Ahmanites (The Reach Campaign)

From Karriviki

Founder: Sul Ahman

Type: Polytheism

  • Slightly matriarchal

Focus: Improved reincarnation


  • The Goddess of Prophecy (Ruling)
  • The Goddess of Valour (Ruling)
  • God of Light
  • God of Seduction
  • Goddess of Madness
  • Involves many artifacts, each planet has several
  • Afterlife cannot be reached by the living and involves fire & brimstone for the evildoers
  • Demons are tricksters and evil minions
  • Worship: Joyous group prayer, mostly on holidays
  • Holidays: 3 per year, involving exchanges of gifts
    • Celebrating saints, minor deities and new moons (if the planet has moons)
  • Clergy: Both genders
  • Function: Interpreters of myth and leaders of rituals
  • Chosen: Appointed by head of clergy
  • Distinguished by mystical (psionic) powers
  • Lifestyle: Above average
  • Celibacy required


  • Symbol: 21-pointed star
  • Holy color: Grey


  • Passed down: Via strong oral tradition, with humor being essential component of good theology
  • Creation myth: Order from Void
  • Mortal origins: From water
  • Major myths: The fall

Deadly sins:

  • Recklessness
  • Indifference
  • Despair
  • Neglect
  • Apathy

High virtues:

  • Faith
  • Charity

Associated artform: Dance

  • Coming of age: 9 years
  • Coming of age rite: Involves ritual cleansing in a pool of water
  • Marriage: Is initiated by the female identified
  • Marriage rites: Include many prayers and rituals

Death rites are performed by the clergy

  • Major taboo: Bodily functions, handling bodily excretions requires purification rites
  • Minor taboo: Eating beans. The adherents are forbidden to eat beans or bean products like soy protein

Outsiders are ignored

  • Basic teaching: The problem with the world is living an inauthentic life and the solution is empathy and passion
  • Name for clergy: Augur
  • Place of worship: Labyrinth
    • The labyrinth is built on a place that is holy or eldrich, if such is not found a location that is considered cursed or haunted is sufficient

Practices: Private meditation at home, joyous group prayer at a labyrinth, secret gift-giving and a communal weekly meal at a labyrinth

History: The religion is revivalist. In the early years of the Empire of Man, Sul Ahman started the religion. In the intervening millenia it has been reformed and revived several times, changing shape and form but reatining it's basic tenents. It's a long-established religion in the Reach, with many sub-denominations.