Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Operation Fimbulvinter: Part 3

From Karriviki

Date: 24.4.2000

Agents and Friendlies:

  • Leonard Baker (Agent Rose)
  • Ellen Maplewood (Friendly Rhododendron)
  • Adrian O'Malley (Friendly Rehoboam)

Case Details



  • Julian Mercer aka. Necropoison
    • Leader of the Fimbulvinter conspiracy?
    • Occultist
    • Murdered his family
    • No previous criminal record


  • Diana Cable, 55 (a clerk)
    • Body discovered in Kobuk at 5.4.2000, head separate, hair cut off
  • Edward Tomlinson, 84 (pensioner, psychiatrist)
    • Body discovered in Wainwright at 16.4.2000, head separate
  • Iris Coyne, 67 (pensioner)
    • Body discovered in Nikolai at 17.4.2000, no head found, signs of cannibalism
  • Jessica Fitzgerald, 71 (pensioner)
    • Body discovered in Huslia at 19.4.2000, head separate, hair cut off
  • Patricia Nelson, 54 (botanist)
    • Body discovered in Bettles at 20.4.2000, head not found
  • Jessie Ayers, 46 (independent shipping agent)
    • Body discovered in Barrow at 23.4.2000, signs of cannibalism


  • William Fisher, 21 (load dispatcher)
    • Fought an unknown assailant in Poorman at 25.12.1999
    • Description sounds like Mercer
    • The attack was interrupted by a black bear that chased the assailant away


  • Investigating and locating Julian Mercer



  • Break into Mercer's house


  • The Alaskan serial killer case opened by the FBI
  • Information on the case from the A-cell



  • Mercer's residence


  • The trail of death


  • Previous leads pointed to Mercer as the leader of the loose cult organization
  • The bodies found in Alaska fit somehow to the rites and cannibalism of the cult

Operation Log

  • Investigation into Julian Mercer's location
    • He was named as the leader by Elvire Tandberg
    • He had murdered his wife and their three dogs in a ritualistic manner
  • The literature recovered from the break-in was reviewed by O'Malley
    • The Secret of the Highest North by Thomas Achen, 1933 English translation
    • Codex of the World's Ruin by Cong van Hierden, 1971 English translation
    • The Terrible Words, A Thesis by Rene Eggers, 1958 English translation
    • Opus of Exalted Heavens by Gardi Hoveson, 1933 English translation
    • Mercer's notes and lyrics speak of the "Return of the True Ruler and God of the North, the King of ancient Giants"
  • There were also some video tapes showing a ritual recreated in a remote northern cottage
    • Ritual to "Conjure forth the secret sorcerers of white vastness"
    • No sign of the non-human sorcerers shown
    • Ritual requires ropes of human hair
  • The bodies linked to the Alaskan serial killer case seem to fit into the dealings of the cult
    • Ritual preparations
    • Decapitations
    • Cannibalism
  • Arrangements were made to have an off-road vehicle waiting in Anchorage near the airport
  • A Green Box was located near Barrow
    • On an unmanned meteorological station
    • Buried under a tool locker
    • The locker has a combination lock


Result of operation:

Causes for success/failure:

Lessons learned:

Improvements (processes, intelligence, resources):

Leads and loose ends:



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