Simulacra (Omega Point)

From Karriviki

”Essential feature of the good regulator is that it blocks the flow of variety from disturbances to essential variables.”

Or, how a person is capable of sifting the essential variables from her environment and, by affecting them, is able to regulate probability of events and behavior of people around her.

The Models

Black Box Framework

Basic Black Box framework is the more commonly used framework Hadley builds the models on. The basic assumption of the Black Box framework is that you don't know how the persons mind works, but by observing how the person reacts in different situations you can predict how the person will react in the future. Hadley can chooce to develop the model from around a ”blank framework” or one already calibrated against certain assumptions, which can be generic, like for example ”human male” or very specific ”32 years old married female police officer serving in LAPD”. The more specific the framework is the faster it gets results. On the downside specific assumptions make the model unstable if the some of the starting assumptions were wrong.

White Box Framework

White Box frameworks operate under completely different sort of presumptions. The basic presumption of the White Box is that by observing how the person reacts you can find out exactly how the persons mind works. However logical this basic presumption is the masses are not ready to accept the underlying truth that their so-called 'free will' is actually a result of lifelong programming or life experiences being hardwired into their nervous system and thus 'free' only in very loose sense of the term. For this reason the White Box frameworks are at the bleeding edge of nextek and most of their applications must be confined to laboratory environment. White Box framework is essentially a simulacra, a simulated copy of an original personality and the results gotten from White Box framework are thus extremely specific and accurate.

The Input Recording

Voice and Body Language

For the most common, day-to-day operational use the only tool Hadley needs is her smartphone with the specific applications and a connection to the servers that are doing her math for her.

Hadleys smartphone is keyed to her own voice so that it records her voice and her tone as input into the model. However, the subject of the model must be able to hear her voice and, preferably, understand the speech in order for the input to be valid.

Hadleys smartphone and earpiece both have positional sensors that record the balance and general possture of her body and head as input into the model. For that information to be valid the subject of the model must be able to see at least her outline, preferably her face and most of her body.

Hadley can also add other input into the model by voice commands or typing it into her smartphone application.

The Output Recording

Voice and Body Language

Hadleys applications record and identify voices caught in a microphone. As long as Hadley is able to lock the correct voice so that one voice is identified with the model anything spoken by that voice is recorded into the model as output. The model takes into account what is said, what words are used and the tone of the voice.

If Hadley can record the subjects body language on camera (CCTV, pinhole cameras etc.) she can use her applications to identify subjects body language and include it into her model. In addition to basic body language if Hadley can record the subjects facial expressions on camera, it gives even better results on the model than body language alone.

Financial Data

Persons financial data in relation to how and when the person uses the resources in his or her disposal is a very valuable indicator in relation to the persons state of mind and the way he reacts to his environment. Thus very basic financial data starting from the person credit card history can be used as an output for the model.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Hadley has a nextech quality portable Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner which can be used to produce very high quality data for neuroimaging software. The scanner can record a person neural activity and will thus give far more accurate output for the models than anything that can be screened from voice tone, word patterns, body language or facial expressions alone. The scanner unit itself is the size of a normal laptop, but it must be set up with the reflector disc which is of the general size and outline of a portable satellite dish.