RCDC Reaction Force Organization (The Reach Campaign)

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The RCDC Reaction Force is a large unit that is usually kept as a reserve that can be deployed in protection of the Reach. It is jump-mobile and can be transported in a few weeks with it's integral fleet of three giant transport ships.

RCDCRF High Command

  • General Scott from Turku
  • Chaplain Croc Specs from Pokka
  • Company representative Keijo "Sadeyes" Dewordai from Pokka
  • Bureaucrat Duxu from Ivalo
  • Logistics commander Vihtori Gustafsson from beyond the Reach
  • Aerospace commander Kavak Nepsotik from Turku
  • Politician Thimmy Nhut-Aho from Turku
  • Orbital commander Lance Oravi from Ranua

The Reaction Force Units

  • 5th Infantry Corps
    • Air support
    • Armor support
    • Lt. General Charlene Honeycutt
    • Strength 6
  • 10th Infantry Corps
    • Lt. General Clementia Van Rompay
    • Strength 4
  • 49th Infantry Brigade
    • Colonel Mathias Alves
    • Strength 1
  • 88th Armor Brigade
    • Air support
    • Armor support
    • Infantry support
    • Colonel Julie Ryba
    • Strength 4
  • 11th Infantry Brigade
    • Air support
    • Artillery support
    • Colonel Nikole Cuocco
    • Strength 3
  • 37th Air Brigade
    • Artillery support
    • Infantry support
    • Orbital support
    • Colonel Daina Jedlička
    • Strength 4

The Characters' Unit

All of the trooper characters belong to the 10th Infantry Corps. The unit commander, Lt. General Clementia Van Rompay, is somewhat questionable and not ready for hard tasks. The brigade is exceptionally proud of it's elite connections to the leading families of the Reach. It's greatest past glory was seizing an impenetrable enemy stonghold on Kheri. It's bitterest past shame was the savage plundering of a weaker ally's city on Mikkeli. It's current situation is steady, it is comfortable in it's routine. A current problem with the unit is that several high officers are incompetent, but untouchable as they are related to the members of the leading cliques of the Reach.

Unit Characteristics

  • Nominal size: 30 000 people
  • TL: 4 (Traveller TL 9)
  • Strength: 4
  • No integrated support units
  • Garrisoned on Kuhmo

Your Platoon

The trooper characters belong to the 2nd platoon of the 3rd (Gamma) company of the 6th battalion of the 3rd division of the 10th infantry corps of the RCDC, or 10/3/6/3/2 of the RCDC.

Your Closest Officer

The officer in charge of the trooper character's platoon is a well-meaning young lieutnant Desirae Gupta. She's a good shot, a decent tactician and knows how to fence. She is from Kuhmo, and professes to the Li-renist faith. She is short, broad and muscular. She has medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, long wavy dark hair. Her personality is forward-looking and faithful. She has a deep, commanding voice.

Members of the 1st Squad (PCs)

  • Sergeant Billron Nistinen from Pokka
  • Corporal Lathalan Averro, luriani from Ranua
  • Corporal Danison Chias from Turku
  • Private 1st class Larry Coulson, sydite from Kuhmo
  • Private 1st class Karl Hohman, sydite from Turku
  • Temu "Error" Westerinen from Turku

Members of the 2nd Squad (reserve PCs)

Clark Coulson, sydite from Kuhmo Mikael Felswood from Pokka Bobs Higsnef from Kuhmo Job "Burana" Higine, jonkeereen from Kuhmo Vlad Kohsner from Kuhmo x from Pokka

Other People From the 2nd Platoon

  • Sergeant Liri "Shorty" Cilpha from Ranua, cosmetically modified, Atheist, sectarian, Compact
  • Sergeant Jomemi "Birdy" Sihfil from Kuhmo, genemodded, Non-believer, progressive, Sing-song
  • Sergeant Sdevruae "Shade" Hodoow from Ivalo, standard human, Li-Renist, Melancholy
  • Corporal Ssilsi "Drake" Jamidd from Pokka, standard human, Li-Renist, faithful, helpful, Gravel-voiced
  • Corporal Randell Mezikreko from Kuhmo, standard human, Non-believer, meek, Frowning
  • Corporal Daunau "Nutty" Lilssi from Ivalo, sydite, Li-Renist, polite, Talks to inanimate objects
  • Corporal Kaaraae Pahous-Mosomoka from Ranua, standard human, Non-believer, sectarian, High-voiced
  • Vevdaleo "Spike" Breaeruae from Ranua, cosmetically modified, Atheist, sectarian, Limp
  • Nisephmi Pyra from Turku, standard human, Li-Renist, selfless, Frustrated
  • Eroc "Specs" Fsih from Pokka, standard human, Li-Renist, faithful, helpful, Near-sighted
  • Eifeem Furrurr from Kuhmo, standard human, Non-believer, helpful, Guilt-ridden
  • Okamo "Ghost" Jehi from Ranua, standard human, Atheist, progressive, Fair-skinned
  • Jihhlith "Flipper" Tmsiithisih from Kuhmo, standard human, Ahmanite, charitable, meek, Drags her feet
  • Ubhufa Nozoraeom from Ranua, standard human, Non-believer, sectarian, gray-green-eyed
  • Panagiotakis "Lucky" Scott from Turku, standard human, Li-Renist, conservative, Can’t resist a dare
  • Paussw "Sleepy" Glsixis from Turku, genemodded, Li-Renist, faithful, conservative, Looks drowsy
  • Rissi Otuathail from Turku, standard human, Li-Renist, selfless, peaceful, Annoying-voiced


Killed in Action

  • Private 1st class Paulie Hoffbacka from Pokka died 1104.72 in the taking of Kouvola Highport