Delta Green-Lost in the Dark Recruiting

From Karriviki

Who Are the Characters

The characters are people who've had a brush with the preternatural horror that lies beneath the surface of the ordinary world. They are those who did not recoil, but decide to fight back. Their motivations vary, but often include a sense of duty; towards their fellow humans, their countrymen, their friends or family. The most important factor is integrity and reliability. If someone is seen as a flake, suspected of double-dealing, of questionable sanity or prone to blurting out secrets, they are avoided or if not eliminated as liabilities. The characters are therefore those, who after surviving their first encounter without freaking out kept their mouth shut and only disclosed the details of the event to select few. Those who went straight for the tabloids are for some game (like Pandemonium).

Many of the agents of Delta Green work for the US federal government. Their security clearance, military rank or legal enforcement powers make them useful assets in the fight against the darkness. Other advantages of these careers are training, background checks and psychological evaluations. These are the reasons these professions are preferred. There are people from other kinds of backgrounds too, academics, specialists, oddballs and criminals. Most likely they will stay as friendlies, on the edge of the organization unless they prove themselves reliable and useful. The status of an agent is burdened by responsibility and not everyone is suited for it. Since good recruits are hard to find, vital skills are often lacking in a group and for those they'll have to rely on friendlies they can trust.

The types of Influence exemplify what kind of skills, knowledge and backgrounds are of use to the organization:

  • Military - for the combat training and access to weaponry and vehicles
  • Intelligence - for the surveillance skills and secrets of trade craft
  • Science & Research - for the skills and tools of research, finding old and discovering new information
  • Criminal - for the ability for subterfuge and access to people and equipment outside of official registries
  • Law - for training in gathering information about people and clues about crimes
  • Paranormal - for understanding of the unnatural and contacts in the fringes
  • Civilian - for navigating the mundane word and access to the multitude of bureaucracies