Dr. Godiva Honda (Crino Gate)

From Karriviki

Dr. Godiva Honda is a martian doctor with 15 years of experience. She is specialized in sports medicine. She is 43 years old. She is from a middle class family in the academia. Friendly, protective and altruistic.


  • Husband Ignazio Sanderson, 39 years old flower arranger from Earth. He has sky blue eyes and tanned skin. He is friendly and not very reliable. He loves Summer and creepy crawly things. He is annoyed by flattery and gratuitous violence.
  • Daughter Gabriela Sanderson-Honda, 8 years old. She has light brown skin, dark brown eyes and dark hair. She is stubborn and very creative. She seems to be always hungry.
  • Son Gaspar Sanderson-Honda, 8 years old. He has light brown skin, dark brown eyes and dark hair. He is brave and very agile. He likes drawing comics.

Dr. Honda is 160 cm tall and weights 70 kg. She has a muscular build, with strong arms, wide chest and strong legs. She has an oval face, wide nose and large ears. She has high cheeck bones and thin lips. Her almond shaped dark brown eyes with angular eyebrows. Her medium length dark brown curly hair is straightened.

Events in the colony

On the landing day saved the life of pathologist Ryuunosuke Chong. Doctor Hunda is using physical and psychological therapy to help him.