New Yorkin lentokonekaappaus

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New York Plane Hijacking

Operation report by agent Minas (Light-Master)

Plane highjacking to New York. Senator Webster's flight from Ottawa to Washington DC. Hijackers claim to belong to the Red Tiger Brigade. They demand the release of four prisoners from Alcatraz (Ram, Inferno, Mist, Earthquake). On the plane is one Talent, Dead Drop.

The plane is a Boeing 707-120 (720). It has 4 exits & 4 emergency exits. Sensor goes to the control tower to check how many hijackers and Talents are on the plane. The others go to talk to a mechanic and see a plane of similar model to plan the assault. Sensor tells us that there are 4 hijackers, at least one Talent, handguns and explosives. The hijackers have warned that if someone approaches the plane with stealth, they will start shooting hostages.

Lilith joins the FBI negotiators to try to buy time. Sensor starts to close the plane from behind and everyone else gets ready for action. The leader of the hijackers is female and young, speaking with a Spanish accent. She's called "Veil" by the other hijackers. Sensor finds out that the explosives are at the doors and on one of the hijackers (not the leader). Lilith makes a guess and calls "Veil" Vega, and is correct. She is most likely Nerita Vega, who had been encountered previously.

Captain Atom and Ghost peek into the plane and see that the other three hijackers are latino men with pistols, one of whom is carrying a backpack (most likely the explosives). Ghost recognizes Veil as Nerita Vega. She was willing to cut on her demands, so maybe she only want's to escape US (and Canada) to somewhere in the Latin America whrere there is no extradition treaty. We make a plan and Ghost says he is in charge (so we don't need to ask Hooper). Ghost and Captain Atom will phase into the back of the plane to neutralize two of the hijackers. Brick will break though the wall in the front, followed by Lilith, Light-Master and Sensor. Lilith and Sensor will grab Veil, Brick will throw out the bomber and Light-Master will create a wall of light to protect the hostages.

Ghost and Atom drop their targets with head shots, Lilith knocks out her target and Brick crumples his in the ceiling.Veil darkens everything, but Light-Master manages to isolate her from the passangers. She's now trapped in the front of the plane with four Talents from the Secret Service. Brick and Ghost grab Veil and all is clear. Three of the men died, but one of them and Veil were captured unconscious.

Later we're brought a mirror that was found from the explosives backpack. It could have been their communication or evacuation method, used by Hugin or Munin.