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Proficiencies and Languages

Unlike in regular ACKS! the characters gain more proficiencies and learn proficiencies and languages faster. This is to emulate the quick learning of Conan during his far-ranging career.


All characters start with 4+INT modifier proficiencies. The first two are those they learn at their Class on 1st level. They can be chosen or rolled from the class background tables. The third is a proficiency from their social background (it depends on their social status and the career of their parents). The fourth is a proficiency determined by their culture. Most cultures have a skill that they are famous for. Any bonus proficiencies from high Intelligence can be picked from the class list or set according to the story needs. Some classes like the Barbarian gain some extra pre-determined proficiencies at the beginning.

All characters gain one proficiency on each new level. Some classes may learn extra proficiencies on some levels.


All characters start with at least two languages, their native language and the local trade tongue (currently Shemite).

Languages at INT levels

  • 3: Native language: Accented, Trade tongue: Broken
  • 4-5: Native language: Fluent, Trade tongue: Broken
  • 6-8: Native language: Fluent, Trade tongue: Accented
  • 9-12: Both languages: Fluent, can also read and write if background is suitable (civilized and educated)

For higher INT levels the player can pick one fluent language per INT bonus. They can be traded for more languages at accented or broken levels.

Learning languages is fast. If the character is exposed to a language by living in a place where it is frequently used or by actively learning it they can learn one step per level (including reading ability if capable). This is assuming there is enough downtime for the learning. If someone needs to learn faster, the GM can allow for extra levels according to the character's INT bonus. At maximum a super-intelligent character could learn two languages from scratch to accented within one level.