DARE Service (Mercenary unit)

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The unit was registered in the ComStar MRB in 3018, place of origin Isabela, FWL. The unit was registered by 4 founding members (owners), with Darlena Khewez as commanding officer.

In 3024 the MRB changed the unit status from "active" to "disbanded".


  • 3018 - Activated as Danger Reduction Service, RMT in 30FEB3018
  • 3020 - The Unit strength was changed to 8 BattleMechs (MRB database)
  • 3021 - The Unit strength was changed to 12 BattleMechs (MRB database)
  • 3022 - MRB Unit listing name was changed to DARE Service in 12FEB3022
  • 3022 - The Unit capability description was changed to include a light helicopter flight and a light infantry company (MRB database)
  • 3024 - MRB Reliability Grade was changed to "New/Unranked" (MRB database) as of 27APR3024
  • 3024 - Owner registry was changed to a single owner status (Darlena Khewez)
  • 3024 - The Unit strength was changed to 7 BattleMechs (MRB database)
  • 3024 - MRB designated the unit as "Disbanded/Announced" as of 16JUN3024 by the ComStar Service Office in Landfall, FWL


At the time of disbandment the unit was reported to have the following capabilities: