Jones, Robert (Omega Point)

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"There's two kinds of people: those of us blessed with the insight to see the world for what it is and the strength to carry that weight; and the other ones. The price of being able to see is having to look."

The Brief

“… and then we have Robert Jones. Now, don’t call him Bob, it’s Robert or Mr. Jones. He’s a bit weird about that. He came to our attention about three decades ago as a young recruit in LAPD. He’d caught his superior’s eye with his slick ways, “sneaky” was the word that was used. He was involved in a minor disturbance just outside Hollywood, and according to the commendation, let me read this... ah, yes. “… Needless to say, at this point there was considerable confusion on the scene, as conflicting reports were coming in from several law enforcement sources caught up in the mass hysteria. At this time, Officer <NAME WITHHELD> rose above and beyond the call of duty.” The report pretty much suggests that the weirder the situation got on the ground, the more resolve young Mr. Jones showed, and he was successful in rallying some of his colleagues into a concentrated effort. As per standard operating procedure he was removed from the scene with the rest of them, and debriefed at out facility. During the assessment it was discovered he had higher than average intelligence, just the kind of quick wit we like, and an uncanny ability to find the buttons in the human psyche to push. He also struck our evaluator as something of a crusader, an idealist with a strong belief in society and order. Now, needless to say that this was exactly the psychological profile we were looking for back in those days.

During the eval, we found he’d popped up on the grid before. His SAT score and his particular reactions to the indicators used in that test in those days had warranted a Level III flag on his file, which had brought up a mention filed years before from his Scout Master. Yeah, he’s a Boy Scout, can you believe that? The Scout Master, a sympathizer, had remarked that the boy seemed to be able to relate to places and objects in an unusual way and was “weird about time”. Now, the incident, the Level III and this pre-maturity note on his file meant we were already starting to take note, but the war game finale of the “fit-for-duty” eval confirmed he also had a natural affinity for Time. The recommendation of that initial evaluation was that he be marked for recruitment, and the process was initiated.

Now, I’ve personally worked with Robert on a few instances, and here’s my take. He is a crusader, with an innate desire to uphold the Collective Will. He attributes this to “childhood nightmares” and to things he’s seen since, but I genuinely believe he was born that way. He can think on his feet and is able to prioritize in the heat of the moment. His colleagues have called his decision making “cold”, but the changes in his psych profile over the years show this to be a front. Something is eating this man alive, but he’s still got some wear in him left. He doesn’t miss much, and he’s always going through stuff he’s caught. I haven’t seen a lot of guys who can piece shit together like he can. He comes off as a little bit too reserved to be a really easy guy to get along with, but he’s fun to talk to. Until you realize he’s always working, even when he’s chit-chatting with you about the ball game he’s casing you out, figuring what makes you tick and where your soft spots are. Now, I disagree with the assessment that he does that out of Machiavellian, Monte Cristo type ultimate goal he’s working towards, he’s not evil like that. I don’t believe for a second that he’s the reason <CLASSIFIED> killed himself. It’s just… he’s like a pack rat, you know? Always storing away everything he finds, cause you never know what you’re going to need.”

Known Associates

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