Dungeons & Dragons 5e Conversions (by Kentti)

From Karriviki

These are the 5th edition D&D conversion rules made by me. I start with Dragonlance and go on from there to different worlds, settings, and stuff. The conversion are mostly raw data without background information. You will find background information from published books by Wizards of the Coast and TSR, Inc.


Gritty Realistic D&D 5e

File:Gritty Realistic D&D 5e.pdf

Unearthed Arcana

File:Unearthed Arcana 1.49.pdf

Unearthed Arcana Player's Guide

File:Unearthed Arcana Players Handbook 1.44.pdf


Races of Ansalon

File:Dragonlance Races 5e.pdf

Classes of Ansalon

This document also features factions of Krynn. File:Dragonlance Classes 5e.pdf

Dragonlance Campaign Setting

File:Dragonlance Campaign Setting 5e.pdf

SVP4204 Dragons of Autumn

File:SVP4204 Dragons of Autumn 5e.pdf

TSR09587 Seeds of Chaos Adventure

File:Dragonlance Seeds of Chaos 5e.pdf

TSR11372 Chaos Spawn Adventure

File:Dragonlance Chaos Spawn 5e.pdf

The Sylvan Key & The Ghost Blade

File:The Sylvan Key & The Ghost Blade 5e.pdf

Anvil of Time

File:Anvil of Time 5e.pdf

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Conan Unchained!

File:Conan Unchained! 5e.pdf

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition

Menace in Menzoberranzan

File:Menace in Menzoberranzan 5e.pdf

Basic D&D

B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond

File:B9 Castle Caldwell and Beyond 5e.pdf

B11 King's Festival

File:B11 King's Festival 5e.pdf

B12 Queen's Harvest

File:B12 Queen's Harvest 5e.pdf