Cayerlon Defence Forces (Dalcour military)

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Cayerlon Defence Forces
Active January 1, 2376 - 2606 as the Union Armed Forces
2606-2850 as the 8th Regional Army of Tamarind
2850 - present as the Cayerlon Defence Forces
Country Cayerlon-Rosselo Union (2376 - 2606)
Cayerlon-Rosselo Administrative Region (2606-2839)
Cayerlon-Rosselo Union (2839 - 2850)
Republic of Cayerlon (2850 - present)
Part of



As of 3025, the Cayerlon Defence Forces consisted of the following units:

Defence Command
Defence Support Command
C4 Command
Cayerlon Military Academy
Rosselo Training Center
Military Intelligence Center
1st Mobile Rifle Division
1st Armor Regiment
1st Mobile Rifle Regiment
3rd Mobile Rifle Regiment
8th Mobile Rifle Regiment
14th Mobile Artillery Regiment
23rd Engineer Battalion
the Texel Support Battalion
3rd Infantry Division
the Eindhoven Reserve Group
the Oldcastle Reserve Group
5th Infantry Division
9th Commando Regiment
5th Armor Regiment
2nd Mobile Rifle Regiment
16th AA Artillery Regiment
the Rosselo Reserve Group
25th Engineer Battalion
the Kelsdam Support Battalion
4th Air Operations Wing
1st Air Defence Group
the Landsmeer Air Support Group
7th AA Artillery Regiment
11th AA Artillery Regiment
2nd Fleet
the Cayerlon Sealift Command
the Seahawk Naval Group
the South Coast Naval Group
the North Coast Naval Group
the Maritime Support Group