Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Characters Creation Steps

From Karriviki

These are the steps for creating a Delta Green Character. For details, see the rule book or quick start guide.

  1. Determine Statistics, either by picking a set from one of those offered in the quick start guide or by rolling them at random
  2. Calculate Derived Attributes like Sanity and Hit Points
  3. Choose a Profession and Group (Government Infrastructure or some smaller group, even independent entrepreneur)
  4. Choose a Background (either a previous profession or some Hobbies)
  5. Choose the First Experience to know how the character came in touch with the horrors
  6. Choose the number of Bonds allowed by the Profession
  7. Choose the Motivations for the character
  8. Choose the Influence, Assets and Contacts from the character's Profession, Group and Background
  9. Write down the Finishing Details, rounding out the character