Optional Rules (The Reach Campaign)

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Suppressive Fire

These mods expand the suppressive fire rules.

Saving Throws

When rolling saves against suppressive fire, add the following bonus to the roll:

  • Prone without cover +2
  • Half cover +4
  • Almost complete cover +8

Suppressive Fire With All Ranged Weapons

Any ranged weapon capable of multiple shots can be used for suppressive fire. The damage for the suppressive fire is half of normal damage.

  • Weapons marked with # are able to suppress an area of 10 m at the cost of 10 ammo.
    • Machineguns 20 m with 20 ammo
  • Weapons marked with * are able to suppress an area of 9 m at the cost of 9 ammo.
  • Other weapons are able to suppress an area 5 m at the cost of 5 ammo.
    • The save is with +4

Damage and Dying

These rules expand on the basic rules for damage.

Instant Death and Heavy Weapons

Since the line between normal and heavy weapons is blurry, especially when considering high-tech weapons, use this mod to see when damage is instantly lethal.

A character that is reduced to zero HP or lower can sustain a certain amount of damage before dying. If they have taken damage equal to their Con after all their HP are gone, they die instantly. Otherwise they are mortally wounded. The damage in excess of HP are considered Con damage (or critical wounds).

Keeping Critical Wounds Stabilized

A stabilized character, who is not yet hospitalized is still in the danger of dying. Every hour they are out of a hospital, they need to roll a physical save or suffer 1d6 Con damage. If they succeed, in any of these saves, they are safe for the next day. The attention by someone with Heal skill can prevent this damage. If they are active or are being roughly moved around (carried or dragged), the attending medic needs to roll Heal at difficulty 8. If they are in rest and only moved gently (via a stretcher or a vehicle), the difficulty is 6.

Field surgery in a field hospital can stop further damage with a Heal check of difficulty 8. In any case the physical save is only needed once per day in a field hospital.

Hospital level care is enough to prevent further damage.

Healing Critical Wounds

All critical wounds (Con damage) is healed after a period of time in hospital level medical care. Con damage is not healed like HP damage. Some drugs, PSI or other means may heal Con damage in field, at a cost in System Strain.

Permanent Injury

Every time a character is critically wounded, roll a physical save to see if they are left with permanent injuries. If they fail, they will lose 1d6-TL from one of their stats. To see which, check where they were hit (use a hit location die, or the following d6 table).

  1. Head: One random Mental Stat
  2. Right Arm: Dex
  3. Left Arm: Dex
  4. Body: Con
  5. Right Leg: Str
  6. Left Leg: Str

Combat Fatigue and Psychological Damage

Soldiers in a field of battle can suffer psychological damage in addition to physical damage. To add this dimension into the game, use the following rules.

Baptism of Fire

When the character enters combat for the first time (and first time only), they need to succeed in a Mental saving throw, or they will be stunned for one round. They experience either physical or psychological reaction to the flow of adrenaline and closeness of death and are unable to act. They can still be pushed or pulled down into cover by another character using their Main action.

Accumulating Combat Fatigue

After each battle or war turn, see if the character has accumulated combat fatigue. Roll a Mental save, and if it fails, calculate the maximum combat fatigue accumulated. Add one for each item from the list below (count each item only once):

  • Being in combat
  • Trying to damage an opponent
  • Wounding an opponent
  • Killing an opponent
  • Initiating melee combat
  • Being critically wounded
  • Seeing a fellow trooper dying
  • Observing civilian suffering

To see the amount of combat fatigue gained, roll a die matching the maximum value (For d7, use d8-1).

The Effects of Combat Fatigue

If the total amount of combat fatigue accumulated equals or exceeds the characters Wisdom, they suffer a combat stress reaction. Roll from the following table to see the effects of the reaction.

  1. Slowed reactions: -1 Initiative
  2. Shaking: -1 to-hit
  3. Insomnia: Roll a Mental save to get a good night's sleep without drugs
  4. Loss of apetite: Lose weight and 1 point from Str & Con
  5. Jumpiness: +1 to Notice checks, but will shoot first if startled
  6. Difficulty prioritizing tasks: Unless ordered tends to concentrate on minor tasks
  7. Socially withdrawn: -1 to Cha
  8. Heightened sense of threat: Roll a Mental save to avoid throwing yourself in cover when threatened
  9. Dizziness: -1 to Int
  10. Irritability: Starts fights when stressed

Recovering From Combat Fatigue

The only real cure for combat fatigue is rest and therapy (drug and psychotherapy). The advances in high tech medicine can alleviate the effects of combat stress and help to reduce combat fatigue. Similarly recreational chemical use can help with the symptoms, but create it's own problems.

Every War Turn that the character misses combat, they will recover one point of combat fatigue. Unfortunately curing the effects of combat fatigue takes longer than the campaign.

Requisitioning Gear

If the characters want to have gear that haven't been assigned to them, there are several ways to requisition it. The more unofficial the method, the greater is the penalty of failure.

  1. Requisition through official channels, Administer
  2. Use contacts to obtain the item, Connect
  3. Build the item from wrecks and spare parts, Fix
  4. Convince your superiors that you need the item, Talk
  5. Buy the item from the black market, Trade (price of item is 1d6*10% of list price)
  6. Steal the item, Sneak


  • Minor item, like rations or drugs (<10 Cr) = 4
  • Significant item, like a grenade (<100 Cr) = 6
  • Major item, like a sidearm (<100 Cr) = 8
  • Expensive item, like an assault shotgun or drone (<10 000 Cr) = 10
  • Complex item, like a robot (< 100 000 Cr) =12
  • Large item, like an APC (< 1 000 000 Cr) =14

Any expensive, complex or large items requisitioned officially is only loaned to the character temporarily.