Socio-Industrial Level (Mechwarrior)

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Universal Socio-Industrial Level Reference Table

Note that the USI level for a planetary system does not imply that every part of the population can enjoy that level; the USI level simply states if the system as a whole has that capacity in existence.

Technological Sophistication

  • A High-tech world. Advanced research centres and universities; best medical care; cutting-edge microelectronics industry
  • B Advanced world. Access to many new technologies; hosts universities; good medical care available (though lacking in most cutting-edge medical tech); basic microelectronics industry
  • C Moderately advanced world. Average local education and medical care; minimal microelectronics industry (must be imported for sale)
  • D Lower-tech world. Poor educational system; medical care equivalent to 21st century level; non-existent microelectronics industry (except for possible isolated companies run by private concerns)
  • F Primitive world. Inhabitants live without dependence on technology; no advanced education; medical care equivalent to 20th century level (at best)

Industrial development

  • A Heavily industrialized. Capable of manufacturing any and all complex products
  • B Moderately industrialized. May produce a limited quantity and range of complex products
  • C Basic heavy industry. Equivalent to roughly 22nd century tech; fusion technology possible, but no complex products (including BattleMechs)
  • D Low industrialization. Roughly equivalent to mid-20th century level; fusion technology must be imported
  • F No industrialization

Raw Material Dependence

  • A Fully self-sufficient. System produces all needed raw materials and may export in large quantities
  • B Mostly self-sufficient. System produces all needed raw materials and may export a small surplus
  • C Self-sustaining. System produces some of its needed raw materials and imports the rest
  • D Dependent. System is poor in raw materials and must import most of its material needs
  • F Heavily dependent. System utterly reliant on imported materials to maintain industry and population

Industrial Output

  • A High output. World has wide industrial and commercial base and may export in large quantities
  • B Good output. World’s industrial and commercial bases sufficient for modest product export
  • C Limited output. World has a small industrial base which limits exports; imported goods common
  • D Negligible output. World’s industrial base insufficient for major exports; reliant on imported goods
  • F No output. World must import most—if not all—of its heavy industrial and high-tech needs

Agricultural Dependence

  • A Breadbasket. Planetary agricultural industries meet all local needs and sustain a thriving export trade
  • B Abundant world. Rich agricultural environment sustains local needs and permits limited exports
  • C Modest agriculture. Most food locally produced, though some agricultural needs rely on imports
  • D Poor agriculture. Minimal agricultural output forces heavy reliance on off-world imports to sustain the local population
  • F “Barren” world. Agricultural output cannot sustain the local population without continuous off-world imports