Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Advice to Agents

From Karriviki

Advice from Laura

Find the answers to the following questions, and you've solved the case:

  • Who?
    • Who are the victims, suspects and real culprits?
    • Who benefits?
  • What?
    • What do the witnesses and evidence tell?
    • What do the suspects tell?
    • What is the truth?
  • When?
    • When did the crime happen?
    • Has something similar happened before?
    • Will the crime be repeated?
      • Is there a temporal pattern?
      • Many superstitions talk of auspicious dates and cycles.
    • What do the suspects plan to do in the future?
  • Where?
    • Where is the crime scene?
      • Is there special importance on the location?
    • Where do the victims or suspects reside?
    • Where do they move?
    • What is their circle of influence?
      • Do they overlap?
  • Why?
    • Why was the crime committed?
    • What is the motivation?
    • Is there a deeper purpose?
    • Why here and now?