Military rations (The Reach Campaign)

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Military Rations

Each military ration is a pre-packaged meal with starters, sides, dessert and drink. It has self-heating and self-cooling components and is vacuum packed. The drink powders can be mixed with water and can be drunk via the mask tubes. Otherwise eating requires removing the mask.

The rations come in packages of 3 random tastes. Individual opinions vary, but generally the ones with lower number taste better. Troopers often trade rations with each other to obtain their favorites.

The favorite taste rule

Each character has acquired a liking for one taste per level. If the character has eaten a meal of their favorite taste, they have +1 morale bonus they can use to one roll within the next day (max. one taste bonus at a time).

Random Tastes

  1. Kimchi
  2. Meat, pork, organic & pineapple, organic
  3. Meat, chicken, free-range tikka masala
  4. Meat, tuna, artificial, vat-grown salad
  5. Macaroni & chili
  6. Meatballs, meat, artificial, vat-grown in marinara sauce
  7. Meat, chicken, artificial, vat-grown, with parmesan, artificial, vegetable-based
  8. Maple, natural sausage, meat-like product, non-meat
  9. Smokey, artificial smoke flavor, sausages, meat-by-product, natural
  10. Meat, pork, non-pork, locusize patty
  11. Escalloped vegetables, potatoes, natural with ham, meat, non-pork, anasad, farmed
  12. Chicken Little (tm) with rice, aeroponic
  13. Diced fowl, meat, non-fowl, kemeru with gravy
  14. Meat, beef, waaned, industrial with mushrooms, industrial
  15. Cheese, dairy, artificial, industrial, pasta, tortellini
  16. Beef, non-meat, soy, hydroponic & mashed vegetables, potatoes, hydroponic
  17. Meat, beef, komodey, natural steak
  18. Pasta, wheat, natural with vegetables, assorted, hydroponic
  19. Grilled meat, fowl, spidium
  20. Meat, crillamee, vat-grown chow mein
  21. Fish, tuna, artificial, non-meat with noodles, wheat, natural
  22. Meat, ham, non-pork, non-meat, industrial, artificial protein & meat, chicken, non-meat, industrial, artificial protein
  23. Meat, beef, waaned, industrial, secondary products ravioli
  24. Meat, boneless pork, non-pork, artificial, chop & noodles
  25. Chicken Little (tm) stew
  26. Vegetables, assorted, variously sourced burger
  27. Omelet, non-chicken, artificial, vat-grown with ham, non-pork, non-meat, vegetable-based
  28. Frankfuters, industrial, artificial, meat-like protein with beans, natural
  29. Vegetable, assorted, hydroponic omelet, non-chicken, vat-grown
  30. Chicken Little (tm) a la King

Ration Tubes

Each ration tube is a concentrated ration for a whole day. They can be attached to the drinking tubes of the gas masks and eaten with the mask on. They come in boxes of 7 for one week. The tubes are color coded, but the tastes are anyone's guess.

One can survive on ration tubes, but living on them for longer periods of time leads to weight loss and weakness. -1 to Str & Con per week on this diet.

Random Colors

  1. Turquoise
  2. Salmon
  3. Saddle brown
  4. Dark cyan
  5. Sea green
  6. Pale violet
  7. Brick red
  8. Goldenrod