Season 1

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Season 1

The missions of the U.S.S. Starfinder took place during Stardates 41000 - 41999.99 (2364).

Episode 1: Shakedown Cruise

Stardate 41006.47 (Jan 3, 2364). The brand-new U.S.S. Starfinder picked up her crew from Starbase 32 and warped at maximum warp to her shakedown cruise to Anderon's Star where the Starfinder was to identify and destroy five hidden drones hidden in a dense asteroid belt there. The drones were destroyed although the phasers malfunctioned and almost overburned.

Next, when the Starfinder warped to Collapsar 37, the warp drive failed to shut down for approach to the black hole. The ship was navigated out of harms way and after a lot of quick thinking, the engineers managed to shut down the warp drive safely.

After testing the sensors the Starfinder warped towards Helleron III to deliver supplies to a small science station there and test the transporters. On the way, the Starfinder's sensors picked up an unusual subspace signal as the ship was passing by the Everon system. The Captain decided to investigate and the Starfinder tracked the signal to Everon IV's moon. As vionium made it impossible to transport near the signal, the away team took a shuttlecraft, put on EVA suits and flew down. They found a small dome of a mining colony and went inside.

Inside the mining colony, the crew was greeted by the mining colony leader, Shodal, an Aeronian from a nearby Aeronia system. After investigating, the away team found out that the mining colony was a front to a Cardassian spy cell and a brief phaser fight ensued the away team being victorious. In orbit, onboard the Starfinder, the transmission was decoded and determined to be a message in Cardassian to Cardassian space with information on Federation ships and duty rosters. During this time the Starfinder was attacked by a decloaking Aeronian armed cargo freighter that was disabled during a brief space battle. The freighter and the Aeronians were taken captive, the freighter being towed by the Starfinder. After completing its mission to Helleron III, the Starfinder warped back to Starbase 32 with the prisoners and the freighter in tow completing its shakedown cruise. Despite several serious system malfunctions, the ship performed admirably.

Episode 2: The Crusoe Effect

Stardate 41072.04 (Jan 27, 2364). The Starfinder's long-range sensors detected a Starfleet distress call originating from a planet in the Rogun system. It came from the Patuxent, a type 6 shuttlecraft reported missing from Starbase 32 two months ago. Warping to Rogun II, the Starfinder began scanning the planet. Rogun II was inhabited by a primitive pre-warp civilization and was thus protected by the Prime Directive. Beaming down to the shuttle, the away team began dismantling the shuttle using nanites. After avoiding a native Huth hunting party by beaming back to the ship, the crew found out that one of the crew members had died during the crash and his remains were found burned in a funeral pyre nearby. Ensign Frank Davis was the sole survivor and he had been taken to a nearby Huth village. Unfortunately, Ensign Davis had introduced technology to the Huth that was beyond their Stone Age capabilities.

The away team waited until it was dark and beamed directly to Ensign Davis's tent. They confronted him just as a rival tribe attacked the village. Beaming away with Ensign Davis, the away team returned the next morning to the village to find it razed and destoroyed. The away team then destroyed all evidence of the blacksmithing, dam and irrigation systems to ensure that the Huth could evolve without any interference from outside influence. Ensign Davis was returned to Starbase 32 to face his career's fate in Starfleet.

Episode 3: Pah-wraith World

Stardate 41189.44 (March 10, 2364).

Episode 4: The Rescue at Xerxes

Stardate 41457.19 (June 16, 2364).