Jahangir Ardehi (Tomorrow We Die)

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Ardehi, Jahangir
Jahangir Ardehi
Rank/title ForceCommander
Unit Big Bad Space Wing
Position Operations Officer, Wing Command
Nationality Sultanate of Penegyar
Date of Birth 7.2.2986
Allegiance The Rebellion
Assigned vehicle none
Quote tba

Appearance and personality

Jahangir resembles his father so much that when he was in his 20s he was mistaken as his father countless times by avid football fans, sometimes causing unintentional comedy. Jahangir is just over 170 cm tall, and his lattimerian indian ethnic background is clearly visible. Jahangir has trained and competed in military pentathlon since the Officer Candidate School, and the years of demanding multidiscipline sport have shaped and preserved Jahangir’s athletic build and composure. Jahangir has thick, finely maintained black beard and short military haircut.

Jahangir is a straight-forward man of few words, perhaps even a bit unsociable. Or at least that is how he is pictured by those who deal with him only in official settings. Those who know Jahangir better know that in informal situations he is quite congenial and chatty when surrounded by people he trusts.


Early life and education

Jahangir was born to a poor family - his parents were barely able to provide for the family. Jahangir’s mother Louise had been awarded a Lattimer Collective B class share for her service as a life support technician in the Emergency Service Unit of the Sheldon Dome, but the shareholder status itself did not help their financial situation.

When Jahangir was two years old his father Mohammad was recruited by the Sheldon Potezny Football Club as the center defender for the seasons of 2988-2990. Mohammad's strong performance and the overall success of the Sheldon PFC in the Dalcour La Liga made a significant change to the life of the Ardehi family.

In 2995 Mohammad was signed by the Pahlawan Sepak Bola, the most successful penegyrian football team playing in the Dalcour La Liga. Mohammad and his family were awarded the citizenship of the Sultanate, and they moved to Baliir Kota. While Mohammad continued his successful career as a player, Louise found a career in a financial branch of a large dalcourian corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells heavy machinery and large industrial engines.

Jahangir had some difficulties to readjust to the new surroundings and culture when the family moved from Lattimer to the Sultanate, as he was 9 years old at that time. After a few years Jahangir slowly adapted to the new life - the huge change in the Ardehi family’s status and wealth certainly helped Jahangir to adapt.

Unlike Firuzen, his older sister, Jahangir and his younger brother Murtadi never showed any serious interest in football. Both brothers were more intrigued by all things mechanical and electrical, and Jahangir started studying for a degree in mechanical engineering - specializing in mechatronics. While playing football has never been in Jahangir's interests, he has always been a devout fan of the game.

After college Jahangir received a place in the Felleway Technical University material sciences program, and was preparing for another three years of studying engineering. He had also applied to the AFD MechWarrior School out of curiosity, not expecting to pass the MechWarrior Candidate Qualifying Test, which he did.

When Jahangir was registered into the AFD MechWarrior School, he also kept the student status in the Felleway Techical University as a backup plan should he fail the Mechwarrior School. During the Advanced BattleMech Training Jahangir started to take classes from the Technical University with the permission of the Commander of the AFD MechWarrior School, causing bewilderment among the other mechwarrior recruits who were having trouble in passing the technical aspects of just the Advanced BattleMech Training.

Jahangir graduated from the MechWarrior School in 3007 and continued to the AFD Academy's Officer Candidate School, from which he graduated in 3008 as a Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Jahangir was offered a study leave to be able to finish his engineering studies, and his assignment to a unit was postponed for two years. In 3010 Jahangir finished his degree and returned to active service status.


Jahangir's initial assignment was in the 2nd Guards 'Mech COY (1st Guards RGT). If Jahangir had taken his first assignment right after graduation from the OCC, he would have been assigned into a lance leader position, but after his two year study leave the personnel situation in the 2nd COY had changed, and Jahangir was given just a primary pilot position in the Bullet-lance, to pilot a 40 ton VL-5T Vulcan.

Jahangir was promoted to Lieutenant in 3013 as he got his first command position as the lance leader of the Bullet-lance. The lance with its four VL-5T Vulcans gained good reputation under Jahangir's lead, and all members of the lance were awarded medals for bravery in the Tamarind Campaign on Cerillos in 3015.

Jahangir was assigned as the 2IC of the 2nd Storm COY in 3016 after his promotion to Captain. During the Operation Terracotta he was assigned additional duties in the Task Force HQ to assist the Airlift/Dropship Operations officer in planning the maneuvers required by the operation's various phases.

Due to the observations done during the Operation Terracotta the AFD 'Mech Command decided to enhance the combat drop capabilities of the 1st Guard and 3rd Assault Element. This 'Advanced Beachhead Maneuvering' project required both new technology and new training program, and in 3018 as part of the latter Jahangir was sent to participate in combat drop training program of the Tamarind Aerospace Training Regiment. In 3019 Jahangir was ordered to participate in the creation of the AFD Airlift Operations Studies and Training Group.

In 3020 Jahangir was assigned in the position of the battalion operations officer of the Hainaut Heavy Battalion (1st Guards RGT). The assignment was for 12 months, during which Jahangir instructed the command personnel of the battalion in the new airlift operations doctrine, and coordinated training exercises with the AFD Mechwarrior School and the 'Mech training COY of the 3rd AE.

In 3021 he was transferred to the Strike Element of the 3rd AE, again for a 12 month period with the same objectives as before. During this assignment Jahangir spent almost 6 months as an AFD representative in the series of low gravity maneuvers exercises directed by the Doctrine Command of the Free Worlds League Military (also known as LOG-MAN exercises). Due to the LOG-MAN exercises and the personnel situation in the Strike Element, Jahangir's assignment was extended to 3023.

Jahangir had to make a difficult decision in 3023, when he was offered the position of Joint Operations Officer in the regimental HQ of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. In the J-OPS position Jahangir was able to coordinate, instruct and develop the AFD's drop operations doctrine and tactics, but the assignment was not a mechwarrior assignment - meaning that Jahangir would have to leave the controls of BattleMechs. After two weeks of stalling Jahangir accepted the assignment, and handed over the GLT-4L Guillotine to it's next pilot.

Just a few weeks after his reassignment to the 2nd Cav, Jahangir was ordered to participate in the COMFFE '23, the biennial FWLM combined forces field exercise. Jahangir was assigned a PHX-1D Phoenix Hawk for the duration of the exercise. Jahangir's function in the exercise was the role of the head instructor for 'drop operation field preparations' (including dropship landing coordination, landing site reconnaissance and site evaluation).

Jahangir was promoted to Force Commander just three weeks before the launch of the Operation Morgenster in 3025.

Personnel file

Name : Ardehi, Jahangir
Known aliases : callsign PROFESSOR
Rank : Force Commander
Position : Operations Officer, Wing Command
Nationality : Sultanate of Penegyar, Dalcour, Free Worlds League
Place of Birth : Sheldon Dome, Lattimer Collective
Date of Birth : 7.2.2986
Parents : Mohammad and Louise Ardehi
Marital Status : single
Next of kin : Firuzen van der Meer (sister), Murtadi Ardehi (brother)
Languages : tba
Religion : Sikhism
Distinguishing features : tba

Service Record

  • AFD MechWarrior School 3006
  • Advanced BattleMech Training 3007
  • Officer Candidate Course 3008
  • Promotion to LTJG 3008
  • Technical University, degree in mechanical engineering 3010
  • Assigned to 2nd Guards 'Mech COY (1st Guards RGT), Bullet -lance 3010
  • Tamarind Service Tour 4/3011-4/3012 (one COIN event, one combat event, one confirmed mech kill)
  • Promotion to LT 3013, assigned as lance leader, Bullet-lance
  • Tamarind Service Tour 4/3014-6/3015 (one COIN event, five combat events, three confirmed mech kills)
  • Promotion to CAPT 3016
  • Assigned as 2IC, 2nd Storm COY (3rd Assault Element) 3016
  • Operation Terracotta 3016 (three combat events, one confirmed kill)
  • Tamarind Service Tour 1/3017-1/3018 (one combat event, one confirmed kill)
  • Airlift Operations School, Tamarind Aerospace Training Regiment 3018
  • Operation Solid Response 3019 (four COIN events)
  • Assigned as BN M3 (Ops officer), Hainaut Heavy BN (1st Guards RGT) 3020
  • Tamarind Service Tour 4/3020-1/3021 (one combat event)
  • Assigned as BN M3 (Ops officer), Strike Element (3rd Assault Element) 3021
  • FWLM low gravity maneuvers exercise 9/3021-2/3022
  • Tamarind Service Tour 3/3022-1/3023
  • Assigned as Joint Operations Officer, HQ, 2nd Cavalry Regiment 3023
  • FWLM combined forces field exercise 9/3023 - 2/3024
  • Promotion to FCMDR 3025
  • Operation Morgenster 3025

Awards and decorations

  • Tamarind Service Medal III 3012
  • Gold Cross 3015
  • Tamarind Service Medal II 3015
  • Faithful Service Medal 3018
  • Tamarind Service Medal I 3018
  • Silver Cross 3019
  • Distinguished Service Medal 3024