Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Edgar Smith

From Karriviki

Agent name: Edgar Timothy Smith

Code name or alias: none

Sex: Male

Age: 60 (DOB 23.6.1939)

Profession: Professor of Linguistics & Ancient Languages


  • Linguistics
  • English
  • Latin
  • Greek (ancient)
  • Egyptian (ancient)
  • Sumerian
  • Library Science

Group affiliation: Delta Green friendly

  • Access (Pulling Strings)
    • Science and Research 70%
      • Library
      • Student Think Tank
      • Translators
      • Grants
  • Contacts
    • Brett Ortiz (Paranormal)
      • Counterculture Friends (New England occultists)
    • Dr. Johnson & Mr. Chen (Paranormal)
      • Supernatural contacts
  • Personal Library
    • Secrets of Astarteh
    • Cultes de Goules

Residence: New Haven

Appearance: Stocky old gentleman with a Karl Marx beard. Dresses in earthy colors. Always carries reading glasses and a pipe. Also a monogrammed briefcase. Surgery scars on chest and abdomen.

Psychology: Correct and articulate. A cultured person. Mellow. Thoughtful. Loquacious.

Background: Comes from an old family of wealth and culture. Married to a successful businesswoman. Has traveled the world. Lived a peaceful life before the disappearance of his grand nephew Timothy Smith.