Ravenna Sastro (Tomorrow We Die)

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Sastro, Ravenna
Sastro, Ravenna
Rank/title ForceCommander
Unit 4th Fury Training Company, 3AE
Position Company commander
Nationality Republic of Cayerlon
Date of Birth 13.8.2988
Allegiance The Rebellion
Callsign Nutmeg
Assigned vehicle ON1-L Orion ("Heartbreaker") as primary pilot
Quote "What do you mean by wrap-up? We are just getting started here!"

"Nutmeg (n) (soccer) The playing of the ball between the legs of an opponent"

Appearance and personality

Ravenna is a tall, athletic woman with long legs and wide shoulders. She has the looks to be a model and has spend time to cultivate the image. She is able to dress to occasion with uncanny precision and is equally home with pistol and sword at her side in the mech pilots cooling vests and neuro-helmet, in full parade uniform or long evening dress. On her free time she usually dresses in black, businesslike suits.

Even as a child she was a classic tomboy: competitive, aggressively self-reliant and athletic. She didn't have a rebellious nature, but was more inclined to be extremely disciplined and she took on the identity of a tomboy because she expected her family to want it. Having been raised in family with strong military traditions and gone through the demanding mech warrior training she is self-disciplined, hard-working and believes in values of duty, honor and courage.


Early life and education

The oldest daughter of Sastro mech warrior family Ravenna went to private school with best teachers money and contacts could get in Eindhoven, in the Republic of Cayerlon. She received a classical education and her free time was filled with extra-curricular, athletic hobbies, including shooting, fencing and other sports. She turned out to be extremely talented in football and played in Eindhoven team as a full-back for several years. She even managed to get into Marik Cup on 3005 as a secondary player in Dalcour planetary team. Although she got no play-time on the actual field the press loved her looks and she got more publicity in media than many other actual players.

As her family expected she got into mech warrior training program in 3009 and thus missed her second opportunity to play in Marik Cup on 3010. She did, however, continue to play in the Eindhoven Team of the Dalcour Military Cup. She graduated from the officer school as a lieutenant in 3012 and was assigned to the 1st Guards Mech COY, piloting the Sastro family mech, an ancient ON1-L Orion named the "Heartbreaker".


Screencapture of the AFD Recruiting site

Ravenna "Nutmeg" Sastro participated in her first battle in 3014 in Tamarind campaign. She was soon after picked up for promotion in 3015. The defining moment of her early career was, however, winning the Dalcour Cup as a captain of Eindhoven Team on 3016. This, along with the publicity brought her to the attention of Zarina Cardona, who then served as the commander of 1st Guards RCT. Cardona recognized the publicity potential of Ravenna and decided to make the soccer-playing veteran of Tamarind with a pretty face the star of recruiting shows. From 3016 onwards Ravenna became the regular face of public relations and recruitment.

In 3018 Ravenna was promoted again and transferred into 3rd Guards Mech COY as a Company 2IC, where she served all the way to 3023. During this time her actual service was considered exemplary. She participated in operation Solid Response in 3019 and was decorated with Silver Eagle, but she did miss the Operation Windblade because of a recruitment tour. It was rumored that Ravenna was intimately involved with another mechwarrior in the same company, Azaren "Rambo" Ceelen. The rumors started after Azaren got into a drunken brawl with the wife of a regal officer and was quickly escorted off the premises by Ravenna. After this incident Azaren "Rambo" Ceelen lost her status as a mech warrior and was quickly carted off into another regiment.

In 3023 Ravenna inherited the position of the company commander of the 4th Fury Mech Traning Company, left temporarily empty by the disappearance of the jump ship Volnisainikin and Dalcour military drophip Arlione in 7th of April, 3021. This mysterious disappearance claimed several mech warriors including the former CO of 4th Fury, FCMDR Tamali "Brains" Palathingal.

Personnel file

Name : Sastro, Ravenna
Known aliases : callsign Nutmeg
Rank : Force Commander
Position : Company commander, 3rd Assault Element, AFD
Nationality : Republic of Cayerlon, Dalcour, Free Worlds League
Place of Birth : Baidgard, Eindhoven, Republic of Cayerlon
Date of Birth : 13.8.2988
Parents : Martina Sastro (f), Sukarno Sastro née Nemoto (m)
Marital Status : Single
Next of kin : Windsor Sastro (brother)
Languages : Indonesian, English, Dutch
Religion : Sufi
Distinguishing features : Small lizard tattoo on right calf

Service Record

ON1-L Orion
  • AFD MechWarrior School 3009
  • Advanced BattleMech Training 3010
  • Officer Candidate Course 3011
  • Promotion to LTJG 3012
  • Assigned to 1st Guards 'Mech COY (1st Guards RGT) 3012
  • Tamarind Service Tour 4/3013-4/3014 (two COIN events, two combat events, two confirmed mech kills)
  • Promotion to LT 3015
  • Tamarind Service Tour 4/3016-4/3017 (one combat event)
  • Promotion to CAPT 3018
  • Assigned as 2IC, 3rd Guards 'Mech COY (1st Guards RGT) 3018
  • Tamarind Service Tour 8/3018-4/3019
  • Operation Solid Response 3019 (four COIN events)
  • Battalion Staff Officer course 3022
  • Promotion to FCMDR 3023
  • Assigned as CO, 4th Fury 'Mech Training COY (3rd Assault Element) 3023
  • Operation Morgenster 3025 (one combat event)

Awards and decorations

  • Tamarind Service Medal III 3014
  • Order of the Undying 3015
  • Meritorious Service Medal 3016
  • Silver Eagle 3019
  • Tamarind Service Medal II 3021
  • Faithful Service Medal 3022