The Break-of-Dawn Boys (Blades in the Dark)

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The Break-of-Dawn Boys

Crew Attributes

Tier: 0

Hold: Strong

Rep: 11 / 11 (= 12 - Turf)

Heat: 7 / 9

Wanted Level: 0

Crew XP: 4 / 10

Reputation: Savvy

Claims: Lair, Turf

Special Abilities: Everyone Steals

Crew Upgrades: Lair - Hidden, Quarters; Quality - Documents; Training - Prowess

Coin: 0 / 4

Contacts: Fitz the Collector


Kessu (Hound)

Simulacrum (Lurk)

Stygian (Spider)

Sweet Daddy (Slide)

Trainwreck (Cutter)

Widow (Whisper)

The Factions

City Council (Institutions, Tier V S) -2

Gondoliers (Labor & Trade, Tier III S) +1

The Church of Ecstacy (The Fringe, Tier IV S) -1

The Lampblacks (Underworld, Tier II W) +1

The Red Sashes (Underworld, Tier II W) -2

The Revolution (Institutions, Tier II S) -1

Current Clocks

"Doskvol Riots" 3/6

"Vakuuta Lyssa" 2/6

Past Scores

The War Treasury

When Baszo Bas of The Lampblacks leads his forces against The Red Sashes he is sided by The Break-of-Dawn Boys. Their target: A lightly guarded war treasury. Their confidence: Limitless. Their complication: A revolution in the making.

Score Type: Special mission, Deception

Target: The Red Sashes treasury in a former messenger's guild mail distribution office

Locations: The Crow's Foot - 96B St. Cross Street, a former Cypher's guild mail distribution center

Payoff: 4 Coin, 4 Rep

Heat: 5 Heat

Entanglements: Rival - A lone member of the The Revolution confronts Trainwreck in a society lounge and ends up with a bottle to the face

Faction Status Changes: -1 to The Revolution (from 0 to -1)

Notes, Events, and Clocks Advanced: Started - "Doskvol Riots (6)", "Case: Lyssa of Crows (6)"

The Turf Claim

The Break-of-Dawn Boys expands its territory by taking over residential blocks and small businesses from The Red Sashes. The Sashes' leader will remember this.

Score Type: Seizing a claim, Stealth

Target: Red Sashes turf

Locations: The Crow's Foot - Residential blocks and small businesses in the South West

Payoff: 4 Coin, 4 Rep

Heat: 7 Heat

Entanglements: Flipped - Simulacrum's Blue Coat contact Darmot is lured to The Revolution

Faction Status Changes: -2 to The Red Sashes (from 0 to -2)

Notes, Events, and Clocks Advanced: Completed - "Case: Lyssa of Crows", Started - "Vakuuta Lyssa" (8)

The Deossification of Alex Arbus

With the year approaching its darkest days Fitz the Collector wishes to have Alex Arbus, the vice-CEO of Seven Arrows Couriers, Inc. brought to him. The only requirement for the kidnapping is that the target must not retain a single bone in an otherwise unmarred body.

What follows is the most outrageous and daring score as of yet involving horrible inventions, sunken ships, and more than a few of the unquiet dead.

Score Type: Special mission, Assault

Target: The Forgotten Gods

Locations: The Crow's Foot - Archenbridge

Payoff: 4 Coin, 5 Rep

Heat: 7 Heat

Entanglements: Interrogation - Trainwreck is held for questioning by the Blue Coats who soon let their truncheons do the talking

Faction Status Changes: -1 to The Forgotten Gods (from +1 to 0)

Notes, Events, and Clocks Advanced: Downtime activities have not yet been resolved. The XP gained by PCs can be redistributed among the Playbooks and attributes as wished. PCs may add +1 XP to any attribute as a compensation for the possibly neglected XP gains from taking Desperate actions during the first three scores.