ReAction system

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The ReAction system is a modified, updated version of the Reflex System, the rules system that Twilight: 2013 uses.

The following sections will replace or add to to the rules described in the Twilight 2013 core book.


Page 77, Attributes

Each attribute has a value between 1 and 15. In general, 3 is the lowest possible level of capability that an adult human can have and still function. 7 is human average. 12 is the upper limit of innate development. Values above 12 are reserved for individuals who have deliberately worked for years to cultivate specific traits. Attributes above 12 require an advantage that allows to pass the natural limit of 12.

Attribute Values below 3

Any living, functioning human has at least minimal strength in each attribute. Consequently, a character who has a value of 0 in any attribute is dead, catatonic, paralyzed from the neck up, or otherwise not suitable for continued play. Attribute values of 1 and 2 describe weakness that most likely makes the character unsuitable for play.


Qualifications, page 79


Many skills encompass broad areas of human endeavor. In the case of some of these skills, it is not realistic to assume that a character who is trained in the basics of the skill, even to a
high degree of proficiency, is familiar with all possible nuances of the skill. Qualifications represent the borders or fringe cases of a skill. In a case where a base skill allows a limited range of actions, a qualification expands the ways in which a character can apply that skill. For example, not all doctors are thoracic surgeons, so the base Medicine skill does not include surgical techniques. However, a character with the Medicine/Surgery qualification is qualified to perform such invasive procedures. Some skill checks require any character that attempts them to have one (or, very rarely, more) qualification for optimum results. It is possible, albeit difficult and often dangerous, to attempt a task without possessing a qualification that it requires.
If a character attempts any such task without all required qualifications, his effective rating in the skill is reduced by levels equal to the Qualification Penalty of the qualification in question (the value of a Qualification Penalty is gives for each qualification, and is listed in the skill list after the name of the qualification

When a skill with Qualifications is acquired for the first time (either in character creation or later in play), one Qualification has to be picked for that skill. This Qualification is automatic and comes free.

Example: Erin and Shane both have Expert ratings in Medicine. However, Erin also has the Medicine/Surgery qualification, while Shane does not. If presented with a task that requires Medicine/Surgery, Erin applies her normal skill rating, but Shane attempts the roll as if he only had a Novice skill rating. With the GM’s approval, a character may acquire a qualification of the player’s own devising in order to represent unusual proficiency with a rare or unusual aspect of a skill that normally would fall outside common modernly-practiced knowledge. Such qualifications should be limited in scope and utility. We caution the GM to be wary of players who request combat-useful custom qualifications for non-combat skills (i.e. Animal Husbandry/War Elephants, Construction/Medieval Siege Engines, Electronics/Particle Beam Weapons).

Skill list

Skill List
Aquatics (Swimming Q2, Boating Q2, SCUBA Q3)
Artillery (Mortar Q2, Howitzer Q2)
Artisan (Cascade)
Aviation (Light Q1, Heavy Q2, Performance Q2, Rotary Q3)
Close Combat (Armed QX, Unarmed QX)
Driving (Light Q1, Heavy Q2, Motorcycle Q3, Tracked Q2)
Farming (Agriculture Q2, Animal Husbandry Q2)
Firearms (Longarm Q1, Sidearm Q2, Sniping Q3, Automatic Q1)
Gunnery (Q)
Language (Cascade)
Mechanics (Aviation QX, Industrial QX, Machinist QX)
Medicine (First Aid Q1, Surgery Q3, Veterinary Q2)
Performance (Cascade)
Seamanship (Sailing Q3, Submersible Q2)
Special Equipment (Cascade)
Special Vehicle (Cascade)
Support Weapons (Grenade launchers Q1, Flamethrowers Q3, Machineguns Q1, Rocket launchers Q2)