The Jewel of Khadim Bey

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The Jewel of Khadim Bey

  • When?
    • In the month of Bear in the year of the Spider
  • Where?
    • The city of Zul-Bazzir
  • Who?
    • Sulili-Borsa, Shemite Bard
      • Nuadeen, Fighter from the Black Kingdoms
      • Lerdred, Kothian Men-at-Arms
    • Decimus, Nemedian Venturer
      • Namuun, Kushite Men-at-Arms
    • Jing Feng-Fu, Mage from Khitai
      • Marag, Shemite Torchbearer
    • Sahua, Mystic from Khitai
    • Einar Baldrisson, Aesir Barbarian
  • What?

When the party had returned from the wedding trip to the village of San they heard about the theft of the famous jewel of the Khadim Bey (ruler of Zul-Bazzir) and were accosted by the moustache-twirling guard captain Hasan. While finding employment, Sulili-Borsa was contacted by a mysterious thief Sabiha who talked of the jewel and treachery. After deciding to take the job for the whole party instead of doing it alone Sulili-Borsa agreed to retrieve the jewel and the head of Osan, the traitorous partner of Sabiha.

They traveled out of the city to the ruins of an old temple of Yadar. There they encountered the "traitor" with his bodyguards and pet leopard. They killed everyone except for one of the bodyguards that the pacifist mystic Sahua had captured. After interrogating him and searching the bodies they realized that the jewel was not there and that instead of thieves these were turanian agents! Before leaving the party searched the temple, leaving one well-preserved mummy untouched, but getting attacked by some greyish ooze-like thing that Sulili-Borsa was able to throw in the sacrificial pit with his hat. Demoralized and empty-handed the party left after disarming their prisoner and making him vow not to follow or betray them.

After they got back to the city and were waiting for the rendezvous with Sabiha that Sulili-Borsa had arranged into a brothel in the pleasure district, he went out of the gates to hunt for the last agent. Luckily for the turanian he was unsuccessful. When they went to check the meeting place they spotted Hasan and some of the city guards lounging "inconspicuously" in the bar. This lead to an escape run through the alleys of the district.

Deciding they had been betrayed for the second time (either by Sabiha or the agent) they started to hunt for Sabiha. As they learned she was frequenting a gambling house/drug den owned by Abu Khafi that Sahua and Einar had visited previously to get high on silver lotus they planned to stake the place. Some were to go in unarmed as customers, the rest would go to a tavern across the street ready to rush in. Sahua would be posted outside, as a beggar monk no one would pay any attention to him. They did find Sabiha, who was talking with someone in one of the booths. The first team took places in the next booth, Einar getting in character by drinking all the time as not to arouse suspicion. When Sulili-Borsa came in to check on things (leaving armed an armored henchmen outside ready to strike) he was startled by Einar's condition and started calling for action in a loud voice. Unfortunately Sabiha in the next booth did hear and recognize his voice (she was a thief after all). Both she and her real companion Ibo snuck out and threw daggers into the other booth from around it's curtained doorway. The characters shouted "assassin!" in the hope that the bouncers would help them against the thieves. Unfortunately both were well-known customers and the bouncers along with the barman attacked the party while the henchmen charged the doormen. After a bloody melee the thives were not the only people down. In hope of some loot Sulili-Borsa took one of the bar-maids as hostage and made her take him to the basement to get to the silver lotus stash. Unfortunately the guards there spotted him from their peep-holes and surrounded him in a corridor. Angry about this turn of events, Sulili-Borsa stabbed the bar-maid to death and this got the guards riled up. They attacked him and took him down swiftly. When he came to investigate, Sahua, with the aid of Nuadeen, found them all. He subdued the guards and bandaged Sulili-Borsa as he had bandaged everyone else in the bar. With Nuadeen carrying Sulili-Borsa out he searched on, finding the vault with the lotus (and the key to it). Looting the vault he joined the others in evacuating the place with Sabiha. When they managed to get to a local surgeon Sabiha had already died. The surgeon was able to save everyone else and patch them up.

The party went underground for a while before getting out of the city. During the trip Sahua was tripping all the time and many other had their sample of the lotus. When Sulili-Borsa decided to quit it, his example enabled the others to quit it cold turkey. By the time they encountered Akram (back from his honeymoon) in Jhaddar no one was smoking any lotus.