Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Profile

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Profile measures the visibility and "heat" generated by the characters actions. It should be tested at downtime. The Profile starts at 0% and increases every time the character performs suspicious or criminal acts. Laying low and covering your tracks will reduce Profile.

Increasing Profile

The profile increases by a random amount every time the character commits a crime (more for major crimes, less if there are no witnesses or evidence). Roll only once for each activity after the operation.

Examples of activity generating more Profile:

  • 1 = Suspicious activity, abuse of a corpse, altering a firearm ID, unlawful paramilitary activity, trespassing
  • 1d2 = Threats, bribery, perjury, tampering with evidence/witnesses, using a firearm, theft, motor vehicle code violation or unauthorized use, fraud (forgery, computer, mail), animal abuse
  • 1d3 = Coercion or extortion, animal neglect, larceny or burglary
  • 1d4 = Stalking, hit & run, trespassing on a restricted/secret government site
  • 1d6 = Assault, kidnapping, negligent homicide, arson, robbery, trafficking
  • 1d8 = Manslaughter, malicious explosion
  • 1d10 = Murder
  • 1d12 = Truly heinous acts


  • For each count of the same crime +1 (up to the maximum for the dice)
  • No evidence -1
  • No witnesses -1

Decreasing Profile

If the character does nothing suspicious during downtime, Profile drops automatically by 1. Fulfilling responsibilities and simultaneously avoiding suspicious activity lowers Profile by 1d4. Actively keeping a low profile (no connection to Contacts, Bonds, the DG cell or any other suspicious associates) lowers Profile by 1d4. Going to ground or getting out of the country for a while and also keeping low profile lowers Profile by 1d6.

The characters can also actively cover their tracks with an appropriate skill roll.

  • On a critical success the Profile is halved or reduced by 10 (whichever is more)
  • On a success the Profile is reduced by 1d10
  • On a failure there is no effect
  • On a critical failure more suspicions are aroused, increase Profile by 1d10

Profile Roll

The Profile is rolled once each downtime. Add up all of the Profile increases from the preceding operation and subtract modifiers from the characters activity.

The result:

  • On a critical success the character's actions are brought into the light of media, starting an investigation, increase Profile by 1d10
  • On a success someone starts an investigation on the character's activity
  • On a failure there is no effect
  • On a critical failure the tracks grow cold, decrease Profile by 1d10

The source of the investigations can be federal or local police, the characters infrastructure or employer, other governmental organizations, media, private individuals or cults. During the investigation there is a -20% penalty on using Influence because of the attention. Getting rid of the investigation takes time and effort. The character will have to succeed on two (3 if they have committed a major crime) successes in separate skills (or roll Luck) on consecutive periods of downtime to throw off the tail. The investigation may also be stopped by character actions within the operation.

Any failure results in a punishment: Loss of Influence, loss of Contacts or Bonds, loss of employment, loss of funds and Assets, loss of freedom, or ultimately loss of DG membership.