Conviction Points

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Conviction Points

Conviction Points measure both the character's belief in a deity and the amount of services that the character has performed for that deity. Usually a character can have Conviction for several deities at the same time. Some monotheistic deities want exclusive service and a monopoly on their worshippers. Conviction Points are used in attempting Divine Intervention. The characters can accumulate Conviction Points by keeping the holy vows and taboos of the religion, worshipping regularly, performing services to the deity (or it's temple), converting others to the faith and by creating places of worship and holding worship for other followers of the faith. The character can also gain a temporary one-time bonus to a Divine Intervention roll by performing sacrifices to their deity. The effectiveness of the sacrifice is tied to size of the sacrifice compared to the character's level and it's time and place.

The maximum Conviction Points a character can have for each deity is their level + Cha modifier. Temporary bonii from sacrifice may double the maximum for the next Divine Intervention roll.

Divine Intervention

To succeed in calling for Divine Intervention, roll on a d100 equal or less than the current Conviction for that deity. If the roll succeeds, the effect level of the Divine Intervention is equal to the dice roll. If the dice roll was 10 or greater, the effect equals a Miracle/Wish in power and can cause massive and long-lasting effects.

The cost of the Divine Intervention is equal to the roll in Conviction Points if successful, 1 point if it failed. If the call was frivolous or against the ethos/will of the deity, it may retaliate with divine punishment, zeroing Conviction and Cursing or Geasing the character.

Conviction and Divine Casters

Divine casters can only perform their Divine magic if they have more than zero Conviction Points. In addition they usually have to follow more and stricter vows than other characters, especially if they worship a more powerful deity. If they break their vows, they will lose their divine class powers until they are able to Atone or ask for forgiveness.


An example deity of the Hyborian age. [Mitra] is a deity of the Western Kingdoms. He insists on monotheistic worship, no animal or human sacrifice and disproves of sorcery. He is known as the enemy of Set. He is symbolized by the phoenix, the solar disk, a bearded male face or the ankh.

Rank: Greater deity

Domains: Protection, Sun, Law

Trivial vow: Keep your word to your friends

Minor vow: Celibacy

Major vow: Total abstinence

Great vow: Perform no sorcery (includes any use of magic other than divine magic from Mitra and doesn't allow for any spells to be cast on the character)

Domain vows: Never break your word, Always protect the innocent, Never sleep in the darkness.

Holy day: Summer solstice

1st level spells:

  • Command Word
  • Detect Evil
  • Light
  • Protection from Evil
  • Remove Fear*
  • Resist Cold
  • Resist Acid
  • Sanctuary