Li-Renism (The Reach Campaign)

From Karriviki

Founder: Li-Ren

Type: Polytheism

  • Moderately patriarchal

Focus: Converting others


  • The Plains God (Ruling)
  • The Goddess of Prophecy and Valour (Ruling)
  • Goddess of Crossroads
  • God of Earth
  • God of Torment
  • Goddess of Jesters

There are more than 90 deities, and beyond and above them are the ruling deities.

  • Involves many holy sites, each planet has several.
  • Afterlife can be reached by the living with great effort.
  • Angels are benevolent ghosts or divine minions.
  • Worship: Joyous individual daily prayers at home and once a week in an auditorium
  • Holidays: 3 per year, celebrating saints, historical events, great priests & major deities
  • Clergy: Both genders
  • Name of clergy: Minister
  • Function: Historians, military leaders, connection to spirits of the deceased, interpreters of scripture
  • Chosen: Study to become clergy
  • Distinguished by a ceremonial sword
  • Symbol: Very complex representation of head
  • Holy color: Amber
  • Passed down: Via many holy books and some oral tradions of interpretation.
  • Creation myth: Order from Void
  • Mortal origins: From divine bones
  • Major myths: The golden age, the sacrifice & the serpent

Deadly sins:

  • Cowardice
  • Lust
  • Envy
  • Dishonesty

High virtues:

  • Faith
  • Selflessness

Associated artform: Stories & parables

  • Coming of age: 19 years
  • Coming of age rite: Declaration of intended profession
  • Marriage: Occasionally occurs between relatives
  • Marriage rites: Somewhat informal

Death rites last up to a week

Major taboo: Money, hoarding money is frowned upon, handling cash requires purification rites

Outsiders are tolerated

  • Basic teaching: The problem with the world is foolishness and the solution is empathy and understanding
  • Name for clergy: Minister
  • Place of worship: Home or auditorium
    • The auditoriums are warm and cheery with lots of natural light

Practices: Practitioners walk in wilderness, worship at homes or auditoriums. The custom of worship is in the nude.

History: The religion is revivalist. Centuries ago, in the years after the Empire of Man, Li-Ren built the first auditorium. It was later destroyed and the religion languished for many centuries. About one hundred years ago his wisdom was rediscovered. In recent years it has gained following in the Reach and gathered new adherents. New auditoriums have been built on many worlds of the quadrant.