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The importance of owning materium is far too often overstated. The importance of owning the people who control the materium is far too often overlooked.

Hadley Risk Management (HRM) Ltd. (clean resource)

A small business venture currently mploying three people. Has recently moved from large and comfortable office in downtown Miami, Florida to slightly less comfortable, but well guarded, office in Los Angeles. In addition to being the "official" job of Alexanra Hadley, the company employs a IT-support who takes care of the massive network infrastructure based on rented servers and one secretary who takes care of client contacts and public relations. In practice the HRM is simply a Syndicate front, functioning as personal on-line support for Alexandra Hadley.

Alexandria Ltd. (clean resource)

A small investment management business that manages all the funds and property under its name. Employs only one person, a former lawyer. This venture has been used by Alexandra Hadley to manage her resources for quite some time now and the single operator working there has set up very complicated system to hide all the investments, assets and property under the companys control. In reality this is yet another Syndicate front built up just for personal support for Alexandra Hadley.

Orange Real Estates Ltd. (clean resource)

A small real estate sales company, speacilized in buying real estate out of bankcruptcy auctions and selling them on for small profit. Employs one salesman and one secretary who are constantly overworked in keeping the business afloat. Has, at any time, several office spaces, industrial buildings and other real estate under its control. If Alexandra Hadley needs to use any of the real estate under Orange Real Estates control Alexandria Ltd. rerouts funds to the Orange Real Estate so that they can keep the place unsold and unoccupied for awhile while waiting for the "right moment to sell".

Viajo Transports & Logistics (dirty resource)

Viajo is a medium-size transports and logistics business that owns several warehouses and dozens of trucks. The owner of the company, Antonno Portillo, is an experienced dealer in the less-than-legal side of the Mexico - US cross-border traffic. He is under Alexandra Hadleys control through his daughter, Teresa Portillo.

McNorben Service (dirty resource)

Exclusive limousine service who has gathered a clientele of rich, famous and powerfull people by offering "strictly confidential" services... For a hefty price. Recently Hadley Resource Management has managed to secure control over the McNorben Service by orchestrating them into a situation where they have a rather substantial debts to Blythe Garage, another company now under conrol of Hadley Resource Management.

Blythe Garage (dirty resource)

A small garage and automobile workshop employing two mechanics at the moment. Its main selling point is that they have specialized themselves into repairing and maintaining specialized vehicles like limousines. Recently the Garage had a slight cash-flow problem and ended up being bought by HRM.

Wonderland MC (hot resource)

An independent club that was once a sort of "black-operations-subsection" of Vagos MC. Still maintains close relationship with Vagos MC, but is now under Hadleys control and offers muscle for other operations.

King Street Kings (hot resource)

A multi-ethnic gang of young afro-americans and hispanos making their money on car-theft and drug-sales (heroin and crack) on the downtown corners. Under Hadleys control and offers available manpower for all sorts of low-intensity operations.

Vagos MC (hot resource)

Hadley has a working business relationship with Vagos MC. Currently the club is buying guns via proxy from several organized crime groups and selling them to a "gentleman from Texas" that Hadley introduced them. The club is getting a monthly profit of a several thousand dollars from the sales. Due to this business relationship Hadley now has access to some of the manpower resources of the club.

Human Resources

I do not control people just because I can. That would be waste of purpose. I also do not control people just because of profit. That would be waste of potential. As a Resource Controller of Syndicate it is my firm belief that that the benefit of the whole system is best served when I control people to tap them for their full potential, whether that be profit, pleasure, advancement, enlightenment or all of them.

Cavendish, Peter


A former corporate lawyer and an expert in evading federal taxes. Alexandra Hadleys old accomplice who lost his right to practice law already several years ago, but remains in the employment of Ms. Hadley whom he "knows" to be working for Mafia. Solemnly believes to have been mixed up in business that would guarantee him several consecutive life-sentences if the feds ever came down on it. Still, he doesn't really know where the "bodies are buried" and thus has no information valuable enough to buy him a way out of it either.

The cash flow is good, I'll transfer the money right away. You should be seeing 3577,85 dollars as tax returns on your expenses account, a sum of 4580,75 dollars reimbursed to the american express credit line for conference fees and I'll wire the rest over by Western Union in hour.

Charmaz, Kathy


Hadley Risk Managements secretary and public relations specialist. An economist somewhere in her thirties who takes care of the daily management of HRM and is at the same time doing research on media sciences under Alexandra Hadleys support. Is well-aware of Syndicate and has ambitions to get forward but has previously lacked the organizationals skills and ruthlesness to advance past the low-level jobs she is holding. Constantly spends more money that she can earn and is thus completely dependant on Alexandra Hadley to keep her personal economy afloat. Has recently made some real progress by managing the takeover of Blythe Garage and McNorben Services. At the moment Hadley is keeping her occupied with several tests to see if she has what it takes to make real progress in the Syndicate.

No, no, I'll do it now. Just wait fifteen minutes and you get all the data. Meanwhile could you fix my credit card balance? Please? I'll do anything, I swear.

Hadley, Thomas


A financing researcher in his early forties. Is married to Alexandra whom he met through Syndicate. Has been living in very open relationship with his wife for better part of a decade and has grown accustomed to living on her money. Is officially working for Alexandria Ltd. but this is mostly just an excuse for his money while he consentrates full-time on his research.

Hi honey. Yeah, its been a long. Sure, I'll miss you. Of course I do. See you at the sunday dinner.

Kwan, Ju


A young south-korean hacker who keeps the HRM servers running. In addition to being constantly on-call for any IT-related emergencies he is consuming copious amounts of increasingly strange pornographics and tends to hang out on-line late playing video games. Is psychologically addicted to the broadband width and data storages capacities only working for Technocracy could ever provide him. Is well aware of Syndicate and the fact that Alexandra Hadleys influence is the only thing standing between him and federal charges related to the contents of his hard-drive.

What? Another layer of code? Are you sure, this things already got protections as thick as walls of Ulduar... What? Nevermind, I'll explain sometimes... Sure, I'll get to it.

Portillo, Antonno


A transports and logistics chief who has several decades of wroking experience and knows all the tricks of trade of Mexico - US cross-border logistics whether legal or not. Is not quite ruthless enough to be deep in organized crime himself but is dishonest and greedy enough to be used by one. Originally Alexanra Hadley had him under control by knowing a tad too much about Antonnos illegal busineses and the sexual orientation of his daughter. Currently is on a very short leash and is afraid to lose her daughter if Ms. Hadley divulges a few choice bits of information on exactly what happened in to his daughter in Miami some time ago.

One standard size shipping container coming over today at 2300 hours. Just make sure they get its unloaded right away... Yeah, its a bit hot today. Thats why I'm worried about them. I'll trust this'll be at usual rate?

Portillo, Teresa


Young, beautiful lawyer. She works in Viajo Transports & Logistics management and also does part-time work for both Hadley Risk Management and Alexandria Ltd. Will be in deep trouble, and in prison, if the truth about a certain incident in Miami ever comes to police attention. She is also one of the few who can claim to know Alexandra Hadley outside work and she is forever grateful to her for fixing things in Miami and keeping the information under wraps.

Okay, I'll come over to show the figures, but I can't stay very late tonight. Yeah, I got to be in downtown tomorrow at nine... Okay, I'll bring a bottle on my way. Red, right?