Heskan, Islev, Jeb, Kursk, Milo, Shamash

The Undesirables were having an Evenfeast meal at Freona's Tea Kettle when they were approached by Buhrell Caah, a half-orc representing the Emerald Enclave. He had been informed that a dangerous magical object was in the inn and asked if they could investigate where it was without alerting anyone. The party split up talking to patrons in different tables. On one table there was a wild elf called Surruk who claiming to having been patrolling the Quivering Forest for the last two weeks and was now on a holiday. The second table had a half-elf named Schuyler, a food critic not so happy about the quality of the food eating a meal consisting of safflower oil. On the third table there was a white dragonborn woman called Minniths on her way to exploring mountains to the north. The fourth table had three halflings called Tawn, Tane, and Tine, tumblers in a traveling show which was in Phlan.

The final table had an older man and dwarven woman who didn't want to be disturbed. Something magical was inside the human's pack. Milo Tealeaf conjured a minor illusion on top of the table startling both the human and the dwarf. The dwarf fell down on her back and started to crawl away whereas the human broke whatever was inside his pack releasing a lightning. Keeping a blue dragon tooth on his hand. From the human the lightning bolted to the food critic and from the food critic to the wild elf woman. At this time the party had managed to pry the tooth from the human's hand. The people struck by lightning stood up and started to walk towards the inn's exit. Heskan, being the cook at the inn, was keeping the tooth in his hand when the lightning struck him. Instead of knocking him down, the lightning went to the tooth. After awhile the victims of the tooth came to (Jeb killed the human man, but Briz managed to save him with her clerical spells) unharmed. The Undesirables took the human man and the dwarf woman for questioning.

The human man was called Trett who was just a merchant who bought the tooth from a traveling band. They showed him that the tooth could be used to heat and work metal more easily than in a forge. So he purchased it to sell it to the Ironworkers' Guild. The dwarf woman was called Yanna Hammerbound, a high-level representative of The Ironhanded; Phlan's Ironworkers' Guild. She was there to purchase the blue dragon tooth from Trett who told her that its magic would be a great asset to the guild. She was not aware of the nature of the magic within the tooth.

The tooth was from a blue dragon that lived in the Quivering Forest. Since safflower is a flower that grows in the Quivering Forest, the food-critic was the second person struck by lightning, third was the wild elf woman having a bow made of Morcant Burl; a rare wood that grows only within the Quivering Forest. Finally, Heskan being the cook and having handled safflower oil, was struck next. Luckily he was holding the tooth so the lightning went in to the tooth.

In the end, The Undesirables gave the blue dragon tooth to Buhrell Caah getting their reward in the process.

Mission 5: The Danger at Dusk

5th Kythorn / The Time of Flowers, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Heskan, Islev, Jeb, Kursk, Milo, Raelic, Shamash

The Undesirables were drinking ale at Madame Freona's Tea Kettle close closing time after the sun had settled when they were approached by a worried-looking gnome. He had patchworked clothes and had a floppy hat nervously in his calloused hands. He said that his little girl was in terrible trouble. The gnome was a tinkerer called Rillo Leadstopper. His daughter was called Villonah. She had been in trouble with the law since her mother died and usually Rillo just bailed her out of jail but last night she was not held in Castle Valjevo and nobody knew where she was. So Rillo gathered information from seedier parts of town and found out that some Black Fist guards keep a secret prison underneath the ruins of the Lyceum of the Black Lord. Altough the burnt-out lyceum had been converted into a make-shift shelter for the displaced and injured by priests of Lathander, the guards had found and taken up residence in some chambers beneath it. A secret entrance to the place was located from the caves on the River Stojanow.

The Undesirables went to investigate with the gnome and they found the tunnel did exist and it ended up in a door. After some investigation and getting some hoods on their faces Jeb picked the lock and they entered the chamber beyond. In the middle there was a chair bolted to the floor with torture equipment hanging on the wall. There were five prisoners of whom two were members of the Welcomers. Villonah was not there and the prisoners told the Undesirables that she had been taken to the Funhouse pointing to a door to the east. After releasing the prisoners and barring the door to the south where they heard the guards talking to each other, the last prisoner attacked the party and Jeb was forced to kill the insane man with his rapier.

Going to the Funhouse, they found a large cavern partly collapsed with many black small obelisks that radiated fear when approached. In the middle of the room there was a cage where Villonah was sitting. When approached a tentacled monster later identified as a grick attacked and the party managed to slay the monster. Freeing Villonah they retreated to find a elf woman on a same mission as they. She was Yllivia, a member of the Order of the Gauntlet. They all got out of the secret prison leaving the guards with their gods banging on the barred door.

The Undesirables found out that Villonah was also a member of the Order of the Gauntlet and Rillo gave the reward he promised to the Undesirables. The reason why Villonah was imprisoned was because she stole a map from the Black Fists that is rumored to lead to the lair of a white dragon in the mountains to the north. She had created a patch of fake skin, hiding the map on the sole of her right foot. Villonah and Yllivia told the party that the Black Fist knights hold the honest citizens of Phlan in a state of fear with their tyranny, and their interest in anything related to dragons is a bad sign for the city.

Chapter 2: Secrets of Sokol Keep

Decades have passed since Sokol Keep was reclaimed, and a small garrison placed there along with a beacon to help guide ships. Now, that beacon has gone dark, and the garrison has disappeared. In Phlan, rumors circulate that something ancient was discovered in the grounds beneath the keep, dating to before the clerics of Tyr built the small fortress.

11th - 12th Kythorn / The Time of Flowers, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Briz, Heskan, Islev, Jeb, Kursk, Milo, Shamash

The Undesirables were drinking at the Laughing Goblin, a famous tavern in Phlan. The establishment is run by Imizael, a human woman and Fat Mar, an obese man who's real name is Markoth. The party learned that the beacon at Sokol Keep went out two days ago, and no one knows why. It's an old keep and has been destroyed more than once. Legends say that it used to be a temple and the spirits of dead priests haunt a buried treasure beneath the keep. House Sokol owns the Keep, a young noble house raised up by the first Lord Protector. The only reason house Sokol still bothers with it is because it is still a small source of income; and with trade the way it is, they need all the help they can get. Also, word is that a spirit ship full of monstrous pirates has been attacking villages on the Moonsea. If that's the case, Sokol Keep is Phlan's first line of defense.

The peace and quiet was interrupted by a bunch of dockworkers clearly looking for a fight. They came shouting to two female Black Fist guards claiming that their friends in the Keep are costing them work. The guards were more than happy to fight but the Undesirables managed to dissolve the situation peacefully by skillful oratory persuasion.

Talking to Keria and Aravele, the guards, they told them that the Keep is run by Guard Sergeant Grim who is a foolhardy man who is usually in debt to the wrong sort of people. He has befriended Igan Sokol, the quartermaster in charge of the keep; a somewhat naïve, enthusiastic young man eager to make a name for himself amongst his house. Grim had mentioned a treasure below the keep and that he was close to finding it. Also, the guards told that the Black Fist has been openly recruiting in response to rumors of a spirit ship attacking coastal villages in the area.

The dockworkers told the Undesirabels that the Keep is haunted with the dead clerics who died "A thousand and one years ago." It used to be a temple to some god or another, but none of them agreed on which one. One says Torm, another Tyr, and a third insists that they're both wrong and suggest that it was the headquarters of some pagan cult. They had also heard about rumors about spirit ships attacking nearby villages. Ensuring the beacon is lit should be a priority of the city if that's true. Liela is House Sokol's administrator and has an office by the docks. She's usually who the dockworkers go to for jobs, so can be counted on as a good source of information.

At this time the party split up into three parties. One party went to the cemetery to inquire about the Keep from Kelemvor's priests and they told them that there probably was a temple dedicated to Triad hundreds of years ago. Second party went to see Liela, a human female employee of House Sokol at House Sokol administrative office. She told them about the staff of the Keep (Darvag and Shandra) that it's operated by Igan Sokol and that there's a contingent of six Black Fist guards at the Keep. She gave them a piece of paper and told them that Karst, the ferryman, would take them to the island.

The third party met with Guard Sergeant Hurn, an old male dwarf in a Black Fist uniform. He told the Undesirables that Guard Sergeant Grim is in command of the contingent of six Black Fist guards at the Keep. Grim is a lazy man, but for some reason has routinely volunteered for duty at the Keep; a position that is widely considered to be punishment. Ensuring the beacon was lit was House Sokol's job, but the Black Fist were there to make sure that they were safe to get it done. He also told them to see Karst, the ferryman.

During this time Harper members of the Undesirables were met with Olisara Lightsong, a female moon elf Harper agent. They were assigned to recover any arcane or forgotten knowledge in Sokol Keep.

The Undesirables met at the docks and booked passage. Karst, the ferryman, was a bitter, elderly fellow who had worked as a ferryman for nearly forty years. The events in Phlan had taken its toll on his livelihood and he had not seen much in the way of coin. For 1 measly gold piece the ferryman took the Undesirables to the island. On the way he told them that he knows Darvag Shandra, and Rorin, and spoke to them the day prior. They appeared to be in good health. The Black Fist have a detachment of six guards on the island at any given time. Being chosen for the detail is usually a punishment for some infraction of the rules. He didn't know about any dead clerics, but his grandmother used to tell him that the island was full of spirits, not that he had actually seen any before.

The Undesirables arrived to Thorn Island, to a small quay on the eastern extend of the isle where there were also a couple of large wooden warehouses. They were met by Darvag, male human, a middle-aged groundskeeper and his wife Shandra, female human responsible mainly for ensuring the interior of the keep was clean and meals were prepared, and their son Rorin who acted as an aide to both of them as needed. The party learned from the servants that the guards change somewhat regularly, and the only one whose name they knew was Grim. Guardsmen typically assigned to the Keep didn't seem to like the assignment to the lighthouse, and suspect that it was a form of punishment for troublesome members of the Black Fist. Guard Sergeant Grim had been the ranking guardsman at the Keep for the last month. Igan Sokol, the servants' supervisor, and the sergeant were often together and would engage in long conversations out of earshot of others. Their friendship seemed odd. Sergeant Grim seemed a nice enough fellow. He treated the servants with respect and genuinely seemed to like Igan. They told that Igan Sokol is a nice young man who read frequently and was obsessed with the rumor of treasure that was supposedly hidden somewhere in the keep. The servants wouldn't have been surprised if he had torn the place down brick by brick in order to find it. The beacon to the lighthouse was magical in nature the servants told. They didn't know how to activate it but suggested that Igan's quarters would be a good starting-point to finding out how. At the end of the conversation Shandra provided the Undesirables with a key to the Keep.

Sokol Keep dominated Thorn Island, a large stone fortress clearly built for defense. The castle looked old and it had obviously been repaired extensively in some areas. Despite its excellent repair it had an abandoned look about it. There were no banners, no guards patrolling its walls, no smoke rising from its chimneys and its gates were closed. A large mansion had replaced almost half of the original structure and nearly all of the wooden outbuildings. The mansion appeared to be quite comfortable though not very defensible; with large, glass windows instead of arrow-slits. The grounds were well-maintained and in good repair. The open courtyard was empty save for a few practice dummies likely used by the Black Fist guards. Wings of the home were blocked off, likely because of the small number of people who resided within. When the Undesirables ventured within they found furniture covered by sheets of dusty and cobweb covered rooms. However, the parts that were not blocked off were clean and well-maintained.

The Undesirables started by inspecting the lighthouse, the tallest tower of the keep at the southern end right at the edge of the water. The lighthouse had three floors. Two of the floors housed the Black Fist contingent and the upper floor held the crystal and brass beacon that was dark. No matter what the party tried, the light remained dark.

From there the Undesirables went to the modern mansion where they found out that all the books from the library had been moved to Igan's quarters. There they found a sketch that indicated to be a shrine of Tyr, an ancient-looking book titled Moonsea Cults by Thalioss of Tyr. Carpets and paintings on the wall depicted were famous stories about followers of Tyr, the god of Justice.

Going to the east tower they found a hidden wall and behind it a shrine of Tyr with a beautiful gray statue of a one-handed blind god, a small stone altar, and a beautiful reading desk of purple wood. The desk held Igan's journal written without dates, just random notes all over the page including sentences in the margins. What the Undesirables found out was that Igan started his search on a whim and he never took the search serious until he met Sergeant Grim. Igan became more serious about his search after a book about Tyr literally fell into his lap. Toward the end of the journal, whatever pretense of scholarly research devolved into the ramblings of an obsessed man. Also, the journal read that Igan had found an entry to the structure beneath the Keep and what phrase to say to gain entrance.

At this time strange happenings had occurred, rustling of hair, books falling by themselves that the Undesirables started to wonder if a ghost was behind it. And so it was. Devicing a method where the ghost could answer yes or no they found out that the ghost was previously a cleric of Tyr hundreds of years ago. The ghost told them to go to the west tower underneath the keep.

The west tower was empty except the basement where somebody had broken the floor and dug down to the stone. There was a stone slab approximately 10 feet on a side bordered with worn glyphs, and had an indentation in the shape of a human hand approximately six inches away from the leading edge of the slab. One of the Undesirables put a hand on the shape and said the correct words and the slab disappeared, revealing a dark hole in the floor with a cut rope dangling from it.

The Undesirables went down and found a crypt with calcified skeletal remains of humans. Going further they found a room that had been under water for a long time but was quite dry at the moment. It contained two bizarre armor made of what appeared to be coral and shells crusted over with calcified growths of barnacles and of course the armor animated and attacked the party. After dispatching the armor the party found a sinkhole in the next room. It was difficult to get across so they tied a rope from door to door and managed to get through.

Finally they arrived to a big round room where at the far side of the room was a large idol carved from a single piece of pale green stone standing in a pool of black water. It was carved in the shape of a tentacle humanoid with the head of a many-fanged fish, and bathed the room in a sickly green light. Investigating the 6 foot tall idol revealed it to be a representation of Dagon, a demon lord called the Prince of the Depths. Next to the idol was a altar and on the alter was a human male slumped over it at the edge of the pool. A wand was on the floor next to his hand. A pool of dark blood had pooled and dried on the altar after running down its sides and front. Before it dried, the blood ran into the pool around the statue. A number of calcified skeletons lay in heaps on either side of the pool. Also, a second corpse lay partially submerged in the pool, the body bearing dozens of slashing wounds and feathered with the broken shafts of a few arrows.

The corpse of Igan Sokol and a Black Fist guard rose from the floor as zombies and the skeletons attacked the Undesirables, too. After a minute two ghouls entered the fight but the party managed to destroy the undead.

Going to the final room that was barred from the inside, the Undesirables found the missing Black Fist guards with Grim. The room was full of treasure the guards had put into burlap sacks. They had been hiding in the room for days and were hungry and thirsty. Interrogating the guards the Undesirables found out that Igan had touched the idol and the dead came to life, killing him and one of the guards, and forcing Grim and his men to flee. Grim did most of the talking and the party realized that he was wracked with guilt. Interrogating Grim further he finally cracked and admitted to murdering Igan Sokol.

The Undesirables went back to the surface with the guards. On the surface they noticed that the lighthouse was working again. The party took their prisoners to Black Fists and Grim was arrested, sentenced to death and his body dangled from the Stojanow Gate the following day. The other soldiers were convicted of lesser crimes and were imprisoned. The Harper agents delivered the book on various cults in the Moonsea Region to Olisara Lightsong.

Chapter 3: Shadows over the Moonsea

Life on the Moonsea isn't easy. Bandits, pirates, and cruel lords dominate the land, threatening those who make an honest living there. Now, a new scourge is prowling the waters: A ghost ship has been striding small coastal villages, leaving its victims whispering about the "eye of the dracolich."

23rd - 25th Kythorn / The Time of Flowers, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Briz, Gush, Imerion, Islev

The Undesirables were summoned to Valhingen Graveyard by Doomguide Yovir, the high priest of Kelemvor. There were rumors of a "ghost ship" attacking small villages and lone farms or inns on the northern coast of the Moonsea, moving up the Iron Route towards Phlan from Zhentil Keep. No one seems moved to act and the danger draws ever nearer to Phlan. Yesterday, a man from a small unnamed hamlet two days southwest of Phlan was picked up just outside the city. Raving about a dracolich, and seemingly insane, the man was delivered into the care of the Kelemvorites. The man's mind was gone and it would take some time for him to recover if he ever does at all. The clerics had the man at their temple. Yovir knew that the Knights of the Black Fist were also concerned about the situation, given that the attacks appeared to be moving in the direction of Phlan and it was possible that eventually it would attack the city. While keeping a nominal eye on the approaching danger, they were not preparing as much as Yovir belived they should. The Knights did task one of their number, Aleyd Burral, with gathering information. It was quite possible that Aleyd could share additional information about the attacks. Since the Kelemvorites are specifically neutral in the intricate web of city politics, Doomguide Yovir was motivated to act; fearing the arguing disparate groups would not be able to agree and act in time to prevent the danger from coming to Phlan. In addition, rumors of ghosts and liches had disturbed Yovir. These sorts of powerful undead are extremely rare, but unfortunately had not been all that uncommon in the Moonsea. The followers of Kelemvor were staunch enemies of the undead and if they do exist, Yovir wanted them stamped out. Yovir gave the Undesirables two potions of healing and had arranged riding horse at the Laughing Goblin Inn. The horses were a loan and were not for the Undesirables to keep.

The Undesirables went to see Yip, the madman in the care of the Kelemvorites. He was tended by Acolyte Elden. Yip just repeated "The eyes, the eyes of the dracolich, it sees me... It is coming..." over and over again trying to bite anyone who came near him. He was injured by a small bladed weapon and had some bruises from some blunt object. When asked how he came to Phlan he just said "the smalls shambled wet before the eyes, clack, clack, yip, the ghost ship, fog, yip. Blood, and flame, yip, village no more, yip, yip."

After interviewing Yip the Undesirables went to see Knight Aleyd Burral, the Black Fist investigator investigating the matter. The said that there were no witnesses beyond the madman, but it seemed likely by when he ruined villages were found that all of the attacks occurred at night. She had investigated the last site personally, but only interviewed travelers in Phlan that passed through the first, second and third locations. In all cases, the village appears to have been ransacked and burned. Not much appeared to had been taken, if anything, but it was impossible to tell for certain due to the fire and lack of survivors. For the nearby village that she visited personally, she found several old bones that she took to a local healer by the name of Fillistrom Wunderkundoodle. The aging gnome said they appeared to be human "filla-something." Oddly, most of the tracks she found (both skeletal and booted) seemed to be small sized, like that of a human child. If the pattern holds, the next attack should occur in less than two days, and in six days whatever the threat it, could reach Phlan. She had no idea where the next raid would occur, but it should be a day's ride from Phlan somewhere along the coast.

From there the Undesirables split up. One party went to see sage Delacrae Gentleblossom at the store All Questions Answered. She was able to look at the pattern and determine that all of the attacks were between the coast and the Iron Route, the old major trading road from Zhentil Keep to Phlan and beyond. The travel time on the road between the location of each attack was approximately one day and even the slowest traveler going only under cover of darkness would make it two days; even with the inclement weather of Stormy Bay lashing at them and muddying the roads. The only settlement between Phlan and the last attack that is also near the coast was a small fishing village on a tiny island just a short ferry ride into Stormy Bay. As for the pattern of the attacks, the phase of the moon does change in a little less than every four days, and so far the strikes match the night when there was a change in the phase of the moon.

The other party went to see Fillistrom Wunderkundoodle, a cranky male gnome. He was a trained lay healer for those who couldn't afford magical healing. Examining the bones the noticed that the bones seemed to be phalanges (toe bones) and they had some sticky residue in them, like a natural adhesive, possibly tree sap.

Some of the Undesirables went to see their faction agents. Members of the Emerald Enclave went to see Seranolla the Whisperer, a female forest gnome living outside the city in the woods. The Emerald Enclave had determined that something unnatural was going on with the weather and storms seemed to spring up every four days, corresponding directly with changes in the phase of the moon. Whatever is doing it is disrupting both ships and some of the sea life. They should end the cause of the inclement weather.

Lords' Alliance members met gregarious Dornal Whitebeard, a male hill dwarf at the Velvet Doublet, a well-known feasthall. The Lords' Allance believed a merchant, Gilfron Milon, was missing. He was overdue and may be in trouble. He should be somewhere on the Iron Route to the southwest. Once the members find him, they'd help him as needed to ensure he continued on his way to Phlan from Hillsfar.

The Undesirables left the Laughing Goblin the next morning riding to the west. They met a human man with his son on the road. The man Gilfron Milon and his son Gilmont were fixing a wagon with a broken axel on the side of the road. He had seen a lot of raided villages and homes. At the village just two days away he saw the ruins still smoldering like all the others. He avoided going into the ruined villages, not knowing if there were raiders about. All of the homes and villagers were there and occupied when he passed the other way three months ago, but he saw no living sould this time. The only sign of civilization the pair saw was the island ferry about a day back. The fisher folk had always been a strange and isolated kin who didn't much mix with others, but he spoke with the boatman and loosened his tongue with a new hammer and some nails that the man needed to use to repair his ferry. The boatman said he was more worried about the storm coming in the next day or so, than he was about any rumors of a dracolich haunting the area. Gilfron noted that in Stormy Bay, storms coming in off the sea are all too common. Undead dragons are not. Worried about his boy, Gilfron further enquired as to why the boatman had mentioned a dracolich, the strange man gave him a long stare and said that there had been a plague of those with fragile minds of late, spouting such tales. In fact his island village sheltered one such soul now who had wandered to the ferry stop two days ago. The man had seen something that had made him loose his mind and spout on about the "eyes of the dracolich" watching him wherever he goes. The boatman felt that the vagrant was clearly weak and confused.

Helping Gilfron to fix his wagon, the Undesirables rode on coming across a dire wolf with her two pups. Giving them space the wolves left and by the evening they came near the island. The Undesirables camped for the night. Next morning they rode to a ferry where an elderly man with a wild beard, coat, floppy hat struggled to bring a large flat bottomed raft to shore. He pulled arm-over-arm along a rope, which was strung between the shore and a small island an arrowshot into the bay.

At the village they met a young orphan girl named Elisande who talked weirdly as all the islanders and acted as their guide. The Undesirables got to know the village. There was a ruined hovel where Elisande used to live before her parents died of disease. Verik the madman was present there. He twitched a lot and claimed to have seen the ghost ship come and his village attacked by undead spirits that walked out of the waves on the back of dracolich that breathed fire and laid waste to his village. He said that the ship was a great spectral galleon with the name "Audacity" painted on the bow. In the barn there were four sickly and degenrate goats. The fire pit was located at the center of the village where three crones, Exirsa, Lolmetta, and Rentida and they talked to the Undesirables and seemed to be quite mad. Attached to the smokehouse was the home of Ulburto, the village leader, a seemingly bloodthirsty, murderous degenerate whose one arm was much bigger than the other.

Investigating the dark forest the Undesirables found out that there was a cave at the bottom of a water filled ravine. In the cave there was a roughly rectacular block of stone with blotches of rust colored stains dripped from its center. Several darkened candles were melted to the stone and a collection of ritual objects were on the center of the block. The walls were painted in crude artwork depicting a five-headed sea serpent that the Undesirables found out to be Tiamat, the deity of evil dragons and greed. On the altar there were gold bars on the altar which the Undesirables confiscated. Also there was a sealed scroll which the Undesirables naturally opened ending unwittingly the 60 year old pact with the villagers and Tiamat. The islanders had traded their souls and a fortune in gold and gems in exchange for personal power and casting away the "Outsides." Also, there were a pile of books with one interesting book.

At this time Islev noticed that a strange demonlike creature arrived to the top of the ravine where Islev was situated. He conjured a thich mist and the creature fell into the ravine. Not killed by the fall the creature entered the tunnel leading to the cave and in that tunnel it met its demise by the axe of Gush. Knowing that the next attack would happen the same night the Undesirables went to the village and convinced that they should start preparing the defense of the village. Even though they found out that the villagers were devil-worshippers they had a common enemy. They laid traps all around the village and fortified defenses.

During the night Selune had raised an old moon: a slim, fading crescent. In the wind and rain, it was lost to the Undesirables. However, through the sheets of water, a pale glow and swirl of fog unaffected by the storm approached the landing of the island. Screams of the damned rode the wind. During the fighting what seemed to be skeletons turned out to be kobolds dressed as skeletons accompanied by humans. During the fighting the power of the villagers was revealed; they had bloodthirsty tactics, including the infernal words followed by blasts of hellfire by the crones and by the ferryman.

During the attack on two fronts the attackers were defeated and the Undesirables found out that the madman was trying to flee the island. The Undesirables interrogated Verik further and found out that he was a spy. He was sent by the Cult of the Dragon to locate tomes of lore or other valuables that might lead his master Ixas, a young mage of some power, to locate some long lost artifact. The Undesirables took a longboat from the landing with captured Verik and took off to the ship where Ixas was just off the shore of the island.

The Undesirables rowed when suddenly the sea quieted, the mysterious fog lifted from the water and the storm abated. For a brief moment the Undesirables saw the sky clearly, the sliver of Selune shining down upon them. Looming in front of the Undesirables was the ship they were looking for. Just then, their longboat took on a red cast. A terrible tearing sound was heard, followed by a great rushing of wind and heat. Angry screams erupted. The fog returned, billowing from the ship ahead. As the Undesirables took their longboat close in to the ship's ladder on the port side, screams of fear and pain emanated from the deck above.

The Undesirables climbed on the the ship and found out that a hellish ghost ship had crashed to the front of the Cultist ship. Both ships were on fire and sinking slowly. On the deck there was a great melee, demonic sailors fought with the Cultists and kobolds. The Undesirables made their way to the captain's cabin which they looted. In the cabin they found gems and gold and man-sized statue of a dracolich with glowing moonstones for eyes that radiated both enchantment magic and evil. Storming to the deck the Undesirables dispatched the remaining demonic pirates with their captain and also the Cultists with their leader, a cleric. It was an epic battle with multiple opponents, a druid in goat form, two burning and sinking ships in the storm.

Returning to the island the Undesirables took Elisande with them and their captive Verik and traveled back to Phlan. Both Doomguide Yovir Glandon and Knight Aleyd Burral were quite pleased with the success of the Undesirables but were concerned about news that their backyard had become the battleground for struggle in the Cult of the Dragon. They both promised to warn everyone who will listen about the danger. Doomguide Yovir was very curious about the statue the Undesirables described and promised to take care of it. Elisande was taken in by the Kelemvorites finding a place with the Order of the Silent Shroud and Verik was given to the Black Fists.

Chapter 4: Dues for the Dead

For years, the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud has tended the dead at Valhingen graveyard, providing them a peaceful eternal rest. Now, that rest has been disturbed.

6th Flamerule / Summertide, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Asagg, Briz, Gush, Imerion, Jeb, Lysandros

The Undesirables were summoned to Valhingen graveyard by Doomguide Yovir Glandon. After two clerics of Kelemvor, Drolo and Fedya, pointed the location of the Doomguide, the Undesirables met with him. The Doomguide told them that a novice Kelemvorite disappeared a month ago. Yovir was initially unconcerned as the life of a Kelemvorite is difficult, and those who cannot accommodate it simply leave. Suspicions were aroused when Brother Rasoran - another Kelemvorite - vanished. It was not possible that he would leave; he had been dedicated to the faith and to the people of Phlan for nearly 10 years. Sister Bethel disappeared and was subsequently located twelve days ago; partially eaten. Yovir believed that undead were active once more within Valhingen. Yovir and a few other Kelemvorites investigated the oldest section of the known catacombs and found no undead. It was sealed to prevent them spreading inside. For their troubles Yovir was preparing the pay the Undesirabels 100 gp and a set of goggles of night. The Undesirables were assigned a guide, an acolyte named Cassyt who had knowledge about the catacombs.

Exploring the catacombs the Undesirables eventually were attacked by zombies which were destroyed. After the incident they found more zombies after going down a flight of stairs that collapsed. Behind a door the Undesirables found a grappling hook and rope on the ground with a rusted metal pipe. Above there was a grate on the surface. Behind the door the Undesirables found three Welcomers: an elf, a tiefling and a half-orc who was piss-drunk. The Undesirables apprehended the thieves and escorted them outside to the care of the Kelemvorites. Returning to the catacombs they pressed on fighting skeletons that rained down from the ceiling at one point.

After encountering the tomb of Sedrair II, one of the richer (and more eccentric) grander nobles of Phlan centuries ago, they came up to a room where a row of skulls were planted on a shelf. Asking questions, the Undesirables got answers from the dead spirits finding out that they knew nothing about the current events.

Somebody had broken down the doorway that led to the Necropolis. The Necropolis was a huge place with a thousand untold secrets existing in the place. It stretched for hundreds of feet beneath the surface; a person could explore its depths for days and not see all that it contained. Rumor has it that the hidden tomb of Miltiades, a legendary undead paladin is within that section of the catacombs, though no on had claimed to have found it.

There was only one passage to explore and the Undesirables went there. They found light at the end of the tunnel and found out a chamber that had four zombies with a sleeping kobold sitting on a chair. Jeb, the rogue, sneaked to the kobold, killing it and planted caltrops and ball-bearings on the floor. There were couple of more rooms with additional enemies. Plans were made and the Undesirables started by destroying a couple of zombies with magic. Six more zombies came in but where dispatched. Going further the Undesirables found out that a wizard in red robes stepped into a circle of silver runes on the floor and after muttering a single word, was enveloped in a blinding flash of green light, teleporting away.

Sleep spell was utilized effectively practically causing every kobold to fall asleep as well as one cultist. When the Undesirables thought the battle had ended, a cultist knight, who had been invisible to this point, attacked them but by use of a clever spell, he threw down his arms and surrendered to the Undesirables. In the room was a fine desk that held a set of maps of the catacombs. There were also a narrow tunnel leading away from the room and on one map it showed a single word: "Pool."

The Undesirables took the cultists to the surface and interrogated them with the clerics of Kelemvor. They found out that they were sent to Valhingen to assist a red wizard of Thay called Rorreth in creating an army of undead. Once done, they were to use the undead to dig towards Phlan and begin the search for the Pool of Radiance. Both the knight and the cultist were later hanged by the Black Fists. It seems that the Cult of the Dragon is cooperating with the Red Wizards of Thay...

Doomguide Glandon was dismayed at the mention of a wizard in the catacombs, and even more so at the map's mention of a "pool." He went so far to reveal that the arrow likely points in the direction of Valjevo Keep, but stopped before guessing as to what the caption actually referred to. He thanked the Undesirables and said that he had much to discuss with his fellow clergy, the Lord Regent, and the Lord Sage. Also, Cassyt was pleased with Cassyt's recounting of the events that transpired. As recognition of her efforts, Doomguide Glandon inducted Cassyt into the Most Solemn Order of the Silent Shroud; the formal clergy of Kelemvor.

Chapter 5: The Courting of Fire

An exiled cultist and his kobold minions are spotted searching long-forgotten ruins in the Dragonspire Mountains. Rumors say he looks for a precious gift to give to a fearsome dragon that dwells there. What he hopes to attain with his gift is unknown, but can't be good for the citizens of Phlan.

17th - 22nd Flamerule / Summertide, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Gush, Heskan, Imerion, Islev, Jeb, Lysandros, Milo

The Undesirables were summoned by the Lord Sage of Phlan to hunt down Spernik, a scribe in the service of Mantor's Library. Spernik and his accomplish, Tibeem, had made two forgeries of tomes that they stole from the Library's restricted section. The forgeries were put back into the shelves. Tibeem and Spernik were spotted and they fled killing one of Black Fist guards called to the scene. Tibeem was captured but Spernik succeeded in his escape. The Undesirables started their investigation by investigating the scribes' working desks. The only stange item they found was a pillar folding compass--a tool most often associated with cartography. From the scribes' room they found a list of things to be purchased from some of the stores in Phlan. From a haversack the two real books were found and the Undesirables found a false panel from one of the dressers. Inside they found two sets of black and purple clothing, each emblazoned with the livery of a low-ranking member of the Cult of the Dragon. The two forgeries were altered so that The History of the North had a chapter referencing the Circle of the Scale, a sect of druids that sought to enslave dragons. This chapter was missing from the forgery. The original Lex Geographica contained an entry referring to a circle of standing stones located in the Dragonspine Mountains, at which a group of dragon-worshipping druids once resided. This entry was missing from the forgery.

The Undesirables went to Stojanow Gate to see Knight Lieutenant Bolver. He confirmed that Tibeem was arrested and pointed to a one of the bodies hanging from the Gate. Tibeem was interrogated but revealed no information. The Lieutenant had heard reports that Spernik had left north towards the Dragonspine Mountains. The only note Tibeem had on his person was a scrap of paper, a shopping list.

The Undesirables went to the Laughing Goblin inn to ask about the scribes. The found out that they ate at the inn often and generally kept to themselves. They had arrived to Phlan in a caravan a little over four months ago. Some of the Undesirables remembered that they had seen the two scribes at the inn before. From the Laughing Goblin the Undesirables went to Cockburn's Grocery to ask Tad Staslep about the shopping list. He remembered that one of them had left a notebook in the shop. The notebook had a couple pages ripped out and the rest of the pages were blank, save for the last one, onto which a crude map had been drawn. The map leads to a location in the foothills of the Dragonspine Mountains; approximately two days' travel away.

The Undesirables traveled to the standing stones in the Dragonspine Mountains an encountered a bunch of kobolds and winged kobolds called urds guarding an entrance underground. After dispatching the kobolds, the Undesirables went underground and found Spernik with a group of winged kobolds. The Undesirables killed the kobolds and took Spernik their hostage. Spernik had found two key pieces from the temple underground. The whole temple was painted with chromatic dragon depictions. There were four shrines and on two shrines the key pieces were still intact on an altar. The Undesirables took the pieces disarming one trap and springing another one and attached the four pieces to form a key that fit into a red door that slid underground.

From the final room the Undesirables found a wight named Scalebinder Skovac who was the leader of a druid cult that tried to enslave dragons. They had made a relic that could control dragons. Using a large host of orcs and kobolds, a red dragon called Scorlworyx (The Scorching Wind) attacked the Temple of the Scale and destroyed the sect within. Skovac sealed himself within along with the relic, both of which had remained within the ruins to this day. A grand battle ensued and the Undesirabels were able to kill the wight and the ghasts.

The Undesirables returned to Phlan and gave the big red dragon scale relic to the Lord Sage getting paid in the return. Spernik was taken to the Black Fists to be tried and probably hung in the near future.

Chapter 6: The Scroll Thief

Scholars Square is a relatively quiet corner of Phlan, but a series of odd thefts have the headmasters of various schools in the area concerned. The headmasters' pleas for help have gone unanswered by the Black Fist, and the Lord Sage of Phlan decides to reach out to the Undesirables to bring those responsible to justice.

1st - 2nd Elesias / Highsun, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Bonesnapper, Briz, Gush, Imerion, Raelic

The Undesirables were drinking in Cracked Crown, an inn on the southern edge of Podol Plaza when they were approached by Knight Aleyd Burral who asked for the Undesirables' help. A string of thefts had been reported by various people who reside or work in Scholar's Square. What was unusual was that nothing of obvious value had been stolen-just a single book. The thefts began six nights ago and had been occurring every two days since then. She didn't know much in the way of particulars about the thefts. She only knew that there were three thefts and that they all occurred in various shops in Scholar's Square, but suggested that the Undesirables speak first with Cassra Brandywine, the Scribe Master of Mantor's Library, who reported the thefts this morning, for additional information.

The Undesirables went to Mantor's Library and talked with the Scribe Master, a young female halfling. She told them that the first book was stolen six days ago from the office of Aya Glenmiir; a wizard who maintains a small shop in Scholar's Square. The book was a treatise on the Weave titled: The Weave: A Collection of Impractical Observations. The second book that was stolen belonged to Marten Foss; a retired adventurer and resident of Phlan who kept it in his private collection in his home in the Nobles' Quarter. The book was personal memoire of Ren, a long-dead ranger of repute and once one of Phlan's most famous citizens. The third and final theft occurred last night and was that of a book titled: The Lords and Lineages of Phlan. It was in the possession of Agin Lamarck, local noble who specializes in the history of Phlan, specifically genealogy and heraldry.

The Undesirables went to see Aya Glenmiir, an old but youthful-looking half-elf female wizard. The book that was stolen belonged to the library and had been on her study for two years before it was stolen six days ago. The book was a rare treatise detailing the Weave; its history and hypotheses about its nature. Because the book was so valuable, only a handful people knew that Aya had it stored in her room. Whoever took the book more than likely had access to the Library's records. The book was stored in a glass display case of breathtaking quality with cunningly etched runes around the edges of each pane of glass. Along with the book, a horn of blasting and three spell scrolls: detect magic, fireball, and hold person, were stolen.

The Undesirables went to see Agin Lamarck, a historian and a noble who dabbled in heraldry and genealogy. The book, Lords and Lineages of Phlan, was a catalogue of every noble house that had resided within Phlan. The book had been in the Lamarck's family for two centuries. It was secured within a drawer in his desk that was "locked and protected by powerful spellcraft." On closer inspection there were no spellcraft involved and the "trap" in the lock was a simple small bell. The Undesirables saw that he was hiding something and upon some persuasion, he confessed that his ancestors had taken the Lamarck name and were not real nobles.

The Undesirables went to see Marten Foss, a retired adventurer, an old dwarf male with a missing arm that he lost years ago to an owlbear. Marten Foss ran a small practice yard. The book that was stolen contained the personal memoirs of Ren o' the Blade-a personal hero to Marten Foss-during his time in Phlan. Marten had owned the book for nearly a decade and it was the only thing stolen from his home. Most of the collection is archived in Mantor's Library, but the stolen volume had special personal meaning to the retired adventurer. The book was simply stored on a bookshelf. No locks and no traps. Ren o' the Blade was instrumental in defeating Tyranthraxus; an entity who had possessed a bronze dragon and ruled Phlan. He participated in the defeat of Tyranthraxus; who subsequently fled into a Pool of Radiance located beneath Valjevo Keep.

At the practice yard a young female dwarf wielding two handaxes was squaring off against a handful of men and seemed to be holding her own quite well. Marten said that she was his daughter and best student, Vera. Gush wanted to challenge her so they had a single practice combat with practice swords without armor, magic or shields. Although Gush won the match 3-1, Vera was quite impressive. Marten was impressed.

The Undesirables were returning to the Library when they were approcahed by an elf who led them to an alley. Anticipating an ambush and getting it, the Undesirables fought the elf who was actually Soares, a human thug accompanied by three halfling mercenaries. The Undesirables incapacitated all of them except for the mercenary leader who escaped. The Undesirables questioned Soares but he revealed nothing. They found a note from his person. It read: "Just get it done, Soares. If they find me, then the last four months have been a total waste. Ensure that the Whisperer's faith in us was not ill-placed." --B.

The mercenaries just said that they were hired by a man in a black half-mask who had smudges of blue ink on his hands. After leaving Soares and the halflings in the caring hands of the Black Fists, they hurried to Mantor's Library. They went to see Scribe Master Cassra and she suggested that they accompany her to pay a visit to her supervisor, Master Opanrael; the Head Curator of Mantor's Library. Master Opanrael had other things to worry about, however, as two of his staff members-Garda Greenleaf and Ellison Berenger-were missing. Their absence had thrown the day's shifts into disarray. Garda Greenleaf was a senior librarian with a flawless record of attendance. Ellison, however, was a scribe who had only been employed at the library for four months, but had otherwise proven to be a reliable hire. Master Opanrael told the Undesirables that Ellison was scheduled to be working in the Archives today and that might be a good place to start looking.

Cassra led the Undesirables down underground to the Archives into a small room filled with books where they found a body of a middle-aged male human who had been killed. He had died on a single blow to his head and a leather thong on his belt had been cut. Cassra had a similar device on her belt that carried a ring of keys. Three books were still on the desk, however; two small books bound in red leather and a larger white book. The white tome and one of the two red books laid open on the table beside the body. Gard had keys to the archives so now the killer had access to things within the Library that he shouldn't.

The books on the table were collected memoirs of Ren o' the Blade. One of the books was stolen from Marten Foss. The other book was open and some pages had been removed from it with apparently a very sharp knife. The white book was the book stolen from Aya Glenmiir. Pages were missing from that book, too.

At that time an ear-splitting and ground shaking noise shattered the silence of the archives and the bookshelves began to crumble and topple on top of the Undesirables. They escaped but Cassra was hurt. She started to go back up when the Undesirables pushed forward to sub-basement. At the sub-basement there was a huge room. A huge hole appeared to been blasted into the far wall. At this room three shadows attacked the Undesirables but with Briz's undead turning and some spells and steel, one shadow was destroyed while two of them fled the room. The Undesirables went through the hole and found a secret cache of books beyond the wall. In the room there was a second hole and the remains of a horn; shattered nearly beyond recognition. There was also an ancient looking chest and from inside they found a hidden compartment with a headband of intellect and a potion of greater healing.

A rope anchored to one of the nearby shelves, leading downward into darkness. The sound of running water was heard within. The Undesirables descended the rope and found themselves in the sewers. Navigating forward towards the spillway of the sewers the found out that there were three carrion crawlers; one dead, the other two eating the dead one. It seems that someone had thrown a fireball spell in the midst of the creatures and left his backpack. The Undesirables had to fight the carrion crawlers and were nearly killed in the process, only a couple of daring adventurers standing after the battle with the rest unconscious on the floor of the sewer. From the backpack they found a collection of documents. A piece of paper with what appeared to be a list of book titles. Most of them had been stricken through, but three had check marks next to them; Lords and Lineages, The Weave: A Practical Observation of Impractical Occurrences, and Ren o' the Blade Memoirs. A rough map showing Phlan and its surroundings was also found. The map detailed a location about half a day's ride east along the Phlan Path and was labeled with the word "Rythnax" which had been circled. The area indicated on the map was the Twilight Marsh-a large swamp east of Phlan. An unsigned note was found that read: "Ellison. Once you have secured what you can to aid us in our search, meet with Rythnax in the marsh east of the city, along the Phlan Path. Slay any that discover your work. Do not fail us again."

The Undesirables had to rest for the night and rented horses from the Kelemvorites. They rode east and found Ellison who seemed to be hurt. In the swamp there was a mound and an entrance inside it and also a small black dragon who noticed the Undesirables. The dragon was called Rythnax was taunting the Undesirables claiming to take the missing pages to his masters and that the adventurers were powerless to stop him. The dragon claimed to be well paid to serve as a courier and enforcer for the Cult obviously because they are terrified of him. He claimed to be the genius behind the whole theft; Ellison was simply a mindless lackey. A battle ensured where Gush took the brunt of the black dragon's breath weapon but survived because of his tough barbarian might. The dragon was killed and Ellison taken prisoner.

The Undesirables looted the dragons' lair and interrogated Ellison who told them that he was sent to find information about the Pool of Radiance. The books stolen from Marten Foss contained first-hand accounts of Pools of Radiance; something no other book in the Library's possession did. The book stolen from Aya Glenmiir was more practical observation and, more importantly, theory on the properties and functions of Pools of Radiance. He stole Lords and Lineages for purely personal reasons; Ellison believed that it would contain proof that he belonged to a noble house of Phlan. While there was a House Berenger in Phlan, it turned out that he was of no relation. He confirmed that he was here to deliver the pages to Rythnax and upon doing so, was going to leave Phlan and the Cult behind, and never look back.

The Undesirables took all the treasure and stolen stuff, hacked the dragon's body to pieces, took the pieces with them and rode back to Phlan where they handed Ellison to the Black Fists and returned stolen property to their rightful owners claiming their prize in the end.

Chapter 7: Drums in the Marsh

For the past several nights, drums have been heard on the wind, coming from the Twilight Marsh. Each morning, more turn up missing from the nearby farms, leaving only muddy, clawed footprints heading towards the marsh.

13th - 17th Elesias / Highsun, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Briz, Gush, Imerion, Islev, Milo

The Undesirables were summoned to the Crossing Inn by its innkeeper Romsan Kal, an old retired adventurer. The inn was located on the east bank of the Trank River, on the south side of the Phlan Path, next to the Trank River Bridge. At the inn they found out that people started disappearing about a tenday ago, the first night of the drums. The drums beat throughout the night. Each morning, someone is gone, often along with some of their livestock if they have any. At this time the front door flew open and a young man dashed in. He appeared to be a farmer. He shouted that his employers, the Renons were gone from their farm. The Undesirables decided to take the man, Taroo, with them and left to see the farm his working.

Visiting Renon farm, the Undesirables found out that the doors were bashed in from the main house and there were signs of struggle. Also, several large pigs, two cows, and the ox were gone. The Undesirables found out clawed footprints covering the dirt floor.

Going to Tralio farm they found out that the Tralios were also gone, and their small house and barn broken into. On their pasture the found out that part of the fence was broken and that there was a bull that told Islev the Druid that creatures tried to take him in the night but he fought them. The bull's horns were caked with blood and it had three blowgun darts stuck in it's side. A trail of blood led back all the way to the river. From Alyin's Farm the found out that the Alyins were missing. The Undesirables found a broken drumstick from the house that was also broken into. The decayed wood barn was wide open and an ox was obviously led away down the path to the road and river.

The Undesirables deducted that the lizardfolk were behind these kidnappings and took a boat and next day started downstream on a keelboat to find them. On the way they, during the following night, they were ambushed by lizardfolk but the Undesirables killed them all except one who they took prisoner. Interrogating the prisoner, the lizardfolk confessed that their clan leaders ordered them to kidnap people and livestock to please Throstulgrael and become king of the Twilight Marsh lizardfolk clans. Going forward they entered the Twilight Marsh in the morning and were almost attacked by two giant toads which Islev made them friends of the Undesirables. A few hours forward the Undesirables spotted a prison raft full of prisoner guarded by lizardfolk and one lizardfolk shaman. After a big battle the lizardfolk were killed and the prisoners were rescued. One of the prisoners, a dwarf named Rolk said tat three lizardfolk clans were having some sort of contest whereby the winner is the clan with the most captives. It had been going on since the drums began a tenday ago, and appeared to end in a few nights. The three clans were called Muckmarsh, Rootwater, and Dusk-Dusk. The drums call out the leading clan somehow and before the contest, something powerful attacked the lizardfolk villages and killed a powerful lizard king called Scalecrusher. The lizardfolk constantly complained that they couldn't eat any of their victims until the contest was over. The lizardfolk had been pushing them steadily in the same direction for days. Rolk assumed it'd lead to their ultimate destination and thought it translates as the Island of the Lizard King in the Ringcurrent Islands. The prisoners started to go back out of the marsh while the Undesirables pushed forward.

The Undesirables finally came near the Island of the Lizard King and saw on an empty island a big muscular lizardfolk who was ripping decorations that were hung on trees ripping them apart. The decorations were dragon effigies. The massive lizardfolk disappeared. Investigation by magic the island that was inhabited by three lizardfolk clans, the Undesirables found out that the kidnapped people and animals were in six different wooden cages, two on each clan's part of the island. In the middle there were six drums in a semicircle. By using invisibility and pass without trace spells the Undesirables hid a cache of weapons in each three parts of the island near the cages, loosened the ropes to the cage doors and told the prisoners to get ready. The Undesirables also sabotaged two of the drums.

The night came and the drums started booming except for the two that were damaged. The magic-imbued drums were deafening arching blue arcane magic amplifying the sound. The Undesirables started to shoot arrows and bolts from hiding places to think that the clans were firing each other. This worked and the clans started to fight each other. At this time, a spell was made that destroyed the drums in fire. At this point the massive lizardfolk emerged, killed the king of the Muckmarsh and rallied his people against the other clans. At this point the lizard king noticed the Undesirables and attacked them with his men but were ultimately killed in a massive battle. The prisoners escaped with the lizardfolk barges fighting the lizardfolk at the same time taking as much of the animals with them as possible.

The escape was possible when the lizardfolk fled to the marsh as the drums were destroyed and their new king was killed. The Undesirables returned to the inn with the survivors in tow and received their prize money. The night was filled with drinking.

Chapter 8: Tales Trees Tell

Despite the shaky alliance that exists with the elves of the Quivering Forest, they do not suffer trespass in their realm lightly, especially from common folk from nearby Phlan. A woodworker's recent blunder into the forest might set off a diplomatic incident.

28th Elesias / Highsun - 8th Eleint / The Fading, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Bewicka, Briz, Imerion, Islev, Milo

Emerald Enclave members of the Undesirables had received a word that the residents of Kabel's Hill were planning an excursion into the Quivering Forest. While it was not known why they were going, their presence in the forest was sure to outrage the dark fey who lived within. At the same time by chance Briz met Millivent Moss in the market at Podol's Plaza; a peat farmer who reisdes not too far from Kabel's Hill, who informed that the a handful of residents had entered the Quivering Forest.

A day and a half later the Undesirables entered Kabel's Hill in pouring rain. The whole village was inside the Leaky Bucket arguing with themselves. The owners of the inn, Hupe and Grinna Brightbell, halflings, told the Undesirables that six months or so ago, a man named Halvin Graingle moved into an abandoned barn a few hours walk east of Kabel's Hill. Halvin was largely considered to be an eccentric hermit who survived off of money earned from selling wood carvings. A month ago, he suddenly stopped coming to town. A few of the villagers went to pay him a visit to see if he was ok, and he was nowhere to be found. His home still had his possessions inside, but they found a crude map of the area in his home. The map had some vague notes but there were a few things that scared the villagers. The map had a couple areas inside the forest labeled. The most concerning of which was Greenhall, an elven settlement. It also detailed a course deeper into the forest. The villagers unanimously agreed that Halvin had gone into the forest; something that is expressly forbidden. Because of this shaky truce with the fey, the villagers decided that a few of them would go and see if they could find Halvin before he was found by the fey. They sought out the services of Serelis Greenleaf-a half-elf ranger that lived in the local area-as a guide, but he adamantly refused and insisted that they send anyone into the forest only to their own peril. That was two tendays ago and they've heard neither hide nor hair of them since. One of the scruffier villagers, thoroughly drunk, hollered out that faeries probably killed his cows. The villagers offered the Undesirables gold if they could investigate the matter and maybe find out what happened to the men.

At this point a woman's scream was heard outside and when the Undesirables went to investigate, they found out one of the missing villagers, a man called Rerk, was hanging from the town's central signpost, blood steaming from his eyes and mouth. Two stones were placed on his eyesockets with sigils that the villagers identified as of Jeny Greenteeth; a hag purportedly living nearby, within the Quivering Forest. One of the Undesirables remembered that Jeny Greenteet was one of the fey who entered into the original pact that protects Phlan in 1380 DR. The pact was that Phlan receives protection from the Quivering Forest and Phlan leaves Quivering Forest alone. Rerk was pinned with a magical, divination magic subjected, foot-long bone pin that was driven through him with sheet of paper. The letters were from the search party indicating that they were just searcing for their friend and ment no harm to anyone in the forest. Rerk was alive and started screming when he was taken from the post. The cleric saved his life and Rerk fell into a coma.

The next day the Undesirables went to see the drunk's, now man with a bad hangover, farm. From there they found two cows butchered poorly some of their meat taken. The Undesirables found out small clawed imprints on the field. Following the tracks the Undesirables eventually came to Halvin's barn. Inside the barn they found out an imp with a big belly sleeping; it had killed the cows and eaten his belly full. The imp was called Pipyap and seemed to be Halvin's familiar. The imp told the Undesirables that Halvin was a really swell guy, but he made pretty dump decisions. The last one was a doozey. He went into the Quivering Forest. Leaving the imp alone and making a deal with it that he wouldn't venture far, they searched the house and found a false panel inside one of the cupboards. Inside in addition to gems and gold, they found a diary that revealed that Halvin was sent to Phlan to treat with the fey of the Quivering Forest; specifically to convince the fey to break their pact with the town and sit idle while the Cult plundered it. He had been sending letters and gifts to the elves and fey of the forest to no avail. Either his messages were not being received or they were being ignored. After months of no progress in obtaining permission to enter the forest, he simply ran out of patience, and decided simply to enter on his own and visit them personally. He knew that Greenhall was the closest thing to an elvish settlement in this part of the forest, and had a general idea of where he might find the hag, Jeny Greenteeth. He expressed disappointment in his familiar who apparently was too scared to go into the forest. The last entry was just over a month old.

From there the Undesirables went to see Serelis who lived inside the Quivering Forest. It took them some time but eventually they decided to enter and found a small glade where a picturesque babbling stream tumbled past a cabin built of natural timbers and a sod roof. On the garden there was a scarecrow. The idyllic garden was tended by a half-elf. Entering his cabin Serelis told the Undesirables that two tendays ago, the residents of Kabel's Hill asked that he lead a small group into the Quivering Forest to treat with the elves of Greenhall. He told them that the elves were the least of his concern, but they wouldn't hear it. He cautioned them against their voyage, insisting that the fey would react poorly to their intrusion. This wal also met with disregard. He hesitantly outfitted the villagers with equipment more suitable than the rake and shovels they were armed with. Each was given a sword, a good cloak, a tenday's worth of rations, and the warning that their plans would result in nothing but tragedy. As unsurprising as it was, is saddened him. The Undesirables persuaded him to come into the forest with them and he eventually joined the expedition.

At this time the door burst open and an animated scarecrow entered the cabin. The windows burst in as needle blights entered the cabin and a fight ensued. Some burning and fighting later the enemies were destroyed. The bone pin that was clearly used by Jeny Greenteeth as a scrying device was taken out of the forest and buried. While outside, Islev met with Grissen, a member of the Emerald Enclave who cautioned them to enter the forest but if they must, he implored the Undesirables that they treat peacefully with the elves. The elves trade goods found only within the Quivering Forest to the Emerald Enclave. The loss of this trade would be devastating to the faction.

Entering deeper into the ancient forest that was in a perpetual darkness as during a dusk, they were harassed by pixies that remained invisibile. After two days of uneventful travel the Undesirables found a body with arrows in its back and were ambushed by displacer beasts but the beasts were ultimately killed. After a day the Undesirables came into Greenhall, the elven settlement and were met with elves pointing arrows at them. The elves told the Undesirables that they did encounter the villagers a tenday and a half ago. The villagers had run out of food and rambling about an insane woodworker who "didn't mean the elves any harm." The elves had not seen a woodworker, insane or otherwise. The group of villagers were the first humans they've seen in a century. The elves freely admitted to attacking the villagers to drive them away from Greenhall. "They had no business being here, and neither do you." The elves said that it's a matter to speak with the fey about the pact. They know only that town owes their survival to the denizens of the forest; boasting that the trees of the forest drank deep of the blood of the Netherese. The elves provided directions on how to find the hag, but offered the Undesirables warning in dealing with her; saying that "She is an ancient creature and not to be trifled with."

After leaving the elves alone, the Undesirables to Jeny Greenteeth's cabin later in the day. There was a large clearing and a small cottage of neatly stacked logs with a roof of tidily arranged shingles, grown over with moss on the far side of the glade. An open cook pit in the center of the clearing housed a large cooking pot hanging from a tripod of iron rods; bubbling and sending delicious-smelling steam into the air. A large cage was suspended from an iron post jutting out from the side of the cabin. Inside were two humans, two surviving members of the expedition from Kabel's Hill. Both of them were happy to see the Undesirables but they didn't speak, trying to shush the Undesirables if they made too much noise. The Undesirables knocked on the door of the cabin and an elderly human woman emerged. She was wearing a simple floral-print dressing gown over a clear, lacy apron. Her hair was tied back in a neat bun held in place with a foot-long bone hair pin identical to that recovered from Rerk in Kabel's Hill.

The woman and the Undesirables sat around the fire but refused to eat the stew that they found out was made out of the villagers. The woman soon realized that the Undesirables knew who she was and revealed her true form, a terrible green hag. Jeny told them that Halvin came to visit a couple tendays ago. She was surprised to find out that he was a member of the Cult of the Dragon. Halvin soon disclosed that he was sent to her to try to sway her to end the pact that binds the fey to Phlan's defense. Halvin was quite rude and unappreciative of her hospitality, so she killed him. Five villagers showed up a tenday ago. They were more receptive of her hospitality, having run out of food a few days prior. Of the five, she sent one home as a warning to Kabel's Hill that further incursions would not be tolerated. "Apparently they didn't get the message, though." Jeny was aware of the pact between the fey and the town of Phlan. In fact, she was one of the fey that originally entered into the agreement with the town. The pact has only been violated once and that was when Lord Protector Talaric Daoran sent some men to chop down some of their trees. The villagers were presumptuous indeed. They were foolish to think that they had permission to come into the forest. The Undesirables were more foolish to follow them-foolish indeed! She also said that she had her doubts whether the pact had been worth the trouble.

The Undesirables used all of their diplomatic skills trying to convince Jeny that she should maintain the pact with the town and not enter into a pact with the Cult of the Dragon. In the end, the Undesirables were successful in convincing Jeny Greenteeth to maintaining the pact, despite the actions of Halvin and the villagers. The town of Phlan retained the protection of the fey. Jeny Greenteeth rewarded the group with the cloak of elvenkind that hung from a peg near her cabin door. She also gave the group a chest made of a beautiful purple-hued hardwood (Morcant Burl), laden with treasure. The Undesirables were free to take the remaining two villagers back to Kabel's Hill. After days of travel the Undesirables reached Kabel's Hill and received their prize and returned the villagers safe and sound. As an afterthought, the Undesirables went to see Pipyap the Imp and killed it sending it back to where it came from.

Chapter 9: Outlaws of the Iron Route

The Iron Route, an important trade road east of Phlan, is beset by competing bandits. An exiled Black Fist officer leads his band of mercenaries turned cloaked ruffians, while a mysterious dragonborn sorcerer commands screaming savages from the north. In this war over the trade route, the beleaguered merchants are the victims, and Phlan suffers from a lack of supplies.

19th - 23rd Eleint / The Fading, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Asagg, Bonesnapper, Briz, Gush, Raelic, Shamash

The Undesirables were invited to meet merchant Braden Yil, a retainer of House Cadorna to Podol Plaza. Upon arriving, there was a massive riot where the crowd demanded the Black Fists to do something about the increased banditry on the Iron Route. This escalated so that some of the crowd attacked a wagon and the Undesirables went to fend off the ruffians. The wagon's owner was no other than Braden Yil. He told the Undesirables that storms had driven trade inland, and caravans had to use the Iron Route—a perilous road that skirts the northern coast of the Moonsea. A number of caravans had been lost to the Gray Patriots, a group of highwaymen led by the disgraced Knight Sahnd Krulek. Sahnd Krulek escaped from Stojanow Gate after being arrested, tried, and sentenced to hang for plotting against Lord Regent Ector Brahms. House Cadorna recently learned that a second group of outlaws had begun operating along the Iron Route: a legion of kobolds headed by an insane dragonborn who routinely sacrificed her victims to dark gods. The dragonborn sorcerer was said to draw her powers from Tiamat, the god of chromatic dragons. A bloody feud existed between the two outlaws. The merchants were thankful for this dispute, as it has led to more caravans passing safely through the Iron Route. The Lord Regent refused to send his Black Fists to stop these bandits, and so it fell on those who had an active interest in the Route’s safety to see the job done. Recently, a merchant caravan owned by House Sokol was ambushed. They were ready for the attack, however, and drove off the bandits, but not before capturing one. The bandit was sold to the Grimshackle Brothers, a pair of ne’er-do-wells who ran a prison a ways up river. Outlaws sold to the Grimshackles were typically ransomed off to anyone who would pay—be it those who serve the law or those who operate outside of it. Braden suggested speaking to the captured outlaw. He was likely to be the best lead to Krulek and may have information about the dragonborn sorcerer as well.

Off they went in the wagon with Braden Yip who directed them three hours north from Phlan to the prison which was a single four-story round tower. At the prison they paid Bhevek Grimshackle to be able to interrogate the prisoner. Up they went to the fourth floor where they found Rathene Fel, a female half-orc. They paid for her freedom but at the same time there was an alarm and smoke was wafting up from downstairs. The Undesirables went down the stairs with their prisoner until they were attacked by a large minotaur, pirate captain Walharrow. After killing the captain, they went to the ground floor where one of the jailers, a dwarf named Iorg Brokenjaw had taken the other brother, Ukharim Grimshackle as hostage and demanded to get out the jail. The Undesirables complied and let him go leaving Ukharim unharmed. The Undesirables then participated in dousing off the fire in the tower.

After getting out of the prison, the Undesirables questioned the prisoner. She told them that the gangs were meeting soon to discuss a truce at King’s Pyre, a ruined statue that the Gray Patriots used as a hideout. The outlaws planned to sail there on their longship, entering by way of a sea cave. Krulek was once a Knight of the Black Fist but was framed after he arrested an influential noble. Other Knights broke him out of Valjevo Castle, and together they turned to banditry to strike back against the merchants. There were fourteen outlaws in the gang. Krulek had two lieutenants: a Talashan berserker called Ruse, and a giant Calishite called Little Erik. Ruse was blind in her left eye, and Erik believed he was cursed: a hag once told him that the hoot of a screech owl would foreshadow his death. Krulek also ran with a moon elf archer, Kai Tyran Uviel, who wielded a magic bow. All of Krulek’s outlaws wore gray hooded cloaks. The dragonborn was called Jeralla. She believed herself to be the Chosen of Tiamat, and had dubbed her gang the Claws of Tiamat. Jeralla’s wild magic had warped her minions, making them strange to behold. They were known for taking captives from their raids, whom they sacrificed to their dark goddess. There were at least thirty kobolds in the gang. A winged kobold called Sharrak appeared to be Jeralla’s second-in-command; he had two heads, so he’d be easy to identify. Recently, Sahnd Krulek received intelligence that Jeralla had some terrible monster in her employ. She was also known to keep a magic book in her wagon, which could dictate messages on command.

Upon interrogating the prisoner, they let her go. She didn't want to have anything to do with the bandits anymore. The Undesirables returned to Phlan and Braden Yil lend horses to the Undesirables. They traveled two days to the King's Pyre braving the Iron Route, passing a familiar dock near the Island on the way.

A heavy fog was on the area of the Pyre as the Undesirables scouted the place from above. They found out that on the east side there were multiple kobolds and a wagon plus a cage that had a monster in it. On the east side there were the tents of the outlaws and a meeting was held in the middle. The Undesirables had a cunning plan, shooting fire bolts to the wagon and arrows to the outlaw camp. Also, there was a zip-line that ran from the top of the statue to the bottom of the statue where they used a white cloak they found from a cleric's body nailed to a tree on the top of the trail and used a unseen servant spell to make it look like someone with a white cloak was zip-lining down. The plan worked and both sides started to fight each other.

The Undesirables were hiding at the top of the cliff when they heard that a large group was approaching; an orc warband! They succeeded in remaining hidden and saw a band of more than 30 orcs, some of them riding large worgs, joining the melee down. After the fighting was over, only the orcs were standing. This was the time when the Undesirables attacked.

The battle was massive and the Undesirables suffered some casualties, none fatal luckily, but were victorious in the end. The Undesirables started investigating. The beast inside the cage was an owlbear which they set free. In the wagon they found a book containing stories of Jeralla as Tiamat's earthly daughter (so fake) and some treasure. In the caves they found prisoners: four bedraggled humans, a half-elf, and a pair of dwarves. The half-elf introduced himself as Sirge Wintermelt, and he was Harper. From the outlaw camp they found Sahnd Krulek dead along with all his men and some treasure. Investigating further, they found a magical sendin stone from one of the two-headed winged kobolds with a Cult of the Dragon symbol on it. They found a broken sending stone from the orog chief the Undesirables killed. It seems that the the kobold was working with the orcs on behalf of Cult of the Dragon. Taking the bodies of Krulek and Jeralla with them to Phlan claiming their reward from house Cadona and from the Black Fists.

Chapter 10: Tyranny in Phlan

The Maimed Virulence has come. The future of the Cinnabar Throne and the lives of the denizens of Phlan are in jeopardy. The Cult of the Dragon rejoices, and the Black Fist is powerless to stop them. How will the factions of the city respond to this threat? Can Phlan be saved this time?

3rd - 4th Marpenoth / Leaffall, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Briz, Gush, Islev, Jeb, Lerissa, Lysandros, Shamash

The Undesirables were in the Laughing Goblin when they were approached by Black Fist Knight Aleyd Burral. She wanted to hire the Undesirables to find out proof of the corruption of the Black Fists. The Undesirables agreed when the whole city shook. They saw an enormous green dragon started to tear apart the wall and roof of Valjevo Castle breathing poison gas inside it. The dragon finally went inside. Going outside there were a couple of hobgoblins, a half-dragon ettin with a guard drike and a half-elf cleric. The ettin was pulling a wagon with a cage on it containing prisoners. The Undesirables killed the creatures sparing one hobgoblin that told them that the cleric was called Farvnik the Venomous. During the fighting, Fat Mar was unfortunately killed and Imizael cried uncontrollably.

Interrogating the prisoner the Undesirables found out that their master was Vorgansharax, The Maimed Virulence, a green dragon of incredible size and power who now ruled Phlan by right of conquest. Vorgansharax demanded tribute and had sent his loyal subjects into the town to collect wealth and slaves to be brought before him. This group was sent to round up the citizenry for food and slavery. Vorgansharax had allied with the Cult of the Dragon in exchange for the town of Phlan, which now belongs to him. The Maimed Virulence learned there was a secret conference in Valjevo Castle attended by the Lord Regent, the masters of the town’s four major guilds, and the head of each noble house. They were all slain and that no one in the town now lived with a claim to the Cinnabar Throne. Farvnik was a cleric of Tiamat. He and the rest of his cultists got into the town aboard ships. They were docked for days while other allied ships arrived. No one ever searched or inventoried their vessel as would be expected from the dockmaster.

The Undesirables released the prisoners, one of the prisoners was Aya Glenmiir. She told that Ector Brahms lives, or at least it is highly unlikely that he was slain when the dragon attacked. She and a few other scholars were meeting with him outside Stojanow Gate to discuss magical improvements to its security. She was sent to retrieve some documents from the library that a colleague had forgotten and was on her way back when the attack occurred. (The Lord Regent was quite unhappy about the delay that forgetting the papers caused, as he had other plans for the day, but wanted it done as soon as pos-sible.) It is quite likely that her friends and the Lord Regent are inside the Gate. Aya believed that the green dragon that had attacked was Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence. He is particularly large for his age (almost eight centuries) and had a damaged wing from a battle in his youth, which made him a clumsy flyer. He was a scion of Claugiyliamatar, an ancient green dragon that resided in Kryptgarden Forest. Aya suggested they flee as soon as night falls, and she had an idea on how to get out. The Welcomers smuggle things in and out of the town all the time, likely through the sewers and catacombs beneath the streets. However, it appears the cultists were using the sewer tunnels as well, so they need a safe alternative. She knew a Welcomer named Glevith who had worked with the Harpers in the past and so might be willing to help the characters. Last she knew, Glevith frequented the Cracked Crown near Scholar’s Square.

Knight Aleyd Burrall went to seek loyal supporters and promised to meet the Undesirables later in the afternoon in the Laughing Goblin. The Undesirables went to the Cracked Crown to meet Glevith, a member of the Welcomers. The Undesirables and Glevith made a deal that the Welcomers would smuggle survivors out of the city at nightfall.

Some of the Undesirables went to check on the harbor and they found that there was one ship, the Gilded Trophy, that was held captive in the harbor. There was also a second ship, the Vigilant, that was in enemy hands. The Undesirables went to the docks and found out that a couple of sailors were being held captive by a couple of Black Fist guards who had green splashes on their armor. They had joined the dragon's side. The Undesirables lured the guards into an ambush and killing all but one of them, freeing the sailors telling them to go to the Laughging Goblin. One of the Black Fists was taken prisoner. The Undesirables then went inside the Vigilant where they found out two kobolds and a basilisk. They killed the basilisk and one of the kobolds and took the other kobold as captive.

Interrogating their prisoners they found out that the Black Fists were members of the Black Fist who had decided to support the dragon Vorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence, and his attempt to take over Phlan. They called themselves the Tears of Virulence. Their reasons for siding with the dragon were varied. Some were greedy and were bribed to aid the Cult of the Dragon. Others went over when it was clear the town was lost, and they wanted to be on the winning side. A significant number who worshiped the deity Bane believed that the Lord Regent was weak and that Vorgansharax was a true tyrant worth serving. The Tears were in the process of exterminating all the Knights of the Black Fist who did not join with them. The Black Fists didn’t know that the Tears existed and thus were easily taken by surprise. Some of the Tears had been allied with the Cult of the Dragon for months. Their aid was crucial in sneaking the Cult’s forces into the town. Soon Phlan would be locked down, and escape would be impossible. With the help of corrupted members of the Black Fist, the Cult had been passing information back and forth among its many members and spies through the cultist Spernik, who served as a hub for information in planning the attack. The Tears were spread throughout the town, but they completely controlled the docks and the town gates, and they had closed the Stojanow Gate for the first time in living memory. The Cult of the Dragon had two main leaders in the town besides Vorgansharax. The first was the cleric Farvnik the Venomous (which the Undesirables killed earlier). He was sweeping the streets with a great half-dragon ettin, a minion of the green dragon himself (which the Undesirables killed earlier). The second was a powerful Wearer of Purple named Ixusaxa Terrorsong. She was an elf who is often in the company of constructs.

Going back to the Laughing Goblin with their prisoners, the Undesirables met with Alayed. She had found three other loyal Knights of the Black Fist. Also, Cassyt, acolyte of Kelemvor, a half-elf wearing a suit of ill-fitting leather armor, was with her. The Undesirables headed to Stojanow Gate to free the Lord Regent with Aleyd and his men. Surveying the square before the Stojanow Gate, they found over a hundred prisoners, with 26 Black Fists with green splashed on their armor and a handful of half-dragon guards. The plan was that Aleyd with his men would draw as many guards away from the square and the Undesirables would free the prisoners.

Putting the plan to motions, Aleyd attacked with his men, killing several guards, then retreated and drew all the 26 guards after them. Unfortunately, Aleyd was killed in the attack. After the majority of the guards were gone, the Undesirables attacked. There were several half-dragon guards and a gambion, a fiend. The battle was difficult but the Undesirables managed to kill the guards and drive aways the gambion. Freeing the Lord Regent and the hundred or so prisoners, they started to flee to the docks to the ship they freed. During the fighting, Elisande had been sitting in the tree in the middle of the square with her goat and she joined the flight.

Arriving at the docks the Undesirables and the freed prisoners were attacked by Ixusaxa Terrorsong riding a wyvern with a odd walking construct. Many people died and the ships sunk the the bottom of the harbor. The Undesirables and the people had to run away again.

Heading to the Cracked Crown, they were met with Glevith and two women in leather armor, one a halfling and the other a grey-skinned half-elf. Trunkey Lighttouch, the halfling, and Dark Linsa, the half-elf led the Undesirables and the people to the secret parts of the tunnel system under the city. The body of Aleyd was taken with them because the now freed Lord Regent wished it so. He said that Aleyd had family in Mulmaster and maybe someone in that city could raise her from the dead. They waited until dark. Talking to Cassyt, they found out that in anticipation of his initial assault, the dragon breathed on the graveyard, likely killing the Kelemvorites within. Doomguide Glandon was the only person of sufficient power to raise Aleyd from the dead among the faithful, and Cassyt only hoped that he might still be alive. Cassyt was in town purchasing gardening supplies when the dragon attacked, which she credited as being the only reason she yet lives. She knew Aleyd well. The knight often spent her off-duty time sitting in the graveyard, sharing stories of her youth with the fledgling cleric.

The Welcomers showed the way out of the city. In the dark the Undesirables saw that Ixusaxa and her wyvern patrolled the skies preventing escape. The Undesirables created a diversion and the hundred or so ex-prisoners managed to escape with the Lord Regent. Before departing, the Lord Regent asked the Undesirables to stay in the city and to be part of a resistance with the Welcomers and the factions left behind for the return of Knight Aleyd Burral and himself. He instructed the party to work together to reclaim Denlor's Tower--it should serve well as a base of operations. Then the refugees with Lord Regent Ector Brahms, the body of Aleyd Burral and Cassyt walked into the woods and vanished from sight.

The Undesirables returned to the city with the Welcomers intent on starting a resistance against the Maimed Virulence and his minions.

Chapter 11: Dark Pyramid of Sorcerer's Isle

Long unonccupied, the pyramid on Sorcerer's Isle now floats with strange magical energy, warping creatures and the landscape around it. The Cult of the Dragon and Red Wizards of Thay have taken notice, and it's up to the Undesirables to keep whatever power dwells there out of their hands.

15th - 24th Marpenoth / Leaffall, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Asagg, Briz, Jeb, Lerissa, Milo, Shamash, Vanduul

The Undesirables were invited by the Lord Sage of Phlan to Denlor's Tower. The Lord Sage had become the leader of the resistance in Phlan comprising of the factions and the Welcomers. They were welcomed by Kral, a member of the Harpers and met with the Lord Sage. He asked the Undsirables the travel to Sorcerer's Isle four days horseback ride upriver from Phlan to try to stop a strange contamination that the pyramid was causing to the surrounding flora and fauna. An insane wizard named Yarash built his home on Sorcerer's Isle in a large, silver pyramid. Within the pyramid, he experimented with transmutation magic and physical experimentation; both flora and fauna were subjected to his meddling. The river became so toxic as a result of his work that little could survive in it. Ren o' the Blade, a local hero from Phlan, defeated Yarash. Since then, the lure of treasure and power had drawn many to explore the island because of rumors regarding treasure and great magic; none who have ventured within the pyramid had returned to tell the tale. It is known that Yarash constructed a vast maze within the pyramid. The journals of Ren o' the Blade detail that the maze itself changed as his group progressed within. It is unknown what, if anything, resides within the pyramid. The maze, however, has no doubt claimed many souls over the years, and some may still wander its halls. Though he cannot be certain, the Lord Sage was of the impression that the phenomena surrounding the pyramid was unlike that which plagued the area in the time of Yarash. The corruption around the pyramid now lent the impression of an extraplanar influence. Finally, the Lord Sage was concerned of the speed at which the corruption seemed to be spreading. The Undesirables were asked to retrieve any written works they were able to find relating to Yarash and his experimentation, and try to also prevent others from doing likewise.

A cloaked figure in the room, Welsea Parenthe, a female vampire, spoke next. She said that the Zhentarim had learned that twisted creatures were roaming the area surrounding the pyramid. Most had exhibited relatively benign mutations, such as changes in color or size, but others seemed to be more malevolent in nature. The Zhentarim had also learned that the Cult of the Dragon had expressed an interest in the pyramid and its fabled contents, and suspected that they have sent agents to retrieve the written works of Yarash along with other items of arcane power. Welsea asked the Undesirables to travel to the pyramid, enter it, and ascertain what resides within and if they are a threat to Phlan. She also asked the Undesirables to determine the source of the contamination and, if possible, stem it.

The next morning the Undesirables set off to the isle on horseback. On the third day, they encountered four mutated boars and three death dogs near the river. It seemed the river had mutated the creatures somehow. On the fourth day the Undesirables arrived to the farmstead and left their horses there. From the farmstead they took two rowboats and rowed a couple of hours downstream.

Beaching on the north side of the isle in the river, they saw a large silver pyramid where strange multicolored liquid poured from its sides and flowed to the river. The liquid was ascertained the source of the corruption. They were attacked by a cult of the dragon warrior and four winged kobolds which the Undesirables destroyed.

Going inside the pyramid they entered a maze where they fought a ghost, poltergeists, ghouls, ochre jellies, a malfunctioning trap requiring repair, galeb duhr, and Cult of the Dragon members in form of kobolds, cultist and a young purple worm the Undesirables had seen signs of outside the pyramid.

Managing to go through the maze to the second level they encountered Rorreth, a Red Wizard of Thay the Undesirables had met underneath the Valhingen graveyard months ago. They killed him and his minions but took one half-elf mercenary, Antela, as captive. She told the Undesirables that she was hired by Rorreth, a former Cult of the Dragon member, to accompany him to the pyramid. She didn't know much other details and eventually the Undesirables set her free. Near Rorreth they found stack of notes and documents about Yarash's experiments. Going on further the Undesirables encountered mutated lizarfolk which they disposed of by utilizing two fireballs. Using dispel magic spell to suppress a magical fog and holding their breath through a stinking cloud, the Undesirables managed to ascend to the top level.

On the top level they found out a strange room. Gears, gauges, valves, and hand wheels were scattered about the walls of the room. A glass pipe rose from the center of the room through which flowed a bizarre, multi-colored fluid. The fluid was being pumped into the column from a second glass pipe that ran horizontally along the ceiling and through a large hole in the upper portion of the wall. A number of makeshift patches and repairs had been made to the pipe, but despite them, the fluid leaked from a number of areas. On the floor of the room were three large nests made of dried plant material and supple leather. Where the liquid touched, a patch of wild flowers spontaneously grew, a 2-foot-wide storm cloud formed a foot or two above the ground and began raining and casting lightning on the ground beneath it. The ground sizzled and spat as if being burnt by acid. The ground opened like a pair of eyelids that opened, revealing a large eye with an unusual pupil that glanced around before stopping and glaring at the Undesirables. A small crystal formation began growing. There were two red slaadi on the room which the Undesirables killed.

On the final room a huge vat full of the same brilliant liquid that churned in the glass pipes overhead lay in the center of the room. Beside it, a bellows pump was being operated by a pair of emaciated lizardfolk who were both bound to the strange device by thick chains around their necks. At best guess, their labors pushed the fluid up the pipe that emerged from the pump at through what was likely a relatively new hole at the top of the wall. But the pump and the lizardfolk chained to it was the least remarkable thing in the room. The far wall was dominated by what can only be described as a jagged tear in the air itself. Bordered by arcane symbols drawn in a dark brown ink, incomprehensible visions danced in the space beyond it. A lizardfolk was bound at the wrists by chains, and likely its ankles, as its lower extremities were partially immersed in the portal. A viscous, multi-colored slime coursed over his body and into the vat in the center of the room. Its gibbering was periodically interrupted as a wave of the slime slid over its face. The Undesirables killed the lizardfolk and pulled the one from the portal that lead directly to the Plane of Limbo, the Plane of Chaos.

Destroying the portal, the strange liquid evaporated in a couple of hours. The Undesirables also found the journal of Yarash. Getting out of the pyramid through the maze, the area around the pyramid began to recover. Rowing upstream back to the homestrad and riding four days to Phlan, the Undesirables presented Yarash's journal and other documents. The Lord Sage was ecstatic and pleased by the success of the Undesirables in locating the source of the recent corruption.

Chapter 12: Raiders of the Twilight Marsh

A black dragon’s treasure horde has been located in the Twilight Marsh, and within it are secrets that hold interest to the factions. With the dragon marauding over the countryside, the horde is left unguarded. Now is the time to plunder its lair!

15th Uktar / The Rotting, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Bonesnapper, Briz, Imerion, Islev, Ktakh, Lerissa, Lysandros, Ront

The Undesirables were invited to meet Rolk, a dwarf belonging to the Merchant's Guild who the Undesirables rescued from Twilight Marsh, in Velvet Doublet. The Merchant's Guild had fallen prey to a number of thefts along the Phlan Path. One theft in particular, the Merchant's Guild was quite desperate to resolve. A lockbox was stolen recently. It was stamped with the seal of the Merchant's Guild and possessed mundane and magical protections against intrusion. Rolk was insistent that the box not be opened. He dismissed any questions as to its contents; merely explained that it marked with the symbol of the Merchant's Guild--a gold coin embossed with an axe, a hammer, and a pair of forge tongs. He had reason to believe that the lockbox was currently in the lair of the dragon Throstulgrael, more commonly known as Velvet who, as luck would have it, happened to be "away from home". The dragon was seen arriving in Phlan the night before--likely visiting Vorgansharax. Rumor said he was expected to be in town for a couple days. To ensure that the Undesirables would be able to get to the Twilight Marsh quickly, the Guild provided the Undesirables with riding horses.

The merchants had negotiated with a lizardfolk tribe led by a lizardfolk named Bogclaw, a lizardfolk who fancied himself a something of a king. The Undesirables were to meet with this lizardfolk at the Ringcurrent Islands, where he would provide directions to Velvet's lair. Rolk provided the Undesirables with a map with directions to Bogclaw's camp on Ringcurrent Island from the Crossing Inn. Once at the inn, the proprietor, Rhomsan Kal, had boats to take into the marsh. Rolk didn't know precisely where the dragon's lair was, however, or how far away it was from the inn. The dragon was lairing in the ruins of an old cult complex called the Hall of the Black Bull. Time was of utmost importance! It was rumored that Throstulgrael would be leaving Phlan before dawn the next morning (likely no later than 5 bells) and it should take him no more than an hour to make the trip back to his lair.

The Undesirables departed immediately riding to the Crossing Inn where they were given two small pole boats and the Undesirables traveled to the Rincurrent Island to meet the lizardfolk. Bogclaw's tribes had been nearly decimated by Velvet and he wished revenge on the black dragon and wanted those of his people who were captured, freed. Bogclaw confirmed the rumor surrounding Velvet's absence, though he didn't know when the dragon would return. The shaman said that after Velvet destroyed the lizardfolk village he returned with two green hags,though he didn't know why. The shaman didn't know much about the hags, but knew that the dragon had forced their aid by taking a member of their "tribe" into his lair and not giving her back. The hags's home was to the east. The dragon itself lived in a series of ruins further to the east. While they were talking, a shambling mound and several will-o'-wisps attacked. In the end, the attackers were defeated but the Bogclaw was consumed by the shambling mound.

The Undesirables traveled east and happened to an island that was nothing like the swamp. Killing a goblin, they walked a bramble-ridden trail that opened up into a large clearing in which stood a short, stout tree with thick, gnarled boughs. A rickety staircase wound around the tree's truck to a wooden landing. Nestled among the tree's branches was a small wooden cabin. The warm glow of a fire danced behind the drawn shades. A large, rusted cage swung beneath the landing. The sounds of a heated conversation could be heard from within the cabin, though it was impossible to hear precisely what was being said. Then the door to the cabin was thrown open and an elderly elvish woman walked briskly out, shouting "I don't care what you think! We must cast lots! Where is Sister Deathwillow?"

Talking with Sister Pusriver, the elvish-looking hag and Sister Rotface, a hag looking an old woman, the hags wanted the Undesirables to rescue their sister, Deathwillow offering 300 gp. If they would slay Velvet, they'd give an extra 700 gp to the Undesirables. The Undesirables asked about Velvet's lair and directions to it. The hags told them that the kobolds of the Pitted Scale clan loved to capture and torture anyone they came upon, just like Velvet did. They were especially fond of using poison and acid to torture their victims. After he kidnapped Sister Deathwillow, the dragon demanded the hags to create a ritual for him to summon the souls of the dead. Which they did. They later performed the ritual at the site of the lizardfolk village, creating the will-o-wisps. The hags asked if the Undesirables were interested in a trade which they were not.

The Undesirables traveled to the ruins and found out one stone building solid enough to be habitable. Rushing inside they were attacked by several trolls which the Undesirables killed. During the fight several young and elderly kobolds fled. Going down they found a torture chamber and several prisoners being tortured by kobolds. A big fight ensued but in the end the kobolds and humans transformed into berserkers were defeated.

Pressing on, the Undesirables came to the final chamber that was filled with acid smoke. The black dragon was waiting for them and the Undesirables battled him and a half-dragon troll defeating them both. Unfortunately Velvet wanted just that. He ate a man holding out a large vial in his outstretched arms. This made Velvet transform into a dracolich. He then escaped leaving the Undesirables to plunder his hoard. Taking the hoard (including the lockbox) with them, the Undesirables freed the prisoners, collected their prize from the hags and made their way back to Phlan. They gave the lockbox to a grateful Rolk collecting the reward as promised.

Chapter 13: Pool of Radiance Resurgent

Vorgansharax rules Phlan, using the Cult of the Dragon to extend his noxious gaze. But the green dragon seeks far more than control of the beleaguered town – ultimate power is nearly within reach. Will he reactivate the Pool of Radiance and ascend to greater prominence amongst his kind?

26th Uktar / The Rotting - 1st Nightal / The Drawing Down, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Bewicka, Briz, Imerion, Jeb, Lerissa, Milo, Shamash

The Undesirables met at Grimshackle Jail to meet Glevith, a Welcomer who had left Phlan to set up a base of operations outside the town, since the dragon had eliminated almost all threats to his power through his Cult of the Dragon allies and his enforcers, the Tears of Virulence. Glevith told the Undesirables that rumors had been swirling that Vorgansharax was not satisfied with just control of Phlan, but rather has his designs on all of the Moonsea. In his quest to obtain even more power, he had started consulting with Red Wizards, who had advised him to gather up whatever magic he can for their research. A few days ago, word spread throughout the Cult of the Dragon that Vorgansharax was looking for a group to travel outside Phlan to obtain some powerful magic. Ixusaxa Terrorsong volunteered to lead the cultists on their expedition. They were to head north into the Ticklebelly Hills to the foot of the Dragonspine Mountains. The cultists were scheduled to depart Phlan tomorrow morning. Their route would take them close to Grimshackle Jail by mid-afternoon.

The Undesirables used their extensive contact network in the respective factions to find out that Ixusaxa Terrorsong, a powerful mage and Wearer of Purple, would lead the expedition. She would be accompanied by several dragonclaws and dragonwings, experienced and trusted members of the Cult of the Dragon. In addition, it was said that Iuxsaxa’s wyvern mount might be close to her, scouting ahead for danger. The expedition was to be headed to a place called Kranun’s Crater, about two days away from Grimshackle Jail in the Ticklebelly Hills. Rumors coming from inside Phlan suggested that a new Pool of Radiance had formed, and Vorgansharax was seeking its power. A Pool of Radiance is infused with strong magic that could be harnessed for all sorts of purposes. There had been sightings of the Burning Banner orc tribe recently in the Ticklebelly Hills. This tribe, numbering several dozen, was lead by an orog known as Narle Shieldbiter, once employed by the Cult of the Dragon. Some Undesirables participated in a counterintelligence operation sowing dissension to the ranks of the Cult of the Dragon. Shamash and Jeb found out a good place for an ambush and prepared it for the next day.

The following day, the Undesirables set out an ambush and waited for the expedition to arrive. The Undesirables annihilated the expedition from an ambush, including Ixusaxa Terrorsong and her wyvern mount. Going from there the Undesirables traveled to Kranun's Crater. On the third day, the Undesirables arrived at Kranun's Crater. They destroyed the Black Banner orc tribe situated in the tunnels above the Crater and went into the crater. They found out that Kranun, an exiled stone giant lived there and they also found out that a meteor had struck the inside the crater forming a Pool of Radiance. The Undesirables negotiated with Kranun and ultimately realized that he was possessed by some malevolent spirit. Making a deal with Kranun, the Undesirables left the Crater stealing some of the giant's possessions on their way out. Kranun was not pleased and demanded to kill one of the Undesirables in exchange for their thievery. The Undesirables refused and there was a battle where ultimately the stone giant was struck down. Also, four perytons were defeated in the fray.

After Kranun was revived, the Undesirables understood that Kranun had been possessed by Tyranthraxus. Tyranthraxus’s true origin was unknown, but he was some sort of malevolent extraplanar entity that had existed for a long time. Tyranthraxus had had his own cults in Faerûn before, and it was through those cults that he took control of a bronze dragon for several decades, destroying Phlan with an army of savage humanoids. Eventually, he was defeated, only to reappear later, ruling over many evil beings in the overrun Myth Drannor, and learning more secrets from the magical pools that seemed to be his entry into the world. Once again, he was brought low by a group of adventurers aided by Elminster, and was thought slain.

Kranun was thankful for the help from the Undesirables and the party returned to Grimshackle Jail with their knowledge and a sample from the Pool of Radiance receiving their gold payment. Before returning, the Undesirables spent the night inside the Crater drinking with Kranun.

Chapter 14: Escape from Phlan

Three important citizens of Phlan, who stand against the tyrannical dragon that rules, seek to escape and find refuge across the Moonsea. Can you extricate those that are vital to the factions before it’s too late?

12th Nightal / The Drawing Down, 1489 DR

The Undesirables: Briz, Imerion, Lerissa, Jack, Nour

Having wiped out Phlan’s leadership and wrested control of the city from the Lord Regent, Vorgansharax had set about on a campaign of oppression previously unknown to its residents, as war-torn as they might be. Even under the control of the nefarious Zhentarim of old, the city has never been so bereft of hope. More commonly known as the "Maimed Virulence," Vorgansharax was a green dragon on the older end of adulthood whose massive size was overshadowed only by his even larger ego. Despite the grievous injury sustained at the claws of a bronze dragon as a wyrmling that left him with a tattered and maimed right wing, Vorgansharax cut quite the imposing figure. He was stout of build and terrifyingly strong; far more so than other dragons of his age.

Most recently, Vorgansharax had lent his considerable will toward turning Phlan into his lair. He had surrounded the city in an impenetrable magic thicket of brambles and briars that had grown to completely subsume the city walls as well as provide a dense canopy overhead. This left Phlan shrouded in dim shadow even on the brightest of days, and at night the only light available was that created by fire and magic. In addition to surrounding the city, Vorgansharax had also caused his thicket to envelop specific locations throughout the city that had either caused him trouble directly, or pose as threats to his despotic reign. Specifically, Mantor’s Library and the entire temple district were overgrown and inaccessible by conventional means.

The Undesirables used a teleportation circle to teleport inside the city because the dragon's thicket had enveloped the whole city and all known ways of entry. The Undesirables' mission was to save three key persons and to find a way out of the city with the important persons.

The Undesirables went to find madam Freona who owned Madame Freona's Tea Kettle. On their way they were attacked by two will-o'-wisps and a shambling mound that emerged from the thicket. Destroying the will-o'-wisps and escaping from the shambling mound, the Undesirables sneaked through the city to Madam Freona's Tea Kettle. The whole inn was enveloped by the thicket and Freona was outside trying to burn it with little success. Madam Freona's five daughters had luckily escaped the city before the thicket went up and the Undesirables managed to persuade Freona to accompany them. A Tears of Virulence patrol gave chase to them but the Undesirables managed to lose them in the alleyways of Phlan.

Next the Undesirables went to the Laughing Goblin where they found out that the inn’s previous proprietor, Imizael, had left the city before the thicket went up and the business was sold to its previous owner, an old dwarf named Durnam Goblinkicker. The dwarf told the Undesirables that there were new tunnels under the city that he and other remaining business owners of Phlan had used pass on information and people. A hollowed out keg leading to a hole in the floor of the inn was the entrance to the tunnels. The tunnels were only three feet tall and the business owners used sleds with wheels to move in the tight tunnels.

Durnam gave instructions how to get underneath Mantor’s Library that was enveloped by the thicket. Traveling in the low tunnels the Undesirables eventually came to a crossroads where they had to fight three carrion crawlers. After dispatching them, they moved on underneath the library and went inside through a trapdoor. Searching for many hours, the Undesirables finally found the Lord Sage hiding in the top floor. Taking him with them, the Undesirables returned to the Laughing Goblin.

The Undesirables went next to Stojanow Gate prison where Jhessail Greycastle was held. The dragon had made this quite clear, boasting Jhessail’s capture. The prison seemed empty and from the office they found a hidden trapdoor leading down. Going down and onwards in a tunnel towards the Valjevo Castle, the Undesirables spotted a glyph of warding on the wall. Disabling it they entered a big arena-like room that was filled with smoke smelling tar. Behind them a steel gate dropped down, sealing off the passageway they just came from and the mist began to clear. Before them stood a giant blue slaadi, Xynicynct, the jailor and two Tears of Virulence guards. The dragon was seen above the room through a steel lattice that kept the Undesirables enclosed making bets with his minions, clearly an illusion. The battle was fierce but the Undesirables emerged victorious. Freeing Jhessail who was held on the wall and persuading her to flee to city instead of trying to kill the dragon on an obvious suicide mission, the Undesirables fled back to the Laughing Goblin.

Jhessail knew a previously unknown route out of the city beneath Valhingen Graveyard. The Undesirables with their three rescued persons were successful in getting out of the city. The Undesirables were rewarded with gold and a Letter of Writ redeemable from the factions’ leadership in the city of Mulmaster.

The Undesirables, the ones that were left in the area near Phlan, traveled to Mulmaster. The green dragon was still in charge of Phlan and Lord Regent was gathering up forces to defeat the dragon. It was not over yet.