Musaraists (The Reach Campaign)

From Karriviki

Founder: Musara

Type: Monotheism

  • Very matriarchal

Focus: Connection with the oversoul


  • The Goddess of the Sun and Thunder, the Sky-Mother, She Who Knows, The Liberator, The Ruler, The Bolt-Hurler
  • Involves many artifacts, each planet has several
  • Afterlife cannot be reached while alive and resembles life, but is different from it
  • Mischievous or malevolent nature spirits roam the worlds
  • Worship: Solemn public group sacrifices, with a weekly morning worship in the abbey
  • Holidays: Ever week
    • Celebrating great priests, saints, solstices, new moons (if the planet has moons), past battles, martyrs, great rulers and past revelations
  • Clergy: Females only
  • Function: Leaders of rituals and healers of the sick
  • Chosen: Appointed by secular leaders
  • Distinguished by special dietary code (vegetarian)
  • Large family with many children encouraged

Symbol: 7-pointed star in a circle Holy color: Green

Passed down: Via strong oral tradition Creation myth: Succession of universes Mortal origins: Forged from iron Major myths: The golden age

Deadly sins:

  • Pride
  • Malice
  • Recklessness
  • Self-injury
  • Envy

High virtues:

  • Thoughtfullness
  • Diligence

Associated artform: Murals and paintings

  • Coming of age: 21 years
  • Coming of age rite: Involves the culmination of a project
  • Marriage: Involves two people of either gender
  • Marriage rites: Attended by only close friends and relatives

Death rites are performed by close friends and family

  • Major taboo: Hygiene, lapses in good hygiene requires purification rites

Outsiders are accepted

  • Basic teaching: The problem with the world is pride and the solution is following ritual laws and traditions
  • Name for clergy: Minister
  • Place of worship: Abbey
    • The abbeys are maintained by the local community. They are austere with a simple appearance.

History: The religion is a syncretist union of two pre-existing religions, drawing it's focus on pride and use of abbeys from one, and the following of ritual laws and sacrifices from the other. About 200 years ago Musara systematized the practices and beliefs, but the parent religions still consider it confused, ludicrous and dangerous. Lately it has been expanding in the Reach, gaining new adherents in the quadrant.