Automata (Planescape)

From Karriviki

Automata is a gatetown on the Great Ring Road. The most perfect and ordered burg in the Outlands, Automata seems more like a machine than a living place. Inside its rectangular walls, the city's laid out as clean as a cartographer's study.

The Town's a perfect grid; it'd take a leatherhead to get lost here. The buildings look like they were stamped out by the same hand, and places are made different only where needed (for example, a stable has larger entrances than a tavern). Buildings rise up one to four stories, but each story's always 12 feet tall and carved of the same shining, gray-red stone. Bits of color in a sing or awning liven the place up a bit, but that's all got to be cleared by the Council of Order.

Gate to Mechanus

In the middle of the town sits the Gate to Mechanus, in a block all by itself. The gate's great disk on it's side, a turning, toothed gear. Travelers to Mechanus hop on the disk and disappear. Where they come out depends on the time of day, the position of the disk, and, probably a lot of other arcane factors.